Friday, January 30, 2015

Quick Update! What I am Doing & Unwrapping Mustika Ratu Prize

Hello everyone! Sorry for lack of updates last 2 weeks >__< I am literally in tight schedule and busy activities. Aside of work matters, I'm currently also packing ALL my stuffs and it was so exhausting! While typing this, I am among pile of packed boxes and bags. LOL. I'm moving out to new boarding house! It took most of my time to pack all my stuffs XDD

Anyway, finally I received my overdue prize from BBlog x Mustika Ratu today! ^___^
Just in case you have no idea what I am talking about, I wrote this blog post for a blog competition that held by BBlog feat. Mustika Ratu last year :D And thankfully I won as 2nd winner!

Thank you very much BBlog and Mustika Ratu! ♥♥
This package made my day :3

BTW, I also received other prizes earlier:

Congrats for other winners as well ^^

Now.. Shall we open the package together?

Mustika Ratu Products that I got are...

1. Mustika Ratu Simply Stay Two Way Cake (Pearly White)
2. Mustika Ratu Simply Stay Stick Foundation (Pearly White)
3. Mustika Ratu Simply Stay Moisturizer
4. Mustika Ratu Bengkoang Whitening Hand and Body Lotion
5. Mustika Ratu Bengkoang Roots Mask

FYI for my International readers, This is the Bengkoang fruit! Bengkoang is also known as Jicama or Xicama :D This fruit is often to be used as face mask in Indonesia.

Do you also own this fruit in your country? ^.^ If yes, please let me know!

I also received Complimentary Treatment Voucher of Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa, and most likely I will give away this voucher to anyone in Jakarta who wants Taman Sari Massage for FREE. It's valid until 10 February and also can be used in weekend. If you want this, don't hesitate to e-mail me :) You only need to pay the shipping fee, I will ship this voucher from Surabaya.

(Siapa yang mau voucher ini? Silahkan kabarin aku via e-mail dan vouchernya akan kukirimkan secara gratis, kalian hanya perlu menanggung ongkir :))

Okay I think that's all! I will back to pack the rest of my stuffs T_T
Hopefully reviews will be coming up very soon ^.^
Thank you for reading all!


  1. Waduh sayang sekali ya cuma Di Jakarta ^^ Btw selamat ya atas kemenangannya.

    1. hehe iya sayang di sby belum ada nih T_T
      thanks ^^

  2. Agak mengecewakan ya box nya :D. Kirain bakal dapat semua produk baru mereka , but still congrats vi :))

    1. aku jg ngarep ada lipstick sebiji aja nyempil di kotak hadiahnya XD *ditabok*
      thanks :D

  3. Congratss ve, sayang banget itu free trtment d jkt aja >.<


  4. congratss cece ..
    syg bgt itu taman sari cm di Jakarta ya :/

    1. thank youu wid ^^ iya gpp wes, ttp bersyukur hehe

  5. Selamat Vee..... Coba kalo treatmentnya bisa di Sby juga ya :(
    btw, semangat yaa packing2nya :)

    noniq's diary | A blog by Noniq

  6. Such a lovely collection of items!!!!

  7. The whitening looks pretty interesting! :D
    ~Pauline @ Benefit cosmetic Philippines

  8. Agak lucu aja hihi boksnya kok My Melody :D :D

  9. congratz for your winning :)
    such a shame that you couldn't enjoy the treatment tho, hopefully they read this and can do something about it maybe in the future


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