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KISS Luxury Abalone Cream [review]

Yoohoooo everyone! It's time to review another Thailand Skincare Product ^.^
If you have following my blog since last year, probably you knew that I have tried KISS Whitening Collagen Cream (REVIEW HERE) and I love it! Few months ago I got a chance to try their latest moisturizer (or face cream), named KISS Luxury Abalone Cream; but I just tried it 3 weeks ago because I need to finish up my Little Baby Aura Day & Night Cream first (REVIEW HERE) before move to another moisturizer XD *life of a beauty blogger, experimenting with many skincare products*

Soooo shall we start?

K.I.S.S. Luxury Abalone Cream Intensive Whitening Hydrating Source

Abalones are considered as a gourmet gift, therefore named Emperor Of The Ocean.
Widely recognized as the Ginseng of the sea due to its richness in power of restoration and fortification for the body.

Containing high marine minerals, protein and amino acid, Abalones are believed to promote cell recovery, immune system stimulation and blood circulation. KISS Skincare’s Luxury Abalone Cream provides remarkable effects for skin revitalization, wrinkle reduction, whitening effect as well as moisturizes and hydrates the skin cells.

Formulated, manufactured and bottled in Korea – the hub of the best cosmetic technologies!

This intensive moisturizer lives by 3 main functions!
- Whitening (50%) Restore bright and radiant complexion
- Hydration (25%) Reduce dryness and restore moisture
- Lifting (25%) Improve firmness, resilience and facial contour

Price: around IDR 450,000-500,000 or $45-55
Content: 50ml

This rejuvenating whitening hydrator softens, firms, and brightens the complexion. Formulated with abalone extract and whitening functional complex. This luxurious abalone cream promotes clear and evenly bright skin tone. Absorb quickly, leaving skin soft and smooth

How to Use
Every morning and evening after cleansing, dispense an appropriate amount onto palm and absorb into entire face with soft patting movements

sorry for over-darkened picture, I did it on purpose (I also edited the image contrast) because I want to show you how the hologram sticker looks like :D
Every authentic KISS product which is sold in Indonesia ALWAYS has KISS Hologram sticker on its outer plastic seal. Please make sure that you get your KISS products only from KISS Indonesian official distributors, to prevent yourself from getting the fake KISS products.

Setiap produk KISS yang dijual di Indonesia (dan dijual oleh official distributors mereka) selalu memiliki hologram sticker. Tanda hologram sticker ini ada untuk membedakan KISS asli dan yang palsu. CMIIW

Main Ingredients
- Abalone: Restore skin elasticit and brightening tone while minimizing fine lines
- Snow Lotus: Provide bright radiant and visibly more youthful complexion
- Jania Rubens: Improve skin moisturizing and replenish skin volume
- Green Caviar: Brighten skin to and provide ultra-moisturizing to protect skin

Anyway, if you're a vegan, most likely you need to skip this cream, because it's clearly not cruelty-free LOL. Surely it involves Abalone as their main ingredient ._. Well, because I also eat Abalone, it doesn't really becomes my concern..

3 years life span

Different from their sleeping pack, this KISS Luxury Abalone Cream comes in a very elegant, and luxurious packaging. The packaging itself is made from sturdy plastic material. It comes with twist lid, lid separator and spatula. Quite heavy and bulky, but I still brought it on my last vacation anyway :p

Texture & Scent
It has gel-ish texture, like actual soft jelly! :9 Easy to spread onto face and leaves slightly cooling sensation. It has nice and fresh scent which is not bothering at all. 
Anyway, I found that its spatula is really helpful to obtain an appropriate amount of this cream, so if you're intend to bring this Abalone Cream on your upcoming getaway, don't forget to bring the spatula as well ^.^;;

Overall Thoughts
After using it for around 3 weeks, I feel that this cream is too heavy & sticky as morning moisturizer (that's why I only use it as night cream). It moisturizes my skin well and makes my skin feel smoother and firmer. Unfortunately it's quite sticky and takes more than an hour to be absorbed into skin '___' Anyone feel the same?

Pros (+)
+ Moisturizes my skin well
+ Makes my skin feel smooth, and firm
+ Smells nice, not overwhelming
+ Spatula is included
+ A little goes long way
+ 50ml (it's quite a lot!)

Cons (-)
- Takes quite a long time to be absorbed into skin
- Feels sticky on skin
- Quite bulky (not travel-friendly)

This product was sent to me as giveaway prize,
but you can buy this KISS Luxury Abalone Cream from:
@SEAZONOS (Instagram)
Official KISS distributor in Indonesia
Original 100% | READY STOCK
Line: pasjelindo
WA / SMS: 089622493791
Pin BBM: 7A002640 

Thank you Seazonos! :)
Thanks for reading everyone! :D
See you on my next post. xx


  1. Jrg jrg face cream kayak gel yah, macam oily skin kayaak daku bakaln bikin risih bgt, ngakalin yah sama kayak kamu di pakai malam hari ajah pas udh gak sadarkan diri. Hihihi
    Btw, Main ke blog daku yooOoo :D


    1. iya kalo yg agk lengket gini aku cuma pake di malam hari XD

  2. hmmm i think it's good result after 3 weeks~ i'd love to try too~
    Thanks for sharing~ My new post♥

  3. Tbh I never heard about this brand ㅠㅠ It's a shame that it feels so sticky, I really dislike sticky moisturizers as well so I guess I would need to pass on this one too. I think the packaging is really pretty and like you wrote elegant haha~ Thanks for this review ♥

    Mindy ♥

    1. Really? Where do you come from, Mindy? :)
      Thanks for stopping by ^^

  4. Wow the ingredients are amazing.I wish I can try it too but it's a bit pricey for me and right now I'm still saving money because I'm going to change my skincare routine kkk.I've noticed thai beauty products are really into intense whitening.

  5. Oh my, I would love to get my hands on one of these babies! I'd absolutely use this as a night cream since you've said it doesn't absorb quickly. The packaging is to die for and I'd love to see the fun texture of the cream. Great review ! xoxo <3

  6. ini kan mahal banget vee, tapi kayanya sama2 aja yah hasilnya kaya skincare biasa gtu, nothing really stands out gtu malah, dibandingkan dengan kiss collagen >.<

  7. Do you know this cream is stopped producing by the comoany?
    I found that this cream improved my skin very well but i couldn't found it by online.
    Pls help

    1. It's available in shadz cosmetic. It's an online store. Just search it through fb or else google it.


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