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PIXY Bright Fix BB Cream & Pure Finish Compact Powder [review]

Hi guys! I wish I'm not too late to review the latest make up line from PIXY >_< I decided to blog this review in English because I know PIXY products are also distributed outside Indonesia. I don't know if this line had distributed into other countries, but hopefully this review would be useful for you ^^ Special thanks to PIXY representative who has sent me these products for review purpose!

I will review these two products in this post, let's start from the BB Cream one! ;)

PIXY Bright Fix BB Cream SPF 30/PA+++

Review PIXY Bright Fix BB Cream, Best local BB Cream, Top Indonesian BB Cream, Cerah 12 Jam

PIXY BB Cream Bright Fix is a BB Cream that formulated with Smart-lock powder, which is able to maintain makeup till 12 hours. Your skin will look flawless brighter and say no to dullness!
This BB Cream has weightlight texture, and able to cover dark spots on skin. Can be used with or without its compact powder. Clinically tested and non-comedogenic.

Price / Harga: IDR 30,000
Available shades: Beige, Cream, Ochre

Beige adalah warna paling gelap, sedangkan Ochre adalah warna paling terang
  • Smart Lock Powder : Promises long lasting makeup till 12 hours (still look bright and not dull)
  • SPF30/PA+++ : Optimal proctetion towards UVA and UVB
  • Natural Whitening Powder + Vit C Derivative : Takes role as Whitening Agent, generates natural skin brightness
  • Non-comedogenic Formula: Safe for skin and doesn't cause blackheads
  • Lighweight Formula : Able to covers dark spot on skin and generates matte finish.
  • Clinically tested
  • Available in three shades: Ochre, Beighe and Cream

Review PIXY Bright Fix BB Cream, Best local BB Cream, Top Indonesian BB Cream

This BB Cream is designed in simply, girly and attractive way. It's made from plastic packaging, with doff surface, along with twist cap and pointy dispenser :D I love how they added pink lace pattern on its design. It leaves feminine, sweet and youthful impression!

Review PIXY Bright Fix BB Cream, Best local BB Cream, Top Indonesian BB Cream, Cerah 12 Jam

I got mine in Ochre shade, which is really suitable to my skin tone ^.^ My skin tone is more yellow-undertone, meanwhile I think the Cream shade will be more suitable to people with pink undertone skin.

Texture & Scent
It has great texture, very creamy and easy to be blended! I can blend it out nicely without any hassle ^.^ It has floral scent which is nice but little bit overpowering. But if you have very sensitive skin, maybe this BB cream isn't for you because fragrance tends to cause break out on very sensitive skin.
Result: matte finish

Overall, I love it! Surely one of best local BB Creams in the market! :D
Moreover, it also has high SPF and I can skip sunscreen step :p I think the only downside about this product is its parabens involvement in ingredients list.
Rating: ☆ (4/5)

PIXY Pure Finish Compact Powder SPF25/PA+++

Review PIXY Pure Finish Compact Powder, Cerah 12 Jam

This is a lightweight compact powder, contains Matte Lucent Powder that can gives shine-free natural look skin. Along with SPF25/PA+++, Natural Whitening Extract and Vit C Derivative as whitening agent. Clinically tested and non-comedogenic

Price / Harga: IDR 35,000
Available shades: Beige, Cream, Pink Beige
Content: 11gr

sorry for different lighting T_T I didn't realize it till I edited them few days ago. LOL
I got mine in Pink Beige, it's also the lightest shade of those shades! :)

Review PIXY Pure Finish Compact Powder, Cerah 12 Jam

Isn't it cute?? I'm dying due to its cuteness XDD LOL
This compact powder is designed with pink as its main color, along with white lace pattern on the pact cover. So feminine, and girly :3 I think no one (you know woman) can resist its packaging!

Review PIXY Pure Finish Compact Powder, Cerah 12 Jam

I personally think its size is not bulky and easy to be inserted into any makeup pouch!
Not forget to mention that sponge is also included :D

Texture & Scent
It has smooth texture and can be blended onto skin nicely (the sponge works well and useful). It smells quite good too, slightly more tolerable than its BB Cream's scent itself.

If I wear this compact powder alone, it will only stays on my face for around 3-4 hours. IMHO its performance isn't not as good as the BB cream one, but this compact powder definitely helps me a lot to makes my makeup last longer and stay matte during a day :)

Rating: ☆ (3/5)

Err, sorry for grumpy-look face >.< I didn't mean to be look grumpy, trust me!
Overall Thoughts
I have been using this BB Cream and compact powder for more than 2 months and I must say that this duo works really well! As it claims, this BB Cream can lasts up to 12 hours (even more!) on my face ^.^ Well, makeup on my T-zone usually fades after 6-8 hours, but surprisingly my cheeks are still shine-free until 12 hours O_o

So, their claim (12 hours of bright and dull-free skin) has been APPROVED solely by me =))

PIXY Bright Fix BB Cream & Pure Finish Compact Powder:
Pro(s) / Kelebihan:
+ Can brightens skin instantly :D
+ Easy to be blended
+ Smart-lock formula (can be lasts for up to 12 hours!)
+ Nice scents
+ Very affordable!
+ Shine-free and dull-free result

Con(s) / Kekurangan:
- Their scents may not be preferred by very sensitive-skin owners
- Still contains parabens

Lastly, I found that their TVC is quite entertaining =D
PIXY BB Cream, wajah bebas kusam, bebas kilap dan tetap cerah hingga 12 Jam!

Ok, bye for now ^.^
Thanks for reading all! 


  1. Kyaaaa~~The packaging is very cute.The lacy patterns and the color are totally cute:)I love your's very smooth hehe

    1. Sorry for late reply, yes they are so cute ^^
      Thank you for stopping by <3

  2. Sejauh ini aku baru pake Compact Powder pixy doank.. sepertinya perlu dicoba nih BB creamnya

  3. Review ini dimana2 bagus ya. Mau coba hbs bb cream skrg habis.

  4. Kalo udah pake bb cream ini, nggak perlu pake sunblock lagi ya ce?
    Kalo nggak dipakein bedak, berminyak2 gitu nggak kalo udah berjam2....
    Trus kalo dibandingkan sma pake foundation
    untuk sehari2 lebih ringan yang mana??? Maaf banyak banget nanya nya ce... pengen tau pendapat cece cantik... soalnya aku cuma make foundation jarang2, pengen coba bb cream gituh.... tapi cari2 tau dulu... hehe...

    1. iya ngga perlu pke sunblock lagi, spf30 udah cukup sih :)
      ngga terasa berminyak kok, sampe seharian masih nempel
      bb cream pixy yg ini ringan banget ^_^

  5. kak, bbc dan pure finish compact pixy ini bikin jerawatan gak? aku udah lama jadi pemakai produk pixy untuk seri pembersih wajahnya, and it works really well on me~ <3 cuma masih agak ragu nyobain bbc sama pure finish compact-nya soalnya rada parno bikin jerawatan atau gak. Btw i'm 20 this year, and have a bit oily face. please help! thankss^^

  6. aku juga pakai pixy ini , sukakk..btw , aku ijin ambil foto kamu yah . karena aku gak punya bb cream yg ukuran besar soalnya kehabisan .hikss mudah-mudahan gak keberatan ya :) aku tulis sumber foto nya


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