Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm [review]

Hi all~ hope you do not get bored with my bunch of reviews.. Because I still have many many products to review in the future *w* muahaha!
Actually I also want to do makeup tutorial etc, but there are many bloggers could teach you about makeup tutorials so I think it will be useless if I only repeat the same methods.. hmmm.. ._. *the other reason is, my makeup skill is not as good as others ,_,*
But I will post more FOTD, DIY, chit-chat post in the future.. just stay tuned ^^

So, last July I bought this Baby Lips Lip Balm from Maybelline.
This lip balm has been raved by other beauty bloggers and beauty junkies, when Maybelline Indonesia started to sell this Baby Lips Lip Balm with VERY cheap price... 
I was very interested to try it out ;D

There are 3 variants of Baby Lips which are sold in Indonesia:
Smoothing Cherry, Energizing Orange and Antioxidant Berry

I bought mine in Smoothing Cherry

Maybelline USA sells Baby Lips range with 2 kinds of category: tinted and colorless lip balm. In Indonesia, their Baby Lips range are colorless lip balm.

This Baby Lips Lip Balm has SPF20, and it claims:
Instant 6hr moisture. Rejuvenated lips in one week

Packaging: Simple, yet adorable.
Combination of pink and turquoise color, and it's very cute~

I love this lip balm, it gives long-moisture lips effect and help me to prevent dry and chapped lips <333

I figured that this lips balm makes my lips healthier and moist than before :) I always keep this cute one in my pouch~

Yes, my lips' suppleness & smoothness are increased.
In one week, my lips looks better :)

this lip balm contains shea butter, and so far.. I didn't have much complain about the ingredients xD *since I have no further knowledge about these njelimet ingredients list, lol*

What I love <3
+ Cheap
+ Moisturize my lips very well
+ Nice scent, cherry ^^
+ Has SPF20
+ Long-lasting moisture (around 5-6 hrs for me)

What I hate </3
- Doesn't has tinted lip balm variant :p hopefully it will be released in Indonesia soon~

☆ Packaging: 4/5
☆ Performance: 4/5
☆ Ease of application: 5/5
☆ Hygiene: 4/5
☆ Ingredients: 4/5
Overall rating: 4/5

Repurcase? Absolutely ;D

Thanks for reading everyone~ ^^
until next time! :3


  1. Lipbalm sejuta umat ^^ Me loves it :)

  2. It's pink!!! ^^
    I love the packaging, it's so cute.. :D

    1. huahaha.. iya sih mirip pink muda xD *ralat*
      iyaa cute bgt cie ^^

  3. I have this one to vee and I love it..
    this lip balm always in my bag too..:)
    nice review...

  4. ini nih lipbalm wajib sebelum pake lipstik. Bibirku kering banget soalnya :D

  5. Hi Xiao Vee,
    Aku malah ga cocok sama baby lips, ga tau kenapa tapi pas aku pake pagi dan malem setiap hari selama lebih dari seminggu eh bibir ku malah kaya ada lapisan lilin nya gitu, gak enak bgt deh rasanya. Kayanya lip balm ini cocoknya dipake nya pagi doang kali yaa.. Trus pas lama gak aku pake eh malah kaya ada bau gitu pas aku mau cium aroma nya, langsung deh aku buang ke tong sampah hehe

    Apa aku dapetnya produk yg jelek apa gimana, ga tau jg deh, yg pasti i'm not very impressed with the baby lips :( huhuhu...


    1. oiya? o.O kalo aku sih emg pake pagi-siang.. soalnya ada spfnya..
      klo malem hari aku pake yg ga ada spfnya.. hehe..
      wah ga tau jg ya kak, jgn2 pas dpt barang yg agak cacat? >.<

  6. eon aku punya yang energizing orange cek ya eon http://sharon-shay.blogspot.com/2012/09/review-maybelline-baby-lips-lip-balm.html

  7. i just bought this .... horrayyy.do u have etude house product review???

  8. aku suka sama lipbalm2 nya maybelline. soalnya melembutkannya tingkat tinggi


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