Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Etude House Natural Jelly Cleansing Puff [review]

Holla~ I'm back again~ :3
Have you heard about jelly cleansing puff from Etude House? It is created for face cleansing purpose, with gentle exfoliation. If you are familiar with Konjac Sponge (sold by My Konjac Sponge), you will love this one  (^▽^) 

I bought this at Korea, last June. Coincidentally found this cute puff hanged at one of stacks, so I grabbed one ^^ 

Price: 3,000 원 or IDR 27,000 or $3, so cheap!
100% made from vegetables.

all descriptions are written in Hangeul and I was too lazy to translate it ヽ(´ー`)┌ 
I hope they'll add English translation on this puff's package in the future ._.

peek what's inside~

This puff has round-shape, similar to half-sphere shape. It has small size (diameter approximately 7-9 cm), very bouncy and springy.

The texture isn't harsh at all! ( ゚▽゚) definitely it will not harm your skin (of course if you use this puff properly and didn't rub too hard on your face). This puff will turns into bouncier puff after you soak it into water.

see the pores? 

could you imagine if this puff touch your face and used as your cleansing puff? 

for the comparison, I compare the size before and after I soak it into bowl of water.
Yes, it's getting sweller now. (sweller? hmm.. i can't find the better word -,-a)
it's bigger, rounder and fluffier. Ready to use! (/‾▿‾)/

How to use it?
1. Soak it into bowl of water, let it wet
2. Squeeze excess of the water
3. Rub it on your face gently, or use with your cleansing foam.

But I prefer to use cleansing foam together with this cleansing puff.
So after step 2, spread your favorite cleansing foam on this puff evenly. Pour some water. And rub your face use this foam. Taa-daa! Fresh and squeaky clean face without any irritation caused by this puff. As I said before, this puff is so gentle and will not hurt your skin (^∇^)
This kind of cleansing puff/sponge is good for exfoliation :) It will cleanse your face better compared with only use cleansing foam alone. The good thing is, you can use this puff everyday~

After use this puff, you are able to hang this puff in your bathroom :)
I recommend you to always pay attention for this puff's hygiene. Don't touch it with your dirty fingers. Don't let bacteria grow at your puff.  If needed, you can  heat up this puff in Microwave (around 1,5 mins) to kill the bacteria.

What I love <3
+ Affordable
+ Bouncy, fluffy, springy
+ Cleanse my face very well
+ 100% natural
+ Will not hurt skin
+ Nice shape. Not too big, not too small

What I hate </3
- Quite hard to order it via online. I heard this puff tends to be sold out *_*

Rating: 4/5

Repurchase? Yes~ :)

Wait, do you want to ask me.. which one better? This Etude House or Konjac Sponge?
Wait for my next post ^^ I will review Konjac Sponge soon and make the comparison :)
Hopefully I can post it as soon as possible.

*UPDATE [13/10/2012]*

So what do you think about this cleansing puff? :)
Have you tried it?
Thanks for reading~


  1. the cleansing puff is so cute lol

  2. aku blm pernah pake konjac sponge tapi liat review cc jdi ngiler ma spongenya etude >.<

    1. hehe iya coba PO aja via online/beli di counter :D kayaknya ada

  3. Bentuknya lucuuu.... Aku beli konjac sponge murmer juga dr sasa.com tp blum sempat review. Penasaran juga sama yg mykonjacsponge


  4. Ini uda ada jauuuhh duluan daripada konjac sponge.Waktu itu sempet ngliat di webnya etude,cuma ga gitu ngeh buat apa.Eh hbs itu banyak konjac2 bermunculan..Etude uda bikin ini duluan seingatku..

  5. lucu nya...kayaknya nggak q pake deh kalo punya...sayang banget...hehehe

    btw cc udah ikutan event REVLON Indonesia lom??? kalo mau ikutan klik link ini ya cc... ==>> https://www.facebook.com/notes/revlon-indonesia/yay-revlon-got-100000-fans/419822028074805

  6. aw mirip2 konjac ya *-* kenyal2 gimana gituu imut2 :3

  7. lucuuuuu, aku punyanya yg dari the body shop tapi blom dicoba hahahaa, baru beli kemarin...ditunggu comparison sama konjac nya, soalnya yg konjac juga blom pernah coba ^_^

  8. haha that is super uber cute!!! i love it. does it clean well on your face? truly hope so. Well i will wait for the next review to see more of the product's power of cleansing. :)

    1. yes it does :) with this puff, i can cleanse my face better than before.

  9. kayaknya boleh juga tuh, pastinya sih lebih banyak busa dan ga bkl amburadul kayak puff yg biasa dari jaring-jaring.. soal ketahanannya gimana sis?


    1. puff jaring2? wkwk.. *membayangkan*
      biasanya sponge/puff kayak gini bisa tahan cuma sampai 3 bln ^^ stlh itu perlu diganti.

  10. wah q gak pernah pake begituan -_-
    Ntar coba de.. penasaran hehehhe :D

    Bdw nice to meet you ^_^
    Uda di follow blog nya, sama page nya. Visit balik ya dear.. thankyou ^_^


    1. haha iya coba aja :)
      thankyou~ visit you as well ^^

  11. I have this too and i love it as well! Thanks for following my blog, I've followed back! Nice to know you as well ^^

    1. oh you have it as well? :D it's nice!
      thankyouuu ^^ nice to know you dear

  12. konjac sponge etude ini beli dimana ya?susah cari online :(

    1. sorry, kurang tau beli dmn klo di Indo >_< aku belinya waktu di korea soalnya

  13. murah sekali jelly cleansingnya

  14. I thought this product is new!!! Heol,,,,,they've been around since long time. hahahahahaha

    1. XD I think this product has been popular since 2011-2012

  15. I got it two years ago, and completely forgot about it. Found it today and the bag was so swollen with gas , it looked about to explode. Not very sure I'll open the bag, less alone use it on my skin Oo;

    1. Really? :O I wonder how it smell and feel after dampen into water


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