Thursday, September 6, 2012

Etude House Shini Star BB Lotion [review]

Hello everyone~
I'm back with new quick review ^___^
This is my current favorite BB cream so far :D 
I was looking for light coverage BB cream and this BB cream attracted me most at the moment, and it's affordable as well.
Bought it on last vacation and I fallen in love with this BB cream :3
Hopefully I'm not too late to post this review~ lol

SHINee Special edition

* SPF 20/PA++
* whitening

BB lotion moisturizing foundation promotes a moist, brightened and natural complexion look.

Ingredients list:
Water is the second ingredient of this BB lotion, meanwhile this BB lotion doesn't contain paraben, mineral oil, and alcohol <3

Wannabe sweet? Play Etude~
Actually I was planning to translate these sentences, but I'm too lazy right now. lol -.-a

content: 30g
price: around IDR 70,000-90,000 on local online shop
Only comes in 1 shade (light beige)
for all skin type

it comes with pump cap~ it's pretty hygienic :D


as you can see.. this BB lotion glides smoothly on my skin, blendable easily ^^
It has smooth creamy texture, has light coverage and perfect for everyday!
FYI, i don't like to use medium-high coverage BB cream/foundation for everyday. I prefer to use medium-high coverage BB cream only for special occasion :)
For the whitening effect, I can't say anything because I haven't see any effect for my skin till now :) well, that's not matter for me because I didn't look for whiter skin..hehe..

What I love <3
+ affordable
+ match with my skin tone
+ gives natural look result
+ gives instant brightening effect
+ doesn't oxidize
+ doesn't cause me a new pimple
+ perfect for everyday
+ hygienic pump
+ oil control around 4 hours

What I hate </3
- the pump was not works well at first time
- this one is limited edition
- only comes in 1 shade
Rating: 4.5/5

Repurchase? I think yes ^^

BTW, maybe you've realized that I just bought my own domain for this blog \(^,^)/
I'm so excited and happy :D because my own blog's name becomes easier to spell, lol.
Thank you for my fellow bloggers who have given greetings for me x) hehe

Sorry for my quick review, i hope this review is informative enough..
If you have any question, please comment below :D
Thanks for reading ladies ^.~

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  1. Selamat ya ci udah punya domain nih skrg cieee ;;)
    Aku bingung bb lotion sm bb cream sama kah? Affordable bgt bb lotion ini yah

    1. sama kok sa :) cuma yg ini teksturnya rada2 mirip lotion jadi dibilang BB lotion..hehe

  2. Packagenya lucu!! Shadenya juga oke nih kayaknya. Murce juga yah...

  3. Ihiy..akhirnya udah bisa kebuka pake domain baru :)
    Ini bb cream sebenernya menarik dan penasaran banget, tapi ga pernah berani nyoba gara2 takut jatuh cinta, entar kalo dc kan bisa jadi patah hati :(

    1. iyaa thankyou din hehe ^^
      iya sih bener jg ya *__* haha..
      tp ga rugi sih cobain yg ini soalnya murce sih ^^

  4. thanks for the review! is this bb cream good for oily skin?

    1. hmmm i'm not sure ^^, the oil control is around 4 hours dear

  5. Ihiiy congrats for new domainnya. Keren loh ^_^
    Btw ini cma punya 1 shade ya?? Klo yg kulit kuning langsat masuk gak ya??

    1. thanks dini ^^
      hmmm rasanya kok terlalu terang untuk kuning langsat ya.. tp masih bisa diakalin dgn pakai loose powder yg shade lbh gelap sih :)

  6. congrats vee ud beli domain baru :D

  7. wah lumayan terjangkau untuk bb cream, jadi pingin coba :D

  8. aku juga pake ini, dan so far suka sekali! sayang ya limited edition u.u

  9. OMG this item looks so good but I cant found now :( other limited edition of etude house are avaible but this no... so sad

  10. sangat cukup informatif kok ce


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