Monday, September 24, 2012

Lip Ice Repair & Treatment Lip Gel [review]

Hello (^.^)/
This is another quick review about lip repair treatment which I bought for my brother last month :D
My young brother has chapped and dry lips so badly, so I gave this for him :)
Before he use it, I captured some photos to show this for all of you xD

Lip Ice Repair & Treatment Lip Gel
Produced by PT. Rohto Mentholatum

For: dry, chapped and sunburned lips

Lip Ice Repair & Treatment helps prevent chapped and dry lips.
Apply to lips 3-4 times daily.
Content: 8gr

Manufactured by Mentholatum Co., Ltd in China under licensed by The Mentholatum Company in New York, USA.

it has dark green as the main color, little bit boring for me xP

So handy

The cap. pretty hygienic, isn't it?

it has quite sticky texture gel, colorless and easy to apply.
It gives mint sensation when I apply it on my lips :P

What I love <3
+ Affordable (less than IDR 25,000 or less than $3)
+ Doesn't give much glossiness (my brother could be bothered easily with glossy lips, he said he looks like use lipstick =w= lol )
+ Easy to carry
+ Mint sensation
+ Moisture and treat lips well (with routine usage)

What I hate </3
- little bit sticky

Rating: 3.5/5

Repurchase? Still dunno :P For me, I prefer cuter designed package xD haha

What do you think about this lip treatment? ^^
Have you tried it?
See yaaa :D


  1. look fantastic...
    kiss kiss

    ps: first new OUTFIT post

  2. wow, actually I want to give lip treatment too for my brother, he has an extremely chapped lips. hehe, so does your brother like it? my brother is keep refusing because he's afraid that he will look like a girl wearing lip balm :p

    1. haha, it gives little bit glossiness effect, but not much xD
      My brother's impression is so-so, because he often forget to use this lip treatment -_-" dasar cowookk.. wkwk..
      aku sih suruh dia pakai pas di rumah aja, jgn dipake pas keluar2 :P hehe

  3. looks great - but afraid to try :p

  4. Never heard of lip gel before. Yea the packaging makes it looks like medicated lip product which i guess that is the purpose so anything medicated related always quite boring haha. Does it work well for his chapped lip?

    1. hahaha, i agree xD
      it works well, but sometimes he's too lazy to apply it -.-"

  5. Dunno why so hard to find this lipice product =_= seller always thought 'sheer color' one ==;

    1. oya? haha aku jg jarang sih liatnya di drugstore malah jarang ada >.<

  6. baru tau lip ice ada repair treatmennya.
    thanks review


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