Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Event: The Grand Palace 1st Anniversary

Hello everyone~ :D 
Today i'd like to share about an event which I attended last Sunday (September, 16th), it was 1st Anniversary Celebration or Birthday Ceremonial of one of the biggest department store in Surabaya, The Grand Palace. The event was held in Grand City Mall.
Actually this was my first time to be invited as a Beauty Blogger and I was so excited! 
FYI, beauty event is rarely held in Surabaya (most of Beauty Events always held in Jakarta T_T) and I feel very happy to be invited to this event :)

the rundown:

There were fashion shows, demo makeup, talkshow and cosplay competition, band & games. Unfortunately I couldn't been there until the closing of the celebration, but I was quite satisfied with the event (゜∀゜)

The venue:

Fashion shows:

I have no enough knowledge about fashion world ( ̄□ ̄;), I only know.. well-known designers named Jenny Lam & Poppy Darsono were featured on the fashion show.

sorry for the blurry pics -.-" it's so hard to take proper photos with my shaky hands, lol
Luview Whitening Capsule BB Cream
Victoria's Secret Deluxe Eye Palette (Fearless)
Etude House Easy Brow Pencil
Pixy Liquid Liner
Revlon Photoready Concealer
SilkyGirl Compact Powder

me, c Yen & c Shasha.. my face looks so wide here  (ー_ー;) lol
Group photo:
Pricillia, c Shasha, Me, Hana, Lala, Olin, c Yen

Then, we left the event for awhile because I and Hana were hungry so badly. After lunch time, we backed to the venue to see Demo Makeup presented by KOSE :)
Maybe I don't need to explain to all of you about KOSE.. I'm pretty sure you ever heard about KOSE, aren't you? KOSE is a famous brand from Japan :) They produced cosmetics and skincare products. I heard their skincare products are great as well.


 While watching demo makeup, we took some self-camera photos xD
Me, Lala, and ci Shasha

Hana, Caroline and Me
Olin is the youngest among us but she looks very mature yesterday! =D

The KOSE's Demo Makeup was over.. sorry I didn't take the result photo because the stage was so far from us and my camera was unable to capture any proper photo (T▽T)

Pricillia, ci Yennyca & Me

 So, what's The Grand Palace?
Basically it's a very nice place to shop branded cosmetics, clothes, accessories etc. They bring cosmetic brands like Frais Monde, Kose, LT Pro, Maybelline, Revlon, Shiseido, Max Factor etc. Branded doesn't always means high-end brand with expensive price tags. I figured out some of the products are not expensive yet quite affordable (like Max Factor, Maybelline, Revlon and so on). They're tend to hold promotions and discounts as well :) Don't forget to visit this department store when you get chance to visit Grand City Mall in Surabaya.

After sightseeing big sales at The Grand Palace (sadly I couldn't buy any discounted cosmetics there.. no money to shop anymore or I would be bankrupt.. (T▽T)) I had to say "bye bye" to ci Shasha, ci Yennyca, Hana, and Lala, because they had to go home earlier.

Only me, Caroline and Pricillia left.. We took nice seats to see Talk Show with Frais Monde. Frais Monde is a skincare brand from Italy. Honestly this was my first time to know a brand named Frais Monde and I was quite impressed with this brand. Frais Monde's ingredients are natural and suits to sensitive skin, even for pregnant women! (✿◠‿◠)

Eva Liang, representative of Frais Monde was interviewed by the MC. In this opportunity, Ms. Eva also introduced a Beauty Clinic named Yemima Beauty Center. Their beauty center only use Frais Monde products to serve their customers. In Surabaya, Yemima Beauty Center is located at Jl. Citandui 15, Surabaya. Phone: (031) 563151, 5670067.
Just in case you would like to try their service, they also provide many bonuses for their loyal customers :)

Some of products from Frais Monde.

Frais Monde products, supported by Yemima Beauty Center.

After talkshow, MC asked audiences to give any question to them, and they will give a Frais Monde product! Of course I will not miss this opportunity :3 Haha, I gave a question to them and I got Pregnancy and Post Partum, or Stretch Mark Prevention Cream.
What a coincidence ( ゜◇゜), my older sister is pregnant right now and I gotta give this cream to her. Can't wait to see my nephew born safely in this world (˘⌣˘)ε˘`)

This cream worth for around IDR 250,000 or around $27

Caroline got a Frais Monde product as well
Gladly she could get a product which suits to her sensitive skin perfectly (^▽^)

As soon as I got home, I opened the goody bag and I got a t-shirt, samples, and bunch of vouchers 
Thank you The Grand Palace, especially to Nikki who invited me (≧∇≦)/ 
I hope in the future there will be more beauty events held in Surabaya and other cities!  
I got a nice experience and surely i would love to be invited to another beauty events  someday (*^▽^*) *honest* hehe

Thanks for reading all~
See ya :D


  1. my expression in the first picture is really weird >_< and my face looks chubby too >_< *ahh shelviiiii*

    1. huahaha really? xD it's fine cie~ not as weird as my expression, lol.
      Soalnya fotonya lucu sih jd kuupload :3 haha

  2. awww, mao punya ponakan ^_^ congrats ya buat cie2nya...kalo boleh tau ponakannya cowo apa cewe nih?

  3. ahahah biasanya aku masuk grand palace cuma ngiter doang ga beli apa" :D *gak jelas*

    1. hahaha ditunggu aja nanti kalo ada promo2 lg ^^

  4. acara yang kemaren di grand city ya XD
    aku datang..
    cuma sepintas liat2 aja OxO
    soalnya mau pulang ke kota ku ><

    1. wah gitu ya.. sayang ga bs ktmuan arisa >.< haha

    2. iya sayang ><
      liburanya cuma sebentar, soalnya udah mask kuliah lg ..
      ke surabaya ke tempat titi ku
      soalnnya dia Sekolah di sby..
      mw cari sogo ama daiso
      tapi ngak tau dimana TT
      pulang ngak bawa apa2 ><


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