Sunday, May 20, 2012

Peripera Wonder Kiss Gloss [review]

Hello ladiesssss \(^^)/ It's been a while >,<
Missed you guys :D sorry for my temporary hiatus due to my final thesis defense..
I just graduated from my university ^w^ yay!

Today I want to share a review about Wonder Kiss Gloss from Peripera :D
Since this is my first product from Peripera, I'm so excited to review it! ^^

Wonder Kiss Gloss: Make kissable lips with seductive new lip glosses. The glimmering, concentrated chewing formulas deliver beautiful shine and trendy color to lips. The water holding system helps to moisturize lips and stay color for hours.

look at the princess-like and girly package ^-^! 
mine is in number 18: Pretty Pink (프리티 핑크)

details :D look at the lace and flowery pattern on surface of the cap <3
18: Pretty Pink (프리티 핑크)
there are 20 colors of this lipgloss ^^
the applicator

swatch on my hand
after blended on my hand
swatch on my lips, can you recognize the color? sorry for the lighting >,<
since i don't like to apply too much gloss on my lips, 
i just applied it slightly and it has sheer shimmering color ^^
it has natural color and suitable for everyday \^^/
I got this product from MizzJC room ^^
UPDATE: 06/07/2015 Unfortunately MizzJC room doesn't operate anymore

What I love <3
+ sheer pretty colors
+ suitable for everyday
+ cute and pretty package
+ has 20 various of colors

What I hate </3
- little bit sticky (but it doesn't bother me ^^)
- staying power is so-so

Rating: 4/5

Repurchase? Yup :) in other colors

Thanks for reading ^^


  1. nice color~~
    looks natural on your lips ^^

  2. I never use peripera products but this looks pretty *-* <3 thanks for the review you looks cute ^^


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