Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion [review]

Hi everyone ^^ how's your day?
Today i would like to share my review about Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion =)
Honestly i'm not a fan of Body Lotion 
(usually I'm too lazy to use body lotion after take a bath XD)
But, since my skin is dry, i should change my habit and try to use body lotion frequently after take a bath :p
This product is from my last March Haul.
Nivea is a brand from Germany, and this one is produced in Indonesia.
Happy Time Body Lotion - Feel Good Sensation Bamboo - Milk

 The description: Rasakan wangi yang memberi inspirasi dan nikmati perawatan yang memberikan sensasi tahan lama. Untuk kulit normal hingga kulit kering.
Diperkaya dengan Ekstrak Bambu dan Milk Protein melembapkan kulit secara intensif selama 24 jam dan melindungi kulit. Wangi Orange Flower membuat anda terasa segar dan terlindungi sepanjang hari. Dermatologi tested.

Well, I bought this because I love its scent :) Feel so good after use this body lotion XD and this body lotion works well to moisture my dry skin. They claim that this body lotion will gives 24 hours moisturizing, but i don't think so..

What I love <3
+ easy to get (in drugstore or supermarket)
+ cheap
+ easy to absorb
+ nice scent (not too strong)
+ quite moisturizing my skin
+ makes my skin smoother

What I hate </3
- not last longer (not 24 hours moisturizing)
- not too special

Rating: 3.5/5

Repurchase? Maybe..

Have you tried this one? :)

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