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Sarange Sinseonhan Phyto Whitening Toner [review]

Hello everyone! How are you? Hopefully your day is good as mine! :D
Finally I managed to review this product that sent to me by Sociolla. I received this toner around 2 months ago, but I just tried it last month because I had to finish my prior toner first. Sorry for the delayed review, had apologized to Sociolla PR directly and thankfully she could understand :) Well, to be honest I encountered unpleasant experience while trying this product, so I had to make sure all things before write down this review...

Ok, without further ado, let's jumpt to the review!


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The product comes in sturdy plastic material, along with pump dispenser. It has tall and bulky packaging, which is definitely not travel friendly. Its box and its bottle are dominated with white color, made the product become looks elegant yet promising.

All skin type: Balance your PH level, Remove your dead skin, Moisturize and brighthen your skin. Neutralize your skin PH level and remove all dead skin

Efek dari Aloe, Lavender dan Chamimolie dapat mengatasi masalah pada kulit sensitif yang timbul karena stres dan menyeimbangkan pH kulit. Toner membuat wajah segar dan tetap terjaga kelembabannya tanpa adanya rasa lengket.

Size: 130ml
Price / Harga: IDR 270,000
Made in Korea

the hangeul description... I need the English version tbh

The packaging is degradable CMIIW

(How to use)
Pump 2x onto cotton and apply on your face against gravity gently. Wipe clean all the excess.

I like the dispenser enough, because I never get any hassle while dispense toner from this bottle. The amount of the toner is also relatively controllable :)

Texture & Scent
Its texture is quite thick and little bit sticky but once spread onto skin, the stickiness will fade in few minutes. It has flower scent that not so overwhelming and I love it! :)

Actually I feel unusual when applying this toner with cotton pad (the direction says so), because most of toners that I've tried had liquid and runny texture that won't absorbed so fast into cotton pad's pores. Meanwhile, this toner has quite thick texture that absorb into cotton pad's fast and left me only a bit toner after contact with my skin (hopefully you can understand what I mean, LOL). I wish the texture is more watery and less bulkier bottle..
First, I tried this toner for more than a week and it triggered cystic acne on my chin. I stopped the use for 2 weeks and tried it once again. But unfortunately it leads another cystic acne on my eyebrow.. :|
I guess this toner is just not for me... T_____T

Pros (+)
+ Nice packaging
+ Well-functioned dispenser
+ Nice scent

Cons (-)
- It caused break out (on my skin)
- Bulky packaging
- Quite Pricey
- Quite thick texture

Where to buy this product?

So have you tried this toner?
What do you think about it?
Thanks for reading! :)


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