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Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner [review]

Hello everyone~ I was going to Jakarta this weekend and I'm soooo excited!! I will update about event that I will be attending soon ^.^ But I guess some of you already knew what I mean. Hehe. Anyway, back to topic~
Few months ago I run out of liquid eyeliner and I had no choice but buy it at nearest mini market, and I stumbled upon a slim liquid liner that placed on the makeup rack. I looked for its review, and I ended up buying it because I read my good reviews about this liquid liner...

So, shall we take a look about this liquid liner?
I present you Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner review :)

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This eyeliner comes with slim and pointy packaging, and dominated with black color. IMHO, nothing special about its packaging, and not so eye-catching. BUT, its bottle is so convenient to be inserted everywhere because its small size. Besides, this eyeliner also has long and steady applicator that makes application become easier ;)

Ultra-glossy formula + soft, flexible brush for a smudge proof line! Dare to shine all day!

Eye artistry made easy: 
- Flexible brush tip, providing ultra-exact and ultra-thin line. 
- Smudge proof and waterproof 
- Smooth & even application 
- Safe for sensitive eyes and opthamologist tested. 
- Contact lens safe.

For Best Results

1. Line lash line from the inner corner to the outer corner 
2. Repeat for a thicker, more dramatic line

Liner Brush
I heard some people complain about its long and mushy liner brush (and how they are unable to draw lines well due to their shaky hands). Personally I don't have any problem with long or stiff brush. I love this Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner's brush because it allows me to draw thin lines ^_^ I have some tips for you: if you have shaky hand (like mine), try to rest your bottom part of your hand onto your chin bone while lining your eyelid. This trick works on me most of the time :D Or, you can rest your elbow on table for steadier hand.

Price: IDR 38,000 or around USD 3,4
Content: Probably 10ml?

how to call this part of hand? LOL XDD


One stroke, waterproof test and smudge proof test.

Overall Thoughts
As you can see.. this liquid liner can stay all day on my lid! :D FYI, my eyelid isn't oily.. but I believe you can prolong its longevity by applying eye primer underneath. This liquid liner is 90% smudge proof, and quite waterproof; as long as you don't rub your eyes after crying or wudhu ;) This liquid liner is my current HG eyeliner and I love it till bits because it's so cheap and easy to find! :p :p
I do recommend this to anyone who like to try liquid liner with good staying power. But I don't recommend this product to beginners because its soft and long brush is quite hard to control (need a lot of practices).

Seperti yang kalian lihat, eyeliner ini awet banget aku pake seharian :D Sekedar info aja, kelopak mataku bukan tipe yang berminyak.. tapi aku percaya kalian bisa bikin eyeliner ini jadi lebih awet dengan mengaplikasikan eye primer / eye base dulu sebelumnya. Liquid liner ini 90% smudge proof dan lumayan waterproof.. selama kita ngga kucek mata setelah nangis atau setelah wudhu :) Eyeliner ini jadi favorit aku banget karena harganya murah dan gampang dicari. Liquid liner ini recommended buat dipake sehari-hari karena tahan lama. Tapi kalau bagi pemula mungkin belum bisa pake produk ini dulu, karena brush nya terlalu lentur dan agak susah dipake buat pemula.

Pros (+)
+ Can create ultra-thin to thick lines
+ Cheap
+ Easy to find
+ Good staying power
+ Smudge proof
+ Quite waterproof
+ Easy to use (not for beginner, though)

Cons (-)
- The packaging isn't fancy enough. LOL :p

How about you? Have you tried this eyeliner? Please let me know what do you think about this product! ^.^
Thanks for reading and see you on my next post! 


  1. Aku suka sama yg hyper sharp nya Maybelline. Yang ini harus bljr cara pakenya karena ga biasa. Thanks for the review Viii♡

    1. aaah aku malah belum pernah coba yg hyper sharp, dee :D
      sama2 ^^

  2. wahh, eyeliner yg satu ini juga favorit akuu banget.. :D
    aku suka luntur nya nggak bleber parah..


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