Sunday, June 7, 2015

TMART: Long Curly Wig Coffee [review]

How important role of a wig for appearance? In particular occasions and purposes, the use of wig is pretty crucial. Whether you wear it for everyday or only for photo shoot, all of us know that sometimes wig is needed :) More than a year ago I bought 2 wigs from local wig seller (because they were on sale) and I ended up looked like a crap because of wrong application and absence of brow mascara with appropriate colors -_- Later on I always hesitate to purchase another wig because I think it's so impulsive, as I don't wear wig everyday. 

Till one day I got tempted to try another wig.. Learned from past experience, for this time I chose a wig with dark wearable color, that most probably would suits my Asian skin tone :P Thanks to Joice from Tmart who has sent me this wig!

Get a fantastic finish for your outfit with our brilliant hair wigs! The 68cm lc065-m827 Women Synthetic Fiber Side Bangs Long Curly Hair Wig presents you a long curly hair style with side bangs that perfectly frame your face. Featuring modern and fashionable design, the wig looks so natural as if it is growing from your own hairline. Its undetectable front and top gives a realistic look. In addition, the wig can be extracurled to give you the charming style you desire.

Modern and fashionable design, long curly style
Made of high-grade synthetic fiber, fine workmanship
Look so natural as if the wig is growing from your own hairline
Its undetectable front and top gives a realistic look
Side bangs perfectly frame your face
This wig can be extra curled to give you the fashionable style you desire

Color: Coffee
Style: Long Curly Hair
Material: Synthetic
Gender: Woman
Length Approx.: 26.77" / 68cm
Weight: 6.7oz / 190g
Bangs Type: Oblique Bangs

Price: $30.99 $17.12
Direct link to the product:

When I received the package, the wig was wrapped securely in hair net inside a plastic bag. The wig comes alone without wig cap or bag.

ready to unwrap the wig? :D
it looks pretty tangled
synthetic hair strands
inside wig scalp

crown of wig

Because it doesn't comes with wig cap I use my own wig cap and VOILA! :D

Since it's a synthetic wig, I've expected that it would be so tangled and quite shiny.
Surprisingly this wig looks so nice on me ^___^ (because like I said before, I looked so weird with my previous wigs). Despite of its complicated tangled, I love how it fits with my skin tone. With proper brow mascara, I don't look ridiculous this time :p

The hair strands of this wig are fairly smooth and doesn't look too fake in front of camera under natural daylight :) But of course, if you use camera flash, this wig will obviously looks quite fake.

What do you think about this wig?
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  1. The wig looks good, the color matches your skintone very well ^^ Tapi poninya kalo dipotong lebih ok :D

    1. masih sayang mau motong :p ntar kapan2 hehe.. emg agak kepanjangan sih

  2. It looks really nice on you~! It looks pretty natural on you <33

  3. aaah bagus ya ..!! jadi pengen deh

  4. kawaii ce >_<
    enk ga prlu warna"in rmbt kalo pake wig hihi

  5. Wih ce Shel imut banget :3
    Cece cocok lho pake wig ini hehe :D

  6. cakeppp, kek princess..
    beda banget, hahaha


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