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F&B: Kita + Kita Food Studio [review]

Hello guys! I didn't realize there is a new place to eat on South Surabaya, till few weeks ago my friend mentioned it. We planned to throw a simple bridal shower celebration to 2 pairs of our friends that were going to get married in upcoming month, and we looked for a fancy restaurant with affordable budget and provides private area for reservation. Here is it, we found KITA + KITA FOOD STUDIO :D

First Impression
White color always been a good pick to create a pure, simple and homey atmosphere. The place is very clean, neat and nice. They're using simple, vintage and minimalist theme for their restaurant concept, along with touch of unique decorations at some spots :)

entrance door
PS: Because our visitation happened at night, most of my photos weren't sharp and noisy enough :(
Sorry for low quality pictures T_T The lighting wasn't good at the night, and these photos are the best that I've edited to make them look more presentable.

side entrance
signage at outside
clean restrooms

coffee room, cooking class space and cake cookies gallery

This space is provided for cooking class. If you follow them on Instagram (@kitakitafs), you'll see how often they hold cooking class for customers :D I see this as creative way to educate and attract more customers!

shelf of creativity
cookies & cakes display

staircase to next floor

2nd floor, open for reservation
smaller area

First of all, I wonder why they created this kind of menu book.. but later on I know from their Instagram, that they often change the menus, so customers won't be bored easily :D

1. Eat while it is HOT
2. Use your hands instead of fork & knife
3. No tomato ketchup & chilli sauce

homemade pizzas menu

buku menu & harga

studio menus

drinks gallery

PS: Sorry, more than half of the dishes were my friends' foods, and I forgot to ask them how they tastes ._.

Paha Kejepit (Squeezed Drumstick)
IDR 25,000

One of many unique dishes of Kita Kita. The drumstick was squeezed between veggies, and potatoes. My friend said this was ok, but his tummy surely craved to eat more :p

Semur Lapis Sruput (Sips Stew)
IDR 30,000

This dish is so unique! Combination of western style of salad, fried potatoes with mayonnaise and semur lapis (how to call this... meat stew?) served in a glass XD

Burger Terbalik (Upside Down Burger)
IDR 20,000

Burger bun filled with minced meat and topped with minced meat, cheese flakes and veggies.
Simple idea in unique execution :)

Ronde Pandan Wangi
IDR 15,000

Mie Gapit Komat-Kamit (Burble Pinched Noodles)
IDR 20,000

Actually I don't get idea about its name.. it said "Mie Gapit" and yes, some strands of the noodles were pinched by thin wooden rod, but we actually don't use the thin wooden rod as cutlery. We changed the rod with fork and spoon instead. LOL. XD
It tastes good and little bit spicy, my BF said it tasted like spaghetti sauce; and the portion was not bad :D

Mad about Meat Pizza
IDR 45,000

The homemade pizza was served hot and crispy, and IMO it's yummy :D
The portion wasn't too small nor too big, suitable as snack for 1-3 persons.

Frikadel Oma
IDR 30,000

I love this dish the most! It's literally a yummy homemade steam minced beef, eating this food kept reminding me with steam minced beef that made by my mom :') what a homey and warm feeling.
Actually this dish was originally served with fried fries, but because I still got sore throat at that moment, I requested to them for a boiled potato, instead of original fried fries.
The portion is not too big, nor too small but my greedy tummy still demanded for more foods :p :p

image credit: @kitakitafs (Instagram)

So far, I like being in this food studio :D This restaurant is nice, clean, comfortable and well-maintained. The prices of are moderately affordable and recommended for students. The downsides of this restaurant are the absence of Wi-Fi connection, and narrow car parking space. I'd love to back to Kita Kita Food Studio in near future :D

Tempatnya bagus, bersih, nyaman dan terawat. Harganya relatif murah dan recommended buat anak sekolahan atau kuliahan yang budget ketat ;) Mungkin kekurangannya hanyalah tidak adanya Wi-fi dan tempat parkir mobil yang sempit. Kalau kalian cari resto yang asik dibuat nongkrong, kumpul-kumpul, letaknya di Surabaya Selatan, rasanya enak dan harganya relatif terjangkau, boleh deh cobain Kita + Kita Food Studio ini ^_^ 

Lokasi & Alamat

Visual diary of a food studio based in Surabaya, Indonesia 
Jl. Raya Jemursari 220 

Open hours: 
Mon-Sat :17.00-21.00 
(Closed on Sunday)

Cash payment only 

Wi-fi: Not available at the moment
Smoking area: Not available

Have you visited this food studio?
What do you think? ^_^
Thanks for reading!


  1. harganya lmyn terjangkau dan tmptnya cozy ya ce, syg bgt agk jauh di jemursari :D

  2. tempatnyaaa shel superrr bgt yaa..berasa kyk di korea lho, warna2nya pastel gitu.. suka bgt sam adekorasinya hihii
    menu n harganya jg lumayanlah..


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