Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Saem Cushion Bubble Cleaner [review]

안녕하세요 친구들 ^^
Hello everyone :) Do you notice that I've revamped my blog layout lately? How's it?
Do you like it or you prefer the previous layout? >w<
I'm kinda bored with my old layout (I've used it for almost 1 year) and I thought it's time for me to change into new atmosphere ^___^

So today I'd like to share about my current favorite light-makeup cleanser, that is Cushion Bubble Cleanser 쿠션 버블 크렌져 from The Saem 더샘 :D 

All-in-one bubble cleanser that softly removes light makeup, BB cream, and sun cream without the need to wash up twice

It comes in tin packaging (like aerosol bottle), dominated with light blue color and typography wrapped all over the bottle & box. It also has blue plastic cap which not easily to fall off.
Content: 120ml


*This bubble cleanser contains soap berry, colostrum, milk, snail slime & collagen :D
*Also can be used for man's hair shaving :) Can be used night or day

Please note that this cleanser isn't suitable to remove full-makeup, LIGHT MAKEUP ONLY ^^

It reminds me with bouncy mousse :D

the ingredients

Manufacture date: 20130102

I forgot the exact price '___' sorry. Maybe around 9,000-15,000 원? I bought it while shopping in Lotte Market, Seoul. Surely you can grab this product in anywhere The Saem stores! I googled the price range of this product and it's around $14-20, I'm not sure where you can buy this bubble cleanser in Indonesia, but you can buy this one in W2beauty's website :)

Dispense an appropriate amount on your palm and apply to wet skin. Message the skin in a rolling motion until foaming, and wash off with lukewarm water. (Gently press the button to avoid discharging an excessive amount)

look at the mild bouncy bubble foam~ :3

Because I look weird and ugly while washing my face with this bubble cleanser, so I only cropped the middle part of my face XD just to show you how it looks when applied, hopefully you don't mind

Overall thoughts:
I'm falling in love with this product! It cleanses my face well, without rough feeling and leaves moist skin afterwards ^^ Ladies, it also can be used for your husband hair shaving, worth the money isn't it? It also has slight mild scent that definitely doesn't bother me at all! The only downside about this product is sometimes I can't control the excessive amount of the bubble, remember.. you only need to press the pump gently! :P

What I love  
+ Cleanses my light-makeup well
+ The gentle bouncy mild bubble foam will not hurt the skin
+ Nice & simples yet attractive packaging
+ Nice mild scent (not too strong)
+ Can be used for man's hair shaving (multi-function product)

What I hate :/
- Sometimes I can't control the excessive amount of the bubble foam
- Hard to find it in Indonesia


What do you think about this product? :)
Have you tried it before? Or you might ever tried similar product?

Thanks for reading and bye bye! ^^


  1. Everything about this bubble cleanser is so cute! The light blue colour makes the foam looks like clouds on the sky *too much imagination*
    But I think this will cause a mess for me LOL I still want to try bubble cleanser like this, though

    1. hahaha clouds in the sky? nice intepretation dear XD
      actually it won't cause any mess as long as you do not dispense too much amount of the foam ^^
      Thanks for stopping by & commenting :D

  2. This looks so cute! I've heard that bubble cleansers are more gentle than foam cleansers so I might give this one a try. Aha knowing the clumsy person I am, I'll probably press too hard and get an excessive amount of foam. ^^;

    1. yes it is ^^
      hahaha.. i'm quite clumsy as well XD practice makes perfect hihi

  3. I love foam cleansers and this one looks really foamy and nice. I might want to try it :D Nice new layout btw :)

  4. Lol back then when bubble foam cleanser is quite popular, and now? This cushion foam. xD the foam looks very thick and fluffy! I think I need to buy one of this :3

  5. Wiih bubble foamnya keliatan bouncy banget ce *w* jadi pengen nyoba juga tp susah nyarinya di indo yaa >_<

    1. iya bubble foamnya banyak dan bouncy la XD
      iya aku ga tau sih bs PO the saem dmn di indo '__'

  6. Waa lucuu... tapi susah dicari yaa.. *langsung ngedown* hahaha..

    Lucu vee, headernya mangap-mangap XD

  7. Saya da nyoba produknya. Bagus..kalo ada yg mau bisa sms saya di 081806312800 thanks

  8. I also use this. I bought at Lotte Shopping Avenue Rp. 199,000.
    I use it with automatic cleanser :))

  9. saya dapet ini dari pembelian moel rizzete.. ini produk dari Etude bukan?
    kalo mau beli dimana dan brp harganya..

    1. moel rizzete itu apa ya?
      ini produknya The Saem :) dulu aku beli pas di Korea, kurang tau kalo di indo hrgnya brp..
      tp di Jkt udah ada counternya kok.. FBnya: https://www.facebook.com/thesaemindonesia
      kayaknya beli online jg bisa..

  10. I almost run out my BB deep cleanser and currently search for new product to try. Okay, this babe has checked to my wishlist


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