Thursday, June 21, 2012

Quick Announcement

Hi everyone, this is quick announcement
I just came back from Korea with a bunch of products that my fellow readers and bloggers ordered, but the bad news is i lost my blackberry at Korea :'( so i lost all contacts all of you
Yang udah pesan dan titip, tolong kasih konfirmasi lewat e-mail yah

thank you


  1. ooow, so sad to hear that :( Tuhan ganti dengan yg lebih baik ya nantinya :) amien!

  2. aw. that's too bad dear >.< sorry to hear this though, hope you'll get a new one soon okay. btw I'm here to inform you that you are the first winner of my circle lens giveaway, so please do check your e-mail ok. thank you <3

    and take care :D

    1. thank you dear >.<
      oh I'll check my e-mail very soon, thanks for let me know ya ^^ <3


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