Monday, June 25, 2012

What's in my Travel Wallet & What I bring for Vacation (Summer in Korea)

Hello everyone ^^ I have many entries to post but i'm lack of time >.<
Please wait my report about Korean Trip patiently =) I'll give complete reports of mine ^^

So today i would like to share to you about What's in my Travel Wallet & What I bring for Vacation. Remember that these items could be replaceable depends on where country do you will visit and depends on the season :)

FYI, Last week I have short-fun-vacation in South Korea ^^I visited Seoul, Busan and Jeju. In June, the season of South Korea is SUMMER.

Summer in Korea is hot and rainy. The season usually begins in June, when the temperature rises above 20 degrees C,  Summer in Korea is hot. In most of the country, the mean temperature of hottest month is above 25 degrees C. except in the northern interior. The mean temperature of the hottest month for Seoul is 25.3 degrees C.

Let's see what is my Travel Wallet and What I bring for vacation ^^
1. Camera (it's a must-bring-item!! XD)
2. Hair & Body Care etc Pouch
3. Face Care etc Pouch
4. Calculator
5. Sun-block / Sunscreen (with high SPF)
6. Medicine Pouch
7. Travel Wallet
8. Makeup & Hair Accessories Pouch
9. Clock

I recommend you to bring one clock or more. 
Do not depend on clock in your cellphone.

Travel Wallet
This wallet really helps me to bring important documents and money ^^ you can bring 5-10 different currency and divide them into envelopes.

1) a Note to record expenditure records
2) Flight Booking print-out or boarding pass
3) Money
4) a section to keep money and coins
5) Passport
6) ID cards
7) a Pen

1) a Note
2) Flight Booking Print-out
3) Money in envelope. RMY stands for Ringgit Malaysia.

I divided RMY and IDR in two envelopes

Money :P won~

rest of my money. This envelope also contains won. It's read as WON, not NOM, btw.. LOL ^^

My Makeup Pouch

bobby pins, small kabuki brush, hair ties, comb, mirror

I really tried to do not bring any unimportant makeup in my pouch. :)

1) Maybelline Lip Balm (mandarin)
2) Etude House Easy Brow Pencil
6) Revlon PhotoReady Concealer
8) Tony Moly Cherry Mini Tint

Hair & Body Care etc Pouch

1) Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Sunblock SPF 30
2) Anti-mosquito lotion
3) L'oreal anti-hair-frizz serum
4) Hand Sanitizer
5) Hello Kitty sleeping eye-cover (don't know how to call this item XD)

Medicine Pouch

Mint Candies, Band-aid, Analgesic Cream,  and so on :P

Face Care etc Pouch

1) Circle Lens Case
4) Cotton swabs
7) Solution liquid for circle lens / contact lens
9) Face Cleanser
11) Rexona Deodorant
12) Cottons

Summer Hat and Black Glasses B)

1. Don't forget to bring disposable panties, because it's so convenience =)
2. Don't forget to bring an umbrella. If you forget to bring any umbrella, you can buy it in mini market (around 3,500 won each) or in local market (2,000-3,500 won each).
3. TRY to memorize hangul or Korean writing system ^^ Because you will find many hangul in Korea and if you could memorize hangul, it's easier for you to explore Korea :)
4. Don't be hesitate to ask to natives if you find difficulties to search a place or location. They are so friendly and do not mind to help foreigners :) Some Korean could speak English  too..

So far, these items are what I brought for Summer Vacation in South Korea ^^
Please leave a comment if you want to recommend any must-have-items to bring for vacation! :)
Thanks for reading ^^


  1. wah shelvi rapi banget bawaannya..he5 siap maju perang XD

  2. your so organised! my travelling bag is almost empty :( is the etude eye primer any good? :)

    1. thank you :) I just do not want to miss a thing XD so i packed all in one.
      Yes i love the etude house eye primer ^^

  3. wuaah travel walletnya keren!! beli dmana tuh??

    ditunggu cerita lengkap about your travel in korean, sama cerita pas urus-urus visa nya.^^

    My must have item for vacation = extra bag!! Haha

    1. beli online say ^^ dapet hrg promosi 80rb :P hehe.. coba googling aja, travel wallet gt :) byk yg jual kok

      okeee ^^ kuusahakan secepatnya yahh..
      yeahh extra bag is a must! XD

  4. Make up pouchnya lucu^^ beli dimana say?

    1. lucu ya? aku jg suka ^^ hehe..
      beli di sodaraku :) masih ada stok kalo mau..
      lgs email aja ya kalo mau :)

  5. ah benerr makeup pouch nya lucu bener,kaya orangnya imuetzz ^^

  6. wahh share yah sist,ngurus visa ke sana susah gak,aq jg ada rencana entah kapan brangkatnya g tau hihi,asiknyaaa >.<

  7. Aku punya topi yang samaa! Dari Daiso yaa? hehehe


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