Thursday, January 24, 2013

[UPDATE] I was chosen! IBB MUC "Must Have Red" 5 Top Finalists

Hi everyoneeeee, sorry for been MIA for around a week >.<
My internet connection was so terrible lately.. I guess it's still related with flood disaster which was happened in Jakarta few days ago =((

I hope everything's gonna be okay!
Especially for my friends and readers who live on Pluit Village area (denger2 area itu yang paling parah banjirnya CMIIW), I pray for your house and family members :(

Back to the topic... Couple of days ago, I submitted my entry for IBB Makeup Challenge, and here is my makeup look with theme: MUST HAVE RED.
This afternoon I was told by cie Via that I am chosen as one of 5 Top Finalists for IBB MakeUp Challenge O___O 
OMG still can't believe it!

Well, honestly I feel discouraged after seen other bloggers' makeup look.. They're so pretty good and beautiful! >w<

Thank you God T___T
Thanks for IBB staffs who have picked me! 

For my friends, fellow bloggers, followers and readers..
Please give me some love by voting me HERE (NUMBER 4)
(one vote for one device)

I'll really appreciate every single vote of yours 

Voting period: 24-29th January
Announcement: 31st January

May God bless me ^^
Thanks all!! 


I do appreciate every comment of yours :D
Thanks for visiting my blog! Enjoy~