Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tony Moly Simply Style Slim Mascara [review]

Hey everyone~ \(^^)/
Today I wanna share to all of you about mascara from Tony Moly ;)
It's Simply Style Slim Mascara and I got mine in #curling.
For those who doesn't know about Tony Moly, it's a famous cosmetics brand from South Korea. Psssttt... Tony Moly has officially available Surabaya as well xD You can visit The Grand Palace in Grand City Mall.

Okay, back to this product ^.^
It's too simple, and boring (i'm a cute packaging lover xD) But somehow it looks professional and doesn't look cheap.

There's two different style of this mascara, Curling and Volume.

it has normal size and regular shape of common mascara.

My thoughts about this mascara:
It's not waterproof and not smudgeproof :/
But, It's quite long lasting and not clumping!

PS: this was my sister's eye. NOT mine xD
This mascara is able to be categorized as CHEAP. MyLCShop sells it for around IDR 50,000 :O The cheapest mascara of Korean brand I've ever seen. I don't recommend you to use this mascara when you'll go work out or gym, but it can be a choice if you are beginner and wanna learn to use a mascara ^.^
Just remember to not rub your eyes while using this mascara. LOL

I also use this mascara on this photo. The curling effect isn't not too obvious and it suits for everyday "no makeup" makeup or natural look.

I got mine from MyLC Shop, and they're trusted seller! :) If you intend to order, you SHOULD use these code for more discount. Ladies love discount, don't we? xD

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They're currently opening Pre Order for Korean Brand Cosmetics till January 20th! ;D
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Okay, see you on my next post ^^
Thanks for readingggg~


  1. Wohh lumayan bikin volume yaaa >.<

  2. Hasilnya natural ya ce, gak menor lolipong
    sayang gak waterproof :(

  3. too bad that its not waterproof and not smudgeproof ._.
    wont buy it~ thanks for the review^^

  4. packagingny lmyan mirip yg cats wink ya, cm minus kepala kucingnya doank xD
    maskaranya ky ga ada efek apa2 vee.. hahaha..


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