Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara [review]

Sorry for lack of updates these days.. 
My internet connection is going crazy during this current weather >__<
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So, tonight I will share my thoughts about Bad Gal Lash Mascara from Benefit~
I received this mascara from the beautiful ci Lulu few months ago 

What it is:
The BADgal line of mascaras from Benefit are full of "BAD-itude!" The rich, sexy formula and oversized brush build thick, beautiful and bodacious lashes.

What it does:
• BADgal Lash (the original) is like a set of sexy black false eyelashes...without the glue! 

What else you need to know:
Wear them alone or start with BADgal Lash, then layer BADgal Blue on the tips for an eye-opening effect.
(cr: sephora)

I guess this one is sample size, because the fullsize one has taller and slimmer packaging.

Well, I thank to ci Lulu because of her, I could tried this mascara ^.^
To be honest I was quite curious about this mascara before!

Looks professional, made from plastic and not look-cheap
sample size content: 4g or 0.14 oz

It's quite big and not really suitable for small-eyes like mine '___'

When I swatched it on my hand, poured water and rubbed it, it turned out like this.

It lengthen my eyelash but doesn't has volumizing effect.
It's not waterproof nor smudgeproof. It's quite long lasting but not tearproof as well >_<
Too bad, this mascara will not considered as one of my favorites :(

Test it out!
right eyes

left eyes

As you can see.. this mascara clearly not waterproof and smudgeproof.. Well, I'm not going be disappointed because at first Benefit never stated that this mascara is waterproof and smudgeproof. If you'd like to try the waterproof one, you better try this one.

It has better applicator and they claimed that this mascara is waterproof, smudgeproof and tearproof! I wonder why Sephora sells them with same price, $19...

I won't use this mascara for daily basis.. ._. It tend to smudges at the edge of my eye and I don't want to be like a panda! Maybe I'll only use this mascara for EOTD or makeup experiments purpose.

What I love <3
+ Nice packaging
+ Not clumping

What I hate </3
- Not really lengthens my eyelash
- Not waterproof, smudgeproof and tearproof
- Bulky applicator
- Expensive (for the fullsize)

Rating: 2/5

Repurchase? No
Recommended? No. You should try the waterproof version instead.

Anyway I bring you a GOOD NEWS!!
Who's excited?? *w*
They will officially coming to Indonesia on May!! Woo-hoo!
What it means? We will able to buy Benefit easier in Indonesia ^o^

For the more updates, just check their social media ;)

So that's it! Thanks for reading everyone!! ^^
Have a nice day or good sleep!


  1. nice review!
    I was curious about this too..
    but thanks to you.. my curiosity has ended JUST NOW lol XD

    finally they will be AVAILABLE in Indonesia!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!
    Sephora will enter Indonesia as well (I heard about it)

    and UNIQLO and lots of other BRANDS!!
    I'm very happy!!! hahahaha

    *danger alert for my wallet*

    1. i heard their "they're real mascara" is a good one XD i'm quite curious to try it!
      I'm so happy as well!!

  2. Aku pun selalu penasaran sama mascara in Vee, tapi nampaknya nggak sebagus review2nya yg bombastis ya.. :(

    Anyway, I am so super excited for Benefit too! Yay :D


    1. iya aku jg kaget ternyata hasilnya ga sebagus yg kubayangkan sebelumnya >.<

  3. Sayaang mahal tapi gasebanding >.< ga waterproof, smudgeproof and tearproof

  4. astaga skrg nama beauty products semakin lucu2 dan aneh2 ya dear he. nice post btw


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