Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy new year 2013 for everyoneeeeeeeee!! (≧∇≦)/
Thanks for reading my blog, and supporting me this far~ 
I felt so much love from my fellow bloggers friend, and lovely readers in 2012 ^^

I have made my own resolution in this post
I encourage you to make resolution list as well, if you haven't (^▽^)
and don't forget to fulfill it within a year! kkk~

errr.. my bad hair day *__*

For 2013, let's start it right, pass through it well and end it brightly :)
For me, surely I'll start my year with God 

Emmm... Today is my last holiday, because tomorrow I have to work again T___T *sobs*
Actually I have planned to do some FOTD and EOTD, but my body said no xD
This is a holiday, isn't? So let my skin get its holiday :3 haha.. No makeup at all, just applied sunscreen~

I cancelled my plan to post my top products in 2012 as well, why? Because I'm likely haven't found my TOP products that I can't live without.. 
still many trials and errors o(´^`)o
Besides of that reason, I'm not sure all of you want to know about my top products ;p
Maybe I'll do it next year~ hehe

Lastly, hope your resolutions for this year will be come true (。^‿^。)
God bless u!


  1. happy new year ^^

    visit my blog :D

  2. Happy New Year for u, Vee^^
    Oh, sure I would like to know ur 2012 favourites, even u haven't found the TOP products that u can't live without. At least, there are products u like, right? he he...


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