Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Bye 2012, Hello 2013 + My Resolutions for 2013

Yayyyy It's last day of 2012 !! \(^___^)/
Okay maybe this post isn't interesting enough to be read by you xD
I just want to share my personal thoughts and my resolutions for 2013..
I'm thankful for everything that happened in 2012 and I'm looking for better me next year :)

If I look back this 2012, many moments happened in my life and some moments are nice and so memorable. Inspired by my fellow blogger, Stella; I made a list about memorable moments in 2012 and my resolutions for 2013

My memorable moments in 2012:
1. Started to become a beauty blogger (February 2012)
It such a out of box for me, who has no good English skill but willing to try. Sharing my experiences to everyone in the world is a big responsibility for me. I am responsible for what I write on my blog. I'm blessed to have good readers of my crappy blog xD please forgive my awful English in 2012! I'm always trying to improve it (‾▿‾) kekeke

2. Held three giveaways in 2012 (March, August, and November 2012)
Thanks for being my loyal readers :) Those are my form of appreciation and gratitude for everyone who has read and following my blog.

3. Being trusted by my very first sponsor, MizzJCroom (May 2012)
My very first sponsored review was Peripera Wonder Kiss Gloss, I know my reviews still farrrrr away from perfect, and I learned from mistakes and wanna do better for next year ^^ Surely I will post more blog posts in the future.

4. Graduated (June 2012)
After 4 years struggling with lectures and thesis, finally I was there.. Wore a graduation outfit and received my graduation certificate :')

5. Went to South Korea (June 2012)
That was my first trip to South Korea!! Many many memorable moments in Korea (≧∇≦)/ 
Read my trip report: part 1 | part 2 | part 3

7. Invited as beauty blogger to the Beauty Events (July 2012)
It was excting pleasant experience of mine, which I could be recognized as beauty blogger and invited to attend my first beauty event, The Grand Palace 1st anniversary

8. Won a lot of giveaways 
I am so happy and feel so blessed this year.. I didn't need to buy many makeup and could save more money :3

9. Broke up with my bf..
Maybe this was my most painful moment in 2012.. I rarely talk about my very personal life.. my ex-bf is living in Singapore and I'm living in Indonesia, we had built our relationship for almost 3,5 years. We had LDR for around 2 years and finally gave up.. We're still a best friend though. This was hard decision for me, but I believe God has better plan for me and him :'')

10, Being one of Indonesian Beauty Bloggers
I'm a proud member (^▽^)!

My resolutions for 2013:
1. Being a consistent blogger
Stop being an inconsistent blogger xD I will post at least 10 posts in a month hehe.

2. Do more FOTD, EOTD and tutorials
Enough with bunch of reviews. I should do more variation of posts. Of course I will post a lot of reviews, but I will combine it with FOTD, EOTD and tutorials as well :)

3. Practice more to sharpen my makeup skill
I promise will practice a lot, and sharpen my awful makeup skill :x

4. Work hard, earn more money, save more money
I will stop my impulsive-buyer habit. Save more money for better future ^^ Sorry guys maybe I won't post massive haul for 2013 xD

5. Hold more giveaways
Not to bribe readers, it is my gratitude for my loyal readers and friends ^^ I'm glad to be a blessing for others

6. Increase my quality and quantity in blogging
Do a lot posts with poor quality is not good, IMHO. I am eager to improve my future posts in quality and quantity aspects :)

7. Create my very own blog template
I guess it will be very hard to do *-* since I have no much knowledge in HTML lol. I should study more! haha

1. Love God more, be more faithful in Him
I am glad being a Christian (◠‿◠) I have found my true happiness in Him. His favor, grace, and steadfast are endure forever. I will be more faithful in Him, growing and be more fruitful in Christ. 

2. Find my true destination
My dream is to be a Graphic Designer, I have dreamed it since Elementary School. Hopefully God bless my path till I get a right way to make my dream comes true ^__^

3. Discipline and time management
Those are my biggest bad habits.. Not discipline of myself and bad time management.
For this year, I don't want miss a thing just because those bad habits.

4. Go to overseas for vacation and pay all expenses by myself
I wanna go to Korea againnnnnn.. or Japan.. but those destination need hard work for several years I think xD maybe Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand? Let see..

5. Have healthier life
Eat healthier food, no more junk food or over-sweets desserts, work out at least 3 times in a week xD

6. Give thanks more, complain less
The key of easier life is always be grateful ^^ Complain won't change anything!

I think.. that's all? lol
Of course I have more specific resolutions for personal matters xD but I will keep it for myself due to privacy reason, hehe..
So, what's your resolution guys? ^^ Let's make it happen!

Happy (early) NEW YEAR!! \(´▽`)/ 
see you next year ;D


  1. Wah semoga sukses buat 2013 revolutions nya ya ce :))

  2. Good. Ini namanya bersyukur dulu sebelum meminta. Orang yang bersyukur biasanya rejekinya ditambah terus. Amin. :D.. Good Luck. Happy New Year 2013 :D


    have a great year ahead xiao vee!

    these are my simple resolutions~

    1. hi :D happy new year!!
      thanks :D Gonna visit your blog as well

  4. Happy New Year!! Hope that you will achieve all your resolution and bring moreee beauty reviews!


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