Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Swap with Anastasia Margaret!

Hellooooo everyoneeee Merry Christmas!!!! \(^_____^)/
How's your Christmas day? Last night I spent my time for Christmas Eve Service at my church and Dinner with family in my hometown. Sadly today I must back to Surabaya, because I have to back to work tomorrow T_____T *crying*
But I'm very excited to attend Christmas Service at my church this evening ;)

So, few days ago this box was arrived to my boarding house..
Ta-daahhh!! Christmas Swap present from Stazya / Acha *-*
She's a beautiful blogger who lives in Manado. Sorry my package would be late because expedition's traffic to Manado is quite lame on this holiday season T___T 
*I should've sent it earlier* *slapped myself*
This Christmas Swap event was hosted by c Shasha from www.missbelanjaonline.com

guess what's inside? ;D

when I opened the present, I was like "WOW" O_o because she packed this present so nicely and neatly T-T Suddenly I feel guilty because I even couldn't manage time to get her a present box and proper package.

eh? *gulp*






Merry Christmas!!

32 Lip Color Palette from BH Cosmetics!! *screaming*


I have watched many BH cosmetics product review videos on Youtube, and most of the Beauty Gurus said that BH Cosmetics have good quality.
This was my first time touched BH cosmetics product by fingertips of mine *lebay*
Actually I was planned to buy lip palette few weeks ago.. without mention it on my wishlist, how come Stazya know my wish and put this into present box?

Thank you very muchhhhh Stazyaaaa >w< *hug* 

 The colors are so pretttttyyyy and wearable *-* can't wait to have experiments with this lip palette hehehe

What's the next?
Aww... Stazya kindly sent me these babies!
-Etude House OMG Dry Shampoo
-Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Mist
-Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher
-Etude House Heart-shaped puff
-Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick

-Benefit Hoola Bronzer Sample
-Benefit Porefessional Sample
-My Beauty Diary masks

The Christmas card!

I was so touched when read this card.. She's very kind >.< I really hope can meet her in person someday.. She has pretty pleasant personality 
Again, I feel so guilty because I didn't give her any card o(╥﹏╥)o
*wanna bury myself into a deep hole*

Thank you so much for this presents, Stazya (http://anastasiamargaret.com/)
I hope you will not be disappointed *too much* with my presents TT
You're a nice friend and I hope we can have meetup someday (≧▽≦) 

Thanks for reading everyoneeee ^^
Have a blessed Christmas day and happy holiday!!
God bless u! 


  1. waa you have great gifts from lovely Stazya there ^^ have a blast on this Xmas Day ya vee! GBU :)


    1. yess indeed!! merry christmas for you too cie ^^ Gbu

  2. wow what a nice swap vee.. :D
    Merry Christmas yaaaa ^^

  3. wow, keren shel ^^ Merry xmass shel!! ^^

  4. Merry Christmas to you :)
    Omg.. your friend is so kind... love that etude heart cookies blusher is so cute


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