Thursday, December 13, 2012

Victoria's Secret Bold Sparkle Sexy Deluxe Eye Palette [review]

Hey all, I'm coming with another quick review ^-^
Few months ago I got this palette as one of my giveaway prizes from Ci Lulu :D Finally I got chance to present this review to all of you ladies~ 

Looks so simple yet deluxe, elegant and classy. The packaging made from sturdy materials. 
It's pretty! (✿◠‿◠)

I got the fearless palette. Hmm... I assume that this palette represents a tough lady who has no fear of her future (˘⌣˘)~ hehe

How to get the look directions
Made in Canada
Content: 6g

Very beautiful colors, isn't it? (  ♥)
Another plus point of this palette is.. the eyeshadows aren't too powdery! Still torelable!

Champagne: delicate shimmery color, used to highlight beneath browbone and inner corner of eyes

Gray: Good for smokey eyes, pretty shimmery gray. Blend gray into crease.

Teal: Still have hint of shimmer, apply for outer corner of eye
Blue: It's supposed to be the main color of this look, used to cover eye lid.
Navy: To line upper lash line

The navy color's texture isn't creamy, I wonder why this color doesn't work well to line my upper lashline :s the consistency is quite thick and not easy to apply.

(no eye primer)
I don't know why the navy color looks so blackish on this picture x_x
Anyway, the pigmentation of this eyeshadow palette is good

my EOTD when using the palette:

PS: sorry I photoshopped my under eye, I was too exhausted after working and lack of sleep made my dark circle even worse T____T so horrible

some FOTD:

Meehhh I wish I could apply eyeshadow better T_T learning by doing~ kekeke

What I love <3
+ Prettyyyyy colors
+ Nice packaging
+ Nice pigmentation
+ Doesn't chalky
+ The packaging is not bulky

What I hate </3
+ The navy color has strange texture, can't use it for line my eyes well
+ No brush or tip applicator
+ Pricey? LOL.. I don't know the exact price xD

Rating: 4/5

Repurchase? Umm no ^^ I want to try other eyeshadow palette
Recommended? Yes :D

Have you tried any Victoria's Secret Makeup products? ^^
Thanks for reading!


  1. Eh cantiknyaaaaa pas diolesin ke mataaaa <3

  2. aku suka teal nya, wuwuwu, warna T.O.P
    lolol xD

  3. Baguuus kamu pake eyeshadow gelap....
    Sexy look gt shel.....

  4. cantik warnanya >.<

  5. bagus shel~ matanya jadi keliahatan bagus <3

  6. warna birunya bagus, packaging paletnya jg bagus vee :D

  7. the packaging is really pretty! I didn't even know that VS carries eyeshadow palette~ thanks so much for sharing and you look so pretty ^_~

  8. keliatan cantik dimata kamu vee XD

  9. So pretty!! :D Blue eyeshadow is one of my favorite shades to wear!

  10. aku belom pernah nyoba Victoria's Secret sih, tapi keliatannya palet warnanya bagus ya, meriah gitu buat party-party :D kamu kelihatan cantik deh :D

    you're invited to join my beauty giveaway, win etude house, skinfood, and face shop products for 3 winners, click here :D

  11. tealnya lucu banget shelvi ^^

    anyway, good idea that you combine it with purple mascara :p

    I think i'll purchase other color besides black for mascara next time, it's playful :p

    don't forget to join my giveaway sponsored by WISHTREND and it's opened for INTERNATIONAL READERS ya ^_^

  12. suka sama warna biru nya ci.
    apakah itu warna baby blue ?


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