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Event: The Body Shop Online Gathering ☆

Sorry for another delayed report~ xD Finally I could managed to write this report >.<
Couple of days ago, at December 12th, 2012; I was invited by The Body Shop Indonesia to attend private gathering with some of online buddies. Some of The Body Shop's lovers were invited to this event, like bloggers, facebook, and twitter friends. I came with my fellow Surabaya Beauty Bloggers, and that event was held in Rolaas Cafe, Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya.

There's a public event on Atrium Tunjungan Plaza at the moment. The Body Shop was campaigning "Green Fair" movement and that public event was held for three days (December 12th-15th)
cr: TheBodyShop's twitter
Bring your whatever empty bottles and get freebies! :D
*unfortunately I didn't bring any T_T*
The will do recycle for the empty bottles to reduce plastic garbage, how thoughtful they are! ()

see how crowded it was? they also provide free makeover at that moment ^^
cr: TheBodyShop's twitter

That day, I went to the event as soon as I finished my work at office. At first I thought I would go home first, take a shower, change my clothes, and do heavier makeup; but due to some reason finally I departed to the event immediately without change my clothes and take a shower >.< lol. I only wore compact powder, concealer and lip balm for office, so yeah.. I was kinda messy at the moment. I even didn't bring my camera *again* T_T yeah, this situation was out of my plan, lol.

Thanks to cie Shasha who kindly lent me her makeup 
*at least, I would look little bit refreshed after touch-up xD*
We even had dinner together before went to the event ^-^
*we didn't expected that all guests would get meals from The Body Shop.. Oh nuoo!* =w=

See the Body Shop's campaign.. GREEN FAIR
"Let's reduce plastic.. Be a green consumer"

I always love The Body Shop's concept and campaign! I'm quite concern with global warming issue and I'm trying my best to give my contribution for a better earth :)
Big change always started by small step, like reducing water usage, planting more tree, reducing electricity usage and so on.

Back to the topic, so this was how the event's going

All guests~
We have nice chit-chat, discussing about The Body Shop products while enjoying our dinner. After that, The Body Shop held a makeup demo! :D

There were two kind of makeup look for the demo:

1. Dramatic Christmas Look
(MUA: Mas Iman, model: Kiky)

the result:

2. Natural Christmas Look
(MUA: Mbak Nadia; model: Hana)

the result:
cr: Hana's blog
Hana got a sunkissed look ^,^ I'm so curious with the multifunction product that Body Shop's MUAs used.. that was Shimmer Wave!

Can be used as powder eyebrow, smokey look eyeshadow, contour, and bronzer at the same time! *w* It so pigmented as well. Aaahh i want it! Will buy it someday hehe.

After saw the makeup demo, I changed my mind about The Body Shop's makeup product. At first I thought that Body Shop makeup product wasn't comparable with their skincare ranges, I admit that I was wrong. Their makeup also has nice quality =D As great as their skincare products!
Their products are good, and the most important part is.. they only use safe ingredients, no animal testing and concern to global warming issue. I was kinda amazed by them ヾ(☆▽☆)

The event was ended at 9 PM, and I got so many useful tips and new knowledge about makeup! The event was super fun! (^^)
Especially when I could gathered with my lovely friends 

Gita - Lina - Olin - Me - Shasha - Hana

credit: Gita's instagram (@gitaregina)

Thanks for the invitation, The Body Shop Indonesia(≧∇≦)/ *especially Mbak Galuh*
Hope there will be more events hosted in Surabaya :D :D

Don't forget to keep in touch with The Body Shop Indonesia ^,^

Lastly, these was I got from the event 
Gonna review them as soon as possible ^,^

Thanks for reading everyone~
Bye for now ;)


  1. wah asiknya ada gathering TBS di sana O_o
    aku juga suka pake produk TBS terutama yang tea tree ^^

  2. Nice post. I am hosting an International Giveaway on my blog where you can win Korean Skincare products. It would be great if you could enter.
    Hina. xx


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