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Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot [review]

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Happy Chinese New Year for those of you who celebrated it!
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So, this product is my secret weapon to drive away pimples! Who doesn't like pimple or acne? *raise my hand VERY high* (✖╭╮✖)
Pimple could be so frustrating and annoying when it comes and haunts my life *hyperbole*
If you followed my blog since last year, you might be know my post about previous version of AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot from Etude House.

Yeah, I love this product and this time I tried the upgrade version of AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot Extreme.

AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot
Non comedogenic (won't clog your pores)
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This product consists of:
Pink Powder Spot (15ml)
Powder Water (15ml)
Cotton swabs

I like green color for particular products with medication purpose. It looks so relaxing, soothing and refreshing :p lol, i dunno why.
The pink powder spot made from sturdy glass, meanwhile the pink powder water made from plastic. This set along with cotton swabs.

Formulated with Salicylic Acid and Hinoki Cypress, Ac Clinic delivers trouble care. Pink Powder alleviates trouble swelling on contact to minimize damage. Comes with cotton swabs for application.

Non-Comedogenic & Dermatologist Tested


Do not shake bottle. After facial cleansing, allow powder to settle at the bottom. Perpendicularly dip cotton swab into bottle to draw powder from bottle. Use swab to dab trouble spots and acne with swab tip to coat with powder.

the fullsize product of AC Clinic Pink Powder Water

Application sequence: 
Foam Cleanser --> Toner --> Gel Lotion --> Red Spot Balm --> Pink Powder Spot --> Pink Powder Water --> Calming Mist

Well, to be honest I don't really understand what the main purpose of Pink Powder Water is =___= Sometimes I'm confused how to differ the pink powder spot and pink powder water. However, usually I using pink powder water first before pink powder spot.
(wrong sequence). BUT, it still works well. LOL

I also captured the descriptions behind its box.. Sorry if my photo isn't clear and sharp enough (˘_˘") My camera doesn't has wide-photo feature, so yeah.. I edited it and no wonder it looks so disorganized..

click to enlarge

Pink Powder Spot: has pinkish-colored powder
Pink Powder Water: has whitish-colored powder

It scents like medicine, as for me it doesn't bothering at all.

---> to minimizing appearance of blemishes, I using pink powder water alone
---> to diminishing new pimple or angry and big pimple, I using pink powder water and pink powder spot at the same time.

This product works wonderfully for me! At first, they didn't really work well.. but after a week surprisingly they could diminish new pimples and angry pimples well and help me to minimize appearance of blemishes (/‾▿‾)/ ♥♥ MAJOR LOVE!

To extinguish pimples and blemishes, all you need it PATIENCE and HYGIENE.
And don't forget to drink at least 8 cup of water everyday. A very important and simplest way to keep face clear from acne :3

let me show you the result..
I'm amazed with the result.. ♥ I only need 2 days to dries up the pimples! :D
Surely, for big acne you will need more than 2 days, I believe.. *__*

For blemishes, usually I need up to 4 weeks to minimize appearance of them.. At least my blemishes aren't as obvious as before! 

What I love <3
+ Works well to diminish my pimples
+ Help me to dries up pimples
+ Minimizing appearance of blemishes
+ Quite hygienic and convenient
+ Non-comedogenic
+ No allergic reaction

What I hate </3
- Its performances toward big acne, pimples, and zits might be different. For me, it works very well for (normal size) pimples and need more than 3 days to kick off stubborn and big acne.
- You need to leave it at least a night.. so the powder will fall down at the bottom of the bottle and ready to use.

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommended? YES
Repurchase? Yes =]

Thanks for reading guys :D
Hope you find this review is quite helpful!
If you have any question, don't hesitate to leave a comment below~
Until next time :D

this product was sent to me for review purpose.
I'm not being paid to do this post and my review is based on my experience and honest.


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