Friday, February 15, 2013

My Chinese New Year Look

Hi dolls! Today I'd like to share you my look for CNY celebration.
Ahemm.. Gong Xi Fa Cai for everyone~! Sorry for the late post (-____-" )
Valentine's day has over yesterday and I just post about CNY (How late I am)

I hope you don't mind to read my super late >.<
I was in Jakarta at January 10th-12th for Chinese New Year Celebration.
Yeah, I celebrated it with whole family from different generations.
The celebration was held in Ritz-Carlton Ballroom Hotel and My super-close family was the host of the event.

My family, uncles, aunties and cousins worn same outfits ^.^ Finally I have new cheongsam!

I did a very simple makeup because I was in rush and didn't have plenty time to use falsie and so on. This time my elder sister curled my hair and friends of mine said this hairstyle is suitable for me 

Sorry for lack of photos, I wasn't intend to post this event on my blog XD
Actually I brought my digicam to Jakarta but I was too lazy using my digicam..
I just fallen love with camera apps on my android phone, and I prefer to take pictures with my phone 

If you have instagram, please do follow my Instagram ID: @shelvihan
for my daily pictures :3

Me and my mum!! :D

Me and my elder sister.
Anyway, if you realize, I often taking photos with big smile lately ^___^
this braces really boosted my confidence 
My dentist said that I could set-free this braces end of this year (as soon as possible, please!)

Do we look lil' bit similar?

Another random photo from my instagram: @cellphie
I love to eat yogurt!!! so tasty and healthy :3

I took this photo in my uncle's house. My auntie is a florist and she has nice taste.
Their house is full with flowers! 
My auntie almost has wedding decoration project every week and she lives in Sunrise Garden, near Taman Anggrek Mall and Central Park Mall.
If you need a florist to decorate your special moment (engagement, wedding, birthday and so on) please let me know and I'm pleased to tell you my auntie's contact number ^.^

So, that's how I spent my CNY holiday :3
How was yours?

See ya~ ^^


  1. Ce Shelvi asli orang Jakarta? :o
    Ohh sunrise gardenn ak tauu, deket ma mall citraland jugaa ^.^ deket kampus aku hohoho xD
    Cantik ce pake cheongsam! XD
    Happy late valentinee ce xD

    1. bukan, aku di surabaya ^^
      makasiiihhh say <3
      Happy late valentine jg ^^

  2. aku suka kalo cc pake behel , soalnya bibir cc tipis , kalo orang tipis pake behel pasti bagus . kalo bibirnya ga tipis pasti keliatan dower .

    excellent post cc !

    btw aku udah follow blg cc , follback ya :D

    btw aku first comment loh :p hhiihiih


  3. ish imut banget c >,<
    awet muda .. trus slim bgt .. envy ...

    1. huahahaha.. thanks dear ^^
      org kurus pun jg pny masalah sndiri kok >.< underweight ni

  4. gong xie gong xie vee....
    kamu cute bgt :)

  5. you are much prettier w/ that super big smile :) You look so happy w/ that bright smile, seriously <3
    Love ur photos vee, you are very awesome ^^

  6. So beautiful! <3
    May this year hold a lot of positive surprises in store for you!


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