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Petitfee Gold EGF Eye & Spot Patch [review]

Hi everyone! The first 2 weeks in 2017 just passed and now I slightly got flu because of lack of sleep. How about you? Please take care of your health :)
Now as requested, I'm here to review one of products that I received from Althea Korea last year in May :) As a someone who struggling with office work and blogger's life, I tend to be lack of sleep and naturally I have huge dark circles as I always sleep past midnight LOL. I think any kind of eye treatment can't reduce my severe dark circles but I still tempted to try this one, because I've never really tried hydro gel eye patch like this. This product is called Petitfee Gold EGF Eye & Spot Patch ^__^

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I always love mask sheets that packed in bundled amount in a package. Petitfee Eye & Spot Patch is packed in twist-cap white jar with aluminium foil seal inside ^_^ The jar itself isn't bulky and still travel friendly.

Offer your parched skin an intensely hydrating infusion of moisture plus vital nutrients and experience the dramatic firming and cooling results you thought only a professional spa could deliver.
Gold gives skin invigorated around the eyes and EGF helps firming skin.

30 pairs of eye patches
30 pieces of spot patches

Price: IDR 125,000
Period After Opening: 2 months

*See the photo above
It contains a bunch of herbs and ingredients that I don't really familiar (of course, since I'm not specializing in pharmacy or such lol :'D), but I notice there's Mineral Oil substance in this product. So you might need to take a note if you're allergic with mineral oil.

There's spatula inside the box. The spatula will help you to take out the eye masks easier and surely it will be more hygienic :D

The expired date is 2 years after production, and best to be used in 2 months after opening.
I don't think this product is ideal to be sold in second-hand condition, since the PAO (Period After Opening) is too short.

How to Use / Directions
1. Apply toner on face after cleansing face
2. Take patches out of a container
3. Apply the eye and spot patches to required areas
4. Remover after 20-30 minutes
5. Gently pat for the remaining liquid to be absorbed into skin

Spot Patches on the center and Eye Patches around.

Texture & Scent
As it stated above, the Eye & Spot Patch has gel chewy texture that conformable for skin. I also don't feel itchy whenever I put these masks on :D This product has no significant scent as well (I don't see "fragrance" word is listed on the ingredients list. CMIIW), so I guess this product is safe for sensitive skin :)

Overall Thoughts
I always love to use eye mask kind of product like this, and this one is my favorite so far. Though it didn't affect my dark circles at all (blaming on your sleep cycle -_-) I feel this eye mask is so comforting, refreshing and firming my eyes area. I think I will repurchase this, simply because my tired eyes area deserve special treatment as well :p

Pros (+)
+ Convenient to use
+ Affordable enough (IDR 125,000 for 30 pairs)
+ Comfortable on skin
+ Tightening eye areas
+ Moisturizing eye areas
+ Refreshing eye areas
+ Able to be purchased easily via online (on Althea)

Cons (-)
- Doesn't affect dark circles
- Doesn't seem really work on wrinkles

Thanks for reading an have a nice day everyone! ^_^
See ya on my next post~

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