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Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask [review]

Hi everyone! Do you know that one of my biggest pet peeves is dry and chapped lips? Or even worse, my lips area tends to be very dry and often flake off in dry and cold temperature. I found it's very disturbing when you have to take picture of your lips (for blog photos); and your lips area is in worst condition :| I'm a lip balm person, and I have back up lip balm on my everyday bag as well; it made me become so dependent to lip balm and when I forgot to bring lip balm my lips can be dry anytime. Moreover, my lips also tend to be dry after I used matte lip products (it can be matte lip cream or else) and it's quite frustrating...

Few months ago I heard about this product from Laneige and I tempted to give a try; thankfully @sakurablossomshop offered me this product for review purpose :) Thank you Sakura Blossom Shop! Here I present to you my honest review after using this product regularly for more than a month!


Hai semua, aku hari ini mau membagikan reviewku untuk pemakaian produk Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask yang kudapatkan dari @sakurablossomshop (Instagram). Lip Mask ini lumayan populer di kalangan bloggers dan beauty enthusiasts dan aku pun penasaran sekali dengan hasil dari lip mask ini; apakah sebagus yang orang-orang katakan? Sebenarnya aku adalah orang yang bibirnya gampang sekali kering dan pecah-pecah; terutama saat udara dingin dan aku kurang minum air :|
Kira-kira gimana ya hasilnya di aku?

Keep reading! :) :)

As usual, the box packaging of Laneige products always look clean and simple. There's no English product descriptions on the box, and if you're looking for the instructions text, you can find it inside the box.. There's a flyer :)

An innovative Lip are Mask that creates an all-day smooth, firm lips by softly melting dead skin cells on the lips while you sleep and relieves trouble that could not be solved with moisturizing lip balm alone.
A berry mix complex containing four types of berries provide the lips with rich vitamin and offers antioxidant effect, for smooth lips. Laneige Moisture Wrap technology helps purify the damage and stress from frequent lip makeups and others on the lips and provides deeps moisturizing lips.

Produk ini adalah masker bibir yang dapat melelehkan sel kulit mati pada bibir dan memulihkan kondisi bibir menjadi halus selama tidur. Kandungan kompleks buah berrynya kaya akan vitamin dan antioksidan. 

Just like other Laneige's products, Laneige's packaging always look clean, luxurious and sturdy. This lip mask comes in handy size, and made in thick glass. There's also spatula as well. This jar might look small, but I believe it'll take a long time to finish this small jar :D

Untuk kemasannya sih sama kayak produk Laneige lainnya ya, kemasannya selalu nampak bersih, mewah dan juga kokoh. Masker bibir ini dibuat dalam ukuran yang sangat praktis dan pas dipegang tangan. Tersedia spatula juga di dalamnya. Wadahnya mungkin keliatan kecil tapi aku yakin pakenya ngga abis-abis lho :D

Content: 20 gr
Price: around IDR 200,000 - 300,000

How to Use / Directions
Before going to bed, apply a thick layer of mask onto the lips and wipe off gently with tissue the next morning. The lips will feel exfoliated and gently cared for. For complete care, use the water sleeping mask together while you sleep to have perfectly cared for skin and lips through the night.

Sebelum tidur dan setelah mencuci muka, aplikasikan masker tebal ke bibir dan hapus dengan tissue keesokan harinya. Bibir akan terasa tereksofilasi dan terawat. Untuk hasil yang lebih maksimal gunakan Water Sleeping Mask untuk wajah.

Read also: Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX Review

Texture & Scent
It has sweet scent that I really love!! Such a mood booster in the night :3
For the texture, it has sticky texture with thick feeling after application.

Apply generously onto the lips, leave it for a night and wipe off with tissue the next day
(as for me, I clean it while I wash my face)

Overall Thoughts
As you can see, my lips look much smoother, healthier and suppler the next day :D
I really love the instant result of this lip sleeping mask 
Now I always use this lip mask weekly for continuous care of my lips ^__^

Seperti yang kalian bisa lihaaatt... bibirku nampak lebih lembut, lembab dan sehat keesokan harinya :D Aku sukaaa banget sama hasilnya yang instan! Sekarang aku rutin menggunakan masker bibir ini biar bibirku sehat selalu. Berguna banget buat yang sering pake matte lipstick juga ^__^ 

Pros (+)
+ Exfoliate and moisturize lips well in sleep
+ Very nice scent
+ Handy size
+ A little goes a long way

Cons (-)
- Bit sticky

Where to buy?

Sakura Blossom Shop 
WA : 08563438846
LINE : @sakurablossom

So have you tried this lip mask? What do you think? ^_^
Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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