Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel [review]

Heyyy everyone~ Today I'll show you some variants of Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel to be reviewed :D
Some of you may recognize this product as BBW Hand Sanitizer as well.
I bought these babies few weeks ago from my friend. I believe the price range of this product is around IDR 25,000-75,000 depends on what benefit you will receive.
I didn't interested to buy the PocketBac, so I just bought the Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel itself.

left to right: Mocha Mousse, Jelly Jam Donut, Zombie Tonic Marshmallow, Dipped Strawberry, Raspberry Ganache Swirl

Easy to bring, fit into any purse, made from plastic and secure cap. Has tons of variants with different colors, fragrances and labels.

Currently I only own the mocha mousse, raspaberry ganache swirl and zombie tonic marshmallow :D because I have given the dipped strawberry and jelly jam donut to the winners of my latest giveaway

*Mocha Mousse: Scent of Mocha, so yummy :p LOL
*Zombie Tonic Marshmallow: Scent of Marsmallow, not too strong

*Raspberry Ganache Swirl: Scent of sweet raspberry.

I don't know why some variants made by glittery liquid and some variants made by sprinkle liquid o.o 
I admit that their colors are so attractive.. But I'm worry what will be happened if I use this product and let the artificial color be absorbed into my skin continuously..

Actual Price: $1,50

Like other common hand sanitizer, gel texture and easy to adsorb.

The descriptions.. Clear enough isn't it? :)

I heard that fake BBW is now available in many places, is it true? o.O
We must be careful then!

not tested on animals, yay!

Overall verdict, I quite like these hand anti-bacterial gels :) their scents are so fresh, sweet yet quite strong. Another plus of this product is, the fragrance is last longer than usual hand sanitizer!

Repurchase? Not sure.. Maybe if I meet another great deal hehe ^^

Thanks for reading fellas :)


  1. Totally love these! Esp. when they're on sale for 50 cents each >,< I die!

    Great post~


  2. Hand gel BBW ini kyknya lagi ngetrend banget gitu ya, banyak yang jual :P hihi. I love BBW's products, they have yummy scents! <3

  3. I love the BBW but not a big fan of their hand sanitizer only because i find it that it is too strong for me and when i eat candy after using the hand sanitizer, i can taste the fragrance on my candy! Yuck lol! This is prob just me though. I never really heard others complain. :) just my little quirk.

    1. ewwww :s Gladly i never experienced it before. I avoid to eat anything with my finger after use any hand sanitizer, i'm afraid i will eat its alcohol, fragrance or artificial color.. lol >.<

  4. sukaaa!! >< kalau harga disini sama kaya harga aslinya bakal banyak kali punya ini yaa ><

    1. haha iyaaa abis harga aslinya murah banget >.< apalagi klo ada sale

  5. entah trend apa tiba-tiba ditempatku (dibandung) si BBW PoketBac ini ngegantung hampir di sebagian besar tas-tas cewe hahaha lucu aja itu hand sanitizer gak dipake cuma buat pajangan tas
    btw cobain rasa Sweet Pea, Vee baunya enyaak :D

    1. oiya? haha xD lucu jg ya malah jd trend
      gonna try it if i have chance ;D thanks suggestionnya yaa

  6. aku pengen beli deh, engga tau beli di mana~

    1. bisa beli di
      mereka jual :)

  7. belum pernah coba hand gel ini. dan penasaran sama variannya ^^


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