Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Are you the winners of my 2nd giveaway? :D

Hello everyone~ Thanks for joining my 2nd giveaway~ ^^
I got 2914 entries.. I verified some entries and I couldn't finish them all because they're too much.. lol..
So I decided to choose the winners randomly, and verify their entries afterward, to make sure that they're deserve to be the winners :)
The winners are chosen by through Rafflecopter application...

I have chosen some winners but they did some invalid entries and I disqualified them because they lied to me :( IMHO, cheaters shouldn't be the winners..

So who's the winners? Are you ready?


272. Evelyn Winarto
You won the 1st prize :)

As I promised before, you will win a mysterious prize as well.. 

It's SHINee Clear File Folder from Etude House ^^ You can choose the pink or purple one. BUT IF you are not a Shawol (SHINee's fans) and want to dismiss this additional prize, please let me know so I can pass this additional prize to 2nd winner or 3rd winner :)


2047 Sabrina Tedjokusumo
You'll get: Etude House Natural Mask (Pearl Extract) + Bath and Body Works Anti-bacterial Hand Gel (Jelly Jam Donut) + 3 pcs Solusimu Travel Pack

2676 Fevy Gustia
You'll get: Dermal Pearl Collagen Essence Mask + Bath and Body Works Anti-bacterial Hand Gel (Dipped Strawberry) + 3 pcs Solusimu Travel pack


Thank you all for your participation :) Hopefully in the future you will keep support my blog.. Not because my giveaway, but because of your sincerity ^^

I feel sorry for my friends who have tweeted and shared on facebook about this giveaway ALMOST everyday :(( Thank you because you have given your best, but you still didn't win this giveaway T_____T I promise I will host another giveaway in the future..
And hopefully I can open it internationally *finger crossed*

I'll contact the winners soon and the winners should give response to me before 2x24 hours. If the winners fail to give response, sadly I will choose another winners :(

Once again, thank you everybody who have joining my giveaway :)
Until next time~ :D


  1. huhuhuuuu ga menang padahal tiap hari ngetweet hahahaa :D kidding, blom beruntung ajah ^^ selamet ya buat yg menang, buat xiao vee juga selamet udah sukses ngadain giveawaynya :) *terbukti entry yg masuk banyak bener*

    1. maapkann c >.< coba lg next time yaa hehe.. doakan saja smoga bs adain giveaway lagi dgn hadiah yg lebih oke :)
      thankyouu :D

    2. ahahaaa, ga pa2 say pan GA buat fun doank, menang sukur ga menang ya usaha lagi :) wkwkk didoain cepet dapet kerja yaaa yang gajinya oke hehehee biar bisa ngadain GA lg :)

  2. Wiiiiiiiiii~~~ congrats buat yang menangg!
    Xiao vee sempet gt cek 1-1? sampe tau ada cheater? O__O

    1. ada caranya kok gmn bs ngeceknya ^^ stlh dpt nama pemenangnya (melalui random), nanti tinggal disearch namanya, lgs ketauan entries apa aja yg udh pernah dilakukan, trs di-cek semuanya :) kalo ada yg curang lgs ketauan hehe

  3. Loh kok saya ndak tau ya #nangisbombeei

    1. waa ga tau ya? pdhl udh kupajang di sidebar paling atas loh >.<
      next time join yah ^^

  4. waaah akhirnya pengumuman yang aku tunggu2... >,<
    tapi gpp, selamat buat yang udah menang ya ^^
    meski ga menang giveaway, aku tetep suka blognya~

    keep blogging! kunanti giveaway berikutnya, hohohoo~

    1. jangan kapok2 utk join lg ya raisa >.< hehe
      thankyouuu dear :)

  5. congrats buat yg menang ^^
    buat cc, di tgu next giveaway nya xP


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