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Luview One Touch Brush Sun Powder [review]

Hello everyone~ (≧∇≦)/ Have a great Sunday! :D
Today i'd like to share my thoughts about a loose powder named Luview One-Touch Brush Sun Powder, have you heard about Luview 러뷰? For a short explanation, Luview is a Korean Cosmetic Brand which was established on 2010 :) Luview means Luminous + View = Luminous View with the oriental color. 

LUVIEW found a clue for the secret of the beautiful skin from the highly optimized oriental formula, a unique combination of carefully selected natural ingredients and the most advanced dermatology that provide vibrant color while soothing them with comforting moisture all day long The oriental color makeup brand LUVIEW enables 20's radiant and natural skin with the intensive color and 30's elegant and natural skin care

Luview is one of the young cosmetic corporations in Korea, and currently expanding their business throughout worldwide ;) They have stores in Korea, Japan, Guangzhou China, Thailand, USA and Vietnam. Hopefully they could open a store in Indonesia soon ^^ *pray*

Okay, back to the product! 

Features: SPF50/PA+++, UV-protectioncosmeceutical, talc-free
Created by highly optimized formula, which from the natural elements and the most advance dermatology

Packaging: sleek, profesional-look, made from sturdy plastic, but kinda bulky.
The product height is approximately 8 cm *_*

This loose powder is able to protect skin from harmful UVA & UVB rays. Suitable for any skin-color and skin-type. The sebum control powder takes care of the glossy to maintenance the skin moisturized.

Because the ingredients are written in Hangeul, I tried to translated them all.. but it ended up by dizziness xD lol.. I don't have enough knowledge of ingredients terms.. so translate the Korean ingredients into English ingredients make me confused ヽ(@_@)/ *get slapped*

I only could translated few of them.. T,T sorry.. 
As you can see.. this loose powder contains Paraben substance.. but don't worry.. they're placed on last ingredients of the list.. it means they only give small portion contribution and the dosage is still tolerable (´∀`)
But the good news is, this product doesn't contains alcohol, fragrance and mineral oil. So this product is safe for sensitive skin ^^

the brush is attached in the product.. so efficient, isn't? ^^

What I don't like about the packaging is.. I can't open up the second section of this loose powder >.< It kinda be troublesome when I want to take huge amount of the product and I can't open the separator between loose powder and filter.

The brush:
The bristles is quite soft and not stiff. This kind of brush could be the advantage and be the disadvantage of this product. The advantage point is you will not lose the brush. The disadvantage point is you need to wash the brush frequently, or the brush will transfer germs and bacteria into the jar.

The jar and filter:
Before and after opened :) the jar was sealed when I received the product at the first time.

on the piece of paper and on my fingers
the particles of this loose powder is transparent and soft, could blends onto skin nicely :)
I usually use this loose powder to set my BB cream application.

Overall Verdict:
I quite like this product :) I have combination skin, and my T-zone didn't shiny after 4-5 hours (of course, depends on the weather at the moment :P)
PS: I have used this product for around 2 months.

What I love <3
+ The brush is quite soft and not stiff
+ Nice and silky finishing result
+ Has SPF50/PA+++
+ Doesn't contains mineral oil, alcohol and fragrance
(please correct me if i'm wrong xD)
+ The packaging doesn't looks cheap

What I hate </3
- The packaging is kinda bulky
- The filter is too small IMHO
- I can't open the separator of this product '_'
- Hard to find in Indonesia T_____T

Rating: 3.8/5 (I will give 4.5 points if Luview could be found in Indonesia easier)

Recommended? Yes :)
Repurchase? Maybe (^_^) It's a good product!

Have a nice day everyone~ ;)
Thanks for reading ^^


  1. brushnya lucu!!! ><

  2. Huhu me waaant! Ini praktis banget udah ada bruh nya segala. Lucky you ;) Aku lagi cari2 produk buat touch up sunscreen soalnya tiap abis wudhu suncreenya luntur hahaha (tapi udh order sunscreen spray jg si hehe)
    Great review as usual vee :)

    1. Yes it's very efficient ^^ feel so lucky i could get chance to try it :)
      Wahh ditunggu y review sunscreen spray nya :D

  3. Beli dimana Vee???
    Kayaknya bgs yahh... Pngen coba :)

    1. ga tau belinya dmn T.T soalnya ini dpt hadiah dr giveaway ce >.<

  4. wiiih, SPFnya gede untuk bedak tabur ini. Kalo bedak padat malah sering ketemu yg SPF tinggi

  5. Cool review. I hate small filters too. I like a LOT of powder.

  6. Replies
    1. Hopefully they will exapnd their store to Europe soon :(

  7. yes, the packaging is bulky :( but it has lovely color :)

    btw please join my 1st giveaway:

  8. Kemasannya bagus nih...
    Penasaran bisa dibeli dimana..cakep soalnya....
    Haiii xiao vee....dari surabaya juga yach....?
    Salam kenal aku lina..xixixi ;)

    1. iya nih susah carinya di indo T__T haha
      iya di sby jg :) salam kenal jg yaaa

  9. Omg... thank you for the review.. i was thinking to get this product but kinda worry if my oily skin gonna wear it off

    1. it's a good product ^^ you should give it try :D
      you're welcome :)

  10. brush nya lucu tapi kayak berantakan gitu ya ? apa waktu di foto sudah keseringan di pake ci ?


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