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Miss Flower Korea Trip Day 3 [PART 2]: Suncheon Garden Expo 2013 & Yeosu Ocean Rail Bike

Tuesday, 7th May, 2013

Hello everyone, as I promised before.. this is Day 3 (2nd part) of my Miss Flower Music Tour in Korea (‾▽‾)♥
You can read my early posts Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 (Part 1)

2 PM-4 PM (GMT +9)
Visit The International Garden Expo Suncheon Bay Korea 2013
순천만 국제정원 박람회 2013
Location: Suncheon Bay 순천만
Weather: Sunny, little bit chilly

Mini Dictionary:
순천 방문을 합니다 (Sun-cheon Bang-mun-eul Ham-ni-da)
means Welcome to Suncheon (^▾^)

Are you ready to see more flowers? What do you expect for SPRING?
For me, of course ABUNDANT FLOWERS XD
많은 꽃 보고싶었어~!

And we arrived at The International Garden Expo Suncheon Bay Korea 2013 (≧◡≦)
What a pretty flowers coordination ;___; Why I didn't take photo of myself there? *regret*

About Suncheon Garden Expo 2013:
The International Garden Expo with theme "Garden of The Earth" which held in Suncheon Bay, Korea. This Expo focus on green industry development such as solar energy, sustainable garden development and electronic transportation. It will showcase an exemplary model for an ideal future city. You can experience a wide variety of garden culture from all over the world.
With its diverse garden and bridge of dreams, walk freely around Suncheon Lake Garden while looking at the flowers and nature and enjoy the unique experience.

If you are going to Korea before October 20, I recommend you to visit Suncheon Garden Expo!╭ (^▽^)╯

Period: April 20 - October 20, 2013
Ticket Prices: Day Pass 16,000 won (adult) / 12,000 won (teenagers) / 8,000 won (children)

information map

Sorry for over exposure photo ._.

Basically, you can see many flowers from different countries in this expo :D

The expo will be divided into three sections: the main expo site (564,000m²), featuring 10 country gardens and 60 themed gardens; the International Wetland Center (100,500m²), featuring an animal/plant exhibition hall, a theater, an ecology learning hall, and a wetland experience hall; and an arboretum (253,000m²). Connecting the main expo site and the wetland center will be a bridge, constructed using freight containers decorated with 160,000 artworks created by children from all over the world.

There will be four different types of admission tickets including a day pass, night pass, 2-day pass, and group pass. Tickets are currently sold at discounted prices on the online ticketing site, Interpark. (

Meanwhile, Suncheon-si was delegated as the official host city for the 2013 International Garden Exposition by the AIPH in 2009. The Suncheon Bay Garden Expo 2013 will be the first time Korea is holding the respectable event, which has been held around the world for 150 years.

So, without further ado, just can see these photos ^-^
Pictures speak louder than words, aren't they?

It reminds me with mountain in Teletubbies Children TV Show, LOL

Suncheon Garden Expo was so crowd that day...
Unfortunately, quite hard to take good photos without photo-bombing people... ;A;
I thought there are several groups at the moment, I could see many middle-aged people there.

Meanwhile, look at this photo... So cute, aren't we? XD *self-slap*
with Adele from Vietnam

king and queen of lobsters XD

White tulips! *w*
They have reached full-bloomed form! Or is it caused by sunny weather?

what is this? so prettyyyy *w*

Suncheon Bay Garden Expo 2013 Map

large dandelion?

this flowers remind me with "Bunga Sedap Malam" from Indonesia :p

We reached Netherlands area! ^.^

Japanese Area, with their culture showcase as well!

I forgot the name of its area.. XD

Same pose, different spot XD

my hair looks so messy ;____; so windy that day

Left to right: Suzan (China), Vienne (China), Junyi (China), Andy (Viet), MJ (Phil), Edith (China), Joyce (Phil), Adele (Viet), Selina (China), Me, Kinna (Malay), and Fye (Malay)

Hangeul (Korean Writing System) tiles on the wall! ^.^

Can you read these tiles? How far you have studied about Korean Writing System? ^-^
Well, I like Hangeul! I'm learning Korean XD Though I can't really understand Intermediate & Advance level of Korean Lesson, at least I can read them ㅋㅋㅋ

We're almost at the end of the tour!

After strolling around Suncheon Garden Expo, we're going to Yeosu! ;)

5 PM - 6 PM (GMT +9): 
Experiencing Yeosu Rail Bike
Location: Yeosu 여수
Weather: Clear sky with very chilly weather

We arrived at Yeosu! ;)

We were here to ride rail bike! What's rail bike?
Well, for short explanation, it's kind of bike that settled in rail :p
Have you seen this episode of Running Man :D? (Running Man episode 144)

And here we go!

About Yeosu Ocean Rail Bike:
Visitors can enjoy a railbike ride along the coastline while enjoying the view of Yeosu's beautiful blue sea.
Reminisce about childhood as you ride along the beautiful ocean road and pass through tunnels. This thrilling rail-bike experience is guaranteed to refresh your mind and body.

The weather was soooo chilly >____<
I teamed up with Suzan, Fye and Kinna in same bike~

Hard to take any appropriate photo, because it's so windy and chilly *___*
Well, it was the best photo that I could took at the moment, LOL

We're entering the tunnels, and you can see those pretty decoration lamps! ^___^
So beautiful, aren't they?

After riding a rail bike, we had sight seeing of Yeosu Ocean scenery and took some photos (definitely, Muahahaha! :P )

Ms. Seony kindly lent me her spare jacket ^___^ Thank you!

What a peaceful city :D 
So refreshed! Sometimes you need to going far away from crowd cities to refresh your mind and body. 

Time was up! Now it's time for dinner!
Heading to the restaurant right now~
Guess what would we eat tonight? ƪ(ˆ▽ˆ)ʃ

Me and Joyce from Philipine

6.20 PM - 8.00 PM (GMT +9): Dinner at Yeosu
Location: Yeosu Dolge 여수 돌게
Weather: still chilly... *brrrr

Main dish for tonight:
Ganjang Gejang 간장게장

Cleaned out crab marinated in soy sauce is a Korean style dish. Famous for its Ganjang Gejang try tasting the Yeosu's own Ganjang Gejang callen Bapdoduk (/ "Rice Thief". Bapdoduk refers to side dishes that you must eat lots of rice with for the best taste. By mixing rice with the eggs attached to the lid, you will taste the Bapdoduk's specialty.

Basically, these crabs are uncooked / raw '___' 
they're marinated with soy sauce for a while to get the best taste.
This was my first experience to eat uncooked crab... Wonder how its taste...
My tour guides said that these Ganjang Gejang from Yeosu is the best, special dish from Korea.

I love crab, I separated them into pieces with my bare fingers :p
After tasted them.... they're good and delicious, but I'm not a raw-food person >____<
I couldn't finish the crabs and only ate seaweed soup and grilled fish instead.
I passed the crabs to KTO's staffs who are Koreans; and as Korean, they love Ganjang Gejang very much!

Took some photos after dinner, I saw Azalea flowers at random house near the restaurant XD

We also went to mini-market to buy some drinks, and I tried Ice Cream named Maerona 메로나 :p
My korean friends recommended it for me. It tastes so good!

Arrived at MVL Hotel, Yeosu

So tired and really want to sleep..┌("˘o˘)┐
Meeting my another comfy bedroom~ 
KTO's staffs were so kind! ^^ But why they prepared double beds instead of single bed? *___* ㅎㅎㅎ

Scenery from my room's window

Nice wide-screen LCD, watching random news channel TV (which I didn't understand LOL) after took a nice bath and ready to sleep! ^^

That's all~ I'm done with Day 3 ^^
Gonna post the rest of my trip later~
You can read the previous post (Part 1) HERE

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Thank you for reading everyone~ 
Hope you find that this post is informative enough :D
Until next time! Bye bye!


  1. Hi Xiao Vee, glad to see your update more about your Korea trip. shame to tell, I lived there for 3 years but haven't some of the places you went. I wish to travel to Korea one day and want to go Yeosu to ride the rail bike. Have a nice day there~ ^^

    1. Hello Yan Yee ^^
      Don't worry, you still can arrange some time to go vacation there~ :D
      I also want to live in Korea >w< haha..
      Have a nice day ^^


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