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Miss Flower Korea Trip Day 3 [PART 1]: Gwangyang Plum Village

안녀하세요 여러분~ ^^ Still can't believe that September will end soon >_< Time flies so fast!
Since my last post about this trip was too long, I decided to separate my upcoming trip posts in few parts :p Hope you don't mind~ hehehe.
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Tuesday 7th May, 2013
Waking up with sufficient sleep and refreshed body! :p I was in Ecograd Hotel, Yeosu, South Korea.
And you can see that I was trying out my new camera, Samsung NX300 :3

10-11 AM: Visit Gwangyang Plum Village
Location: Gwangyang-si 광양시
Weather: Little bit sunny and still chilly

We have full packed schedule that day~ For first destination we visited Gwangyang Plum Village ^^
Anyway, though I went to Korea at Spring, I really didn't expect that the weather would be that chilly T____T I had brought some short pants with me, but at the end I couldn't use them at all due to the chilly weather.. I live in tropical country and of course I couldn't really stand for chilly weather..
I regretted my decision to not bring any jacket.. I only brought two cardigans (‾^‾")

Tips: If you want to visit Korea at Spring, don't forget to bring jackets and trousers because it's quite chilly!
(especially for those who can't stands for chilly weather like me)

Temperature info: The average yearly temperature is 13.7 °C (56.7 °F), the average in January is 0.1 °C (32.2 °F), and the average in July is 27.8 °C (82.0 °F). 

Welcome to Gwangyang Plum Village!  ~ ~ (\ ^o^)/

so many statues here

more information about Gwangyang

Gwangyang Plum Village:
Plum Village, with a history of 74 years, is a representative plum farm located in Gwangyang, Jeollanam-do Province. It also is the setting for the Plum Blossom Festival at the time when plum flowers are abundant at edges of the Seomjingang River.
The ridges of Baegunsan Mountain, the Seomjingang River, river mist and a multitude of traditional plum
jars all come together to create one beautiful and harmonious landscape.

What's inside the pot? It's Maesil 매실 or Plum were stored. They usually make Plum Sauce for dish! ;)
There are hundreds of them. Woahhh.. what a huge number!

Group Photos with Colorful Balloons~ ^^
Two men above (left to right): Fye (Malaysia) & Andy (Vietnam)
Girls (left to right): Selina, Junyi, Edith, Suzan, Vienne (China), Me, Kinna (Malaysia), Adele (Vietnam), Joyce & MJ (Philippine)

Plum = Maesil 매실

I was expecting for plum flowers but there's no flowers at all in May... T_____T
I wish I came there earlier (in March or April).

Tips: If you intend to visit Gwangyang, you should visit it in March or April, when the plum flowers (매화 Maehwa) bloom abundantly.

Arrrghhh I wanna back to Gwangyang to see Plum Festival next spring T______T;
What I expected there :p LOL

I asked my tour guide during the tour:
Me: 꽃 없어요? (There's no flower? *I mean plum flowers*)
Ms. Seony: 아... 지금 꽃 없어요... (Ah, there's no flower at the moment)
Me: Nuooooo... ㅠ-ㅠ

There's annual event in this city, it's Maehwa Festival, a festival where you can see plum flowers blooming everywhere and it happens around March and April every year.

Never mind, I still could enjoying the landscape and views there :') 
Thanks you guys for helping me captured these photos 

With Adele from Vietnam ^-^ She's a cheerful and very nice friend!
Too bad there was a KTO's staff at the moment >.< 
he photo-bombed us, and I'm too lazy to edit this part XDD LOL

Heading to the peak of Gwangyang Village~

And we arrived on the top of Gwangyang Plum Village~
Not forget to cam-whoring~ ㅋㅋㅋ

Our tour on Gwangyang Plum Village was almost done.

From left to Right: Edith, Suzan, Selina, Joyce, Adele, Mj, Me, Kinna, Junyi, Vienne & Fye.
Oh where's Andy? o_O I think he was the one who photographed us LOL, he really likes photography (and of course Adele is his favorite model :p hehehe)

what a calming scenere~ ^^

I forgot who has helped me to capture these photos >.< 
Most likely Kinna / Fye / Adele or Andy, they are really friendly and kind!
me and my messy hair x_x it caused by the wind!

Well, though I still can't see Plum Flowers, at least I could took some pictures with Plum Flowers drawings on this big rock. (‾⌣‾" )>

Last but not least, we also tried Maesil Ice Cream or Plum flavored Ice Cream! ^^
To be honest I love its taste, sweet and original~ 

Wanna see my silly face while enjoying this ice cream? LOL :p

See what I got on my wrist~ If I'm not mistaken, it's watch flower, or flower that looks like a watch.
Hmmm I forgot its name in Korean -.- If you do know its name, Please tell me~ ;D
My tour guide was telling me about this flower actually.
of you can see my birth-mark on back of my right hand now *_*

12 AM - 1.30 PM: Lunch in Gwangyang
Location: Samdae Gwangyang Bulgogi 삼대 볼고기 집
Weather: Not sunny, but still chilly

Who's starving? *raise my hand* Meee!
Another exciting destination to go, is restaurant XD
Well, I know that I would love anything that they've prepared for us this afternoon.

Another grilling time~ ^^

In Korea, you will see plenty of side dishes that would be served on the table. Don't be too surprise if you see that so many side dishes that couldn't be finished at once *_*

I forgot what's this. This was kind of appetizer if I'm not mistaken.. >___<
It has slight sweet taste and mild grainy texture.

Bulgogi was here~~ *drooling*

I love eating and I love Bulgogi 
Really one of my favorite dishes in Korea ;)
진짜 맛있어! Really delicious~
You have to try it if you haven't!

Well, I didn't take much photos while hungry XD Pardon me...
For this post, I don't talk much.. you can enjoy the photos ^^
If you have further questions, please drop your questions on comment box below ;)
Have a nice day everyone!

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    1. bis tour :D
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