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[Trip To Korea] Day 1-2: Incheon - Seoul - Busan

Hellooooooo... ^___^ 
For everyone who have waiting for my Korean Trip report, I'll provide the report of Day 1 & 2 in this post ^^ Because of my English is not good enough, please bear with me and do not laugh at me if i tend to make grammatical errors ㅠ_ㅠ
Honestly I want to write this post in Indonesian, but I think not only my Indonesian readers who want to know about Korea, and I also consider about my International readers >__<

So, hopefully I will not do too many writing mistakes in these reports.. >_<

Day 1: Arrived at Seoul
Date: June 16th, 2012

I departed from Surabaya (Indonesia) to South Korea, transited in Kuala Lumpur. I spent around 5 hours in Kuala Lumpur International Airport and I also spent around 6 hours flight to South Korea. Exhausted, but I was very excited for this vacation ^^

Got this arrival card. The stewardess gave it to me, I have to fill up this card and give it to immigration staff in Incheon..

I arrived at Incheon around 10.00 PM (GMT+9)

If you're Singaporean or live outside Indonesia, you may familiar with this.

Immigration... Wow so crowded >_<
After around 1 hour, finally I could passed all immigration staffs and went to my guesthouse with Busway.. It cost 15,000 won for 1 ticket.. ㅠ_ㅠ quite expensive..
I recommend you to take airport limousine bus, or busway. Don't ride a taxi because it's more expensive.

Day 2: MyeongDong & Busan
Date: June 17th, 2012

Good Morning Korea (≧∇≦)/ I'm ready to stroll around MyeongDong~

Woahhh so many stores here.. *___* 
Can you spot Etude House store? :p yeah, the pinky girly house beside of Beaute Store. At MyeongDong area there are many Etude House Store, Skinfood Store, Faceshop etc, more than one..  You'll also find The Saem, Holika holika, Nature Republic, Innisfree, Tony Moly, Baviphat and many more (^▽^)
skinfood store
The Faceshop
The Saem
 Maybe you're not really familiar about The Saem brand ^^ The Saem is one of Korean Cosmetic Brands who has IU and Lee Seung Gi as their endorsers =)
For me, this is my first time to take a look for The Saem's products.. I'm quite excited to try them out (≧∇≦)
I already bought two products of The Saem *w*

My first meal at Korea.. I forgot the name.. But this meal use Tteokbokki (떡볶이) as its main ingredient. I didn't really like this one because it's spicy and didn't match with my taste x_x

Meet Mr.Pringles :P at myeongdong area~ 

NEXT.. we're going to Busan with KTX or Korean Train Xpress ^^

Arrived at Busan!! =))
In my opinion, Busan is a peaceful city, less crowded and has nice environment ^^
I love being here~ I'm dreaming about live in Busan someday ;P

me and Im Yoona (SNSD) on the billboard, as Innisfree's endorser XD

Strolled around Busan was so fun! ^____^ This city is ideal for overseas students who wants to study in South Korea, because this city is less crowded and near with beach (`∀´) 

My Dinner.. Samgyeopsal 삼겹살 or Korean BBQ
Commonly served as an evening meal, it consists of thick, fatty slices of pork belly meat (similar to uncured bacon). The meat, usually neither marinated nor seasoned, is cooked on a grill at the diners' table. Usually diners grill the meat themselves and eat directly from a grill. It is often dipped into a spicy pepper paste
(credit: wikipedia.org)

The taste is.. REALLY DELICIOUS!! (≧∇≦) 맛있어요! so tasty and yummy~ If you're want to go to Korea, and in case you're not a Moslem, you MUST TRY this meal ^___^

THAT's all ^-^ these are my 1st and 2nd day in South Korea.. To Be Continued..
Sorry if my English is not good enough to express my happiness being in Korea T^T
Hope you can enjoy my report ^^ You can ask anything in a comment section below =)
I'll do my best to answer your questions..

Thanks for reading and have a nice day =D

READ the rest of this trip here :)


  1. whoa nice,,, jd pengen kesana jg buat belanja di myeongdong >.<" .. backpacker lebi mura kah>

    1. iya lbh murah ^___^ kalo cm jln2 ke seoul aja bs hemat lho :) asal ngga kebanyakan shopping aja

  2. so lucky!i enjoyed reading your blog :) i want to go korea so bad :(

    1. thank you <3
      you should go to korea someday ^___^ i believe you can :D

  3. Hii Xiao Vee...
    Panggil apa ya bagusnya? :D

    nanya donkk,,trip ke korea kali ini ikutan tour apa gimana?
    gw ada rencana mau ke korea taon depan siii, tapi masi bingung mau ikutan tour apa nekat pergi sendiri.. secara kan 1st time gituu hehe

    trus kamu bisa korean language kah?
    atau hanya modal inggris aja?
    soalnya gw buta korean loh >.< takut aja kesasar pulaa hahahaha

    sekian dulu deh ^^ btw follow my blog yaa sparklequinn.blogspot.com
    punya kamu udah gw follow ;)

    1. panggil vee aja boleh :)

      Pergi sendiri sama tmn2 ber-10 orang ^^
      kalo bisa bhs korea, dan pny byk wkt utk searching dan mempelajari ttg korea, saranku pergi sendiri aja sih :) tp sama tmn2 biar ga nyasar..

      Aku bisa yg basic2 aja sih ^^, tp saranku harus bisa baca dan nulis hangul (korean writing system) biar lbh mudah jln2nya :)

      okaayy ^^

  4. Waaaa.. so tempting deh, itu dapetin homestay-nya gimnaa??

    1. reservasi bbrp bulan sblmnya ^^ soalnya kalo high season biasanya srg keabisan guest house.. byk lho guesthouse yg pny website :D jd bs transaksi langsung gt untuk reservasi. Guest house yg pny web biasanya jg menyediakan yg english version :)

  5. look so fun~ haha shopping is the best when travelling, lol XD

    1. yeahhh!! XD and i hope i have more budget for shopping T^T

  6. ter waaaw liat photo2nya ^0^
    guesthoust itu gmn ya modelnya? standar harga sewa guest house dsana berapa untuk semalem?

    1. sebagai referensi bisa liat di sini :)

      http://www.ibville.com/ --> myeongdong are (seoul)
      http://yehaguesthouse.com/ --> at jeju
      http://pobiguesthouse.com --> at busan

      kalau rame2, rata2 20,000 won/mlm ^_^ atau sekitar 180rb rupiah

    2. ooh guesthouse itu macam dorm or hostel gtu ya?? thanks yaah infonya^^ ditunggu kelanjutan ceritanya

    3. iya betul, tapi lbh bagus dari hostel atau motel karena kebersihannya terjaga dan memang guesthouse biasanya diperuntukkan bagi foreigners, jd pd umumnya mrk bs ngomong bhs inggris :)
      okeee ^^

  7. wah ternyata korea ga kalah dari jepang ya
    Pengen ke korea :o

    done follow you.follow me back :)

  8. wah, so much fun liat postingan km ^^
    pengen bgt ke korea juga >.< tapi entah kpn XD

    1. hahaha.. thanks ya XD aku takut bikin bosen org yg baca pas bikin report ini..hehehe
      nabung dl aja ^^ suatu saat psti bs ;) kan tiket pesawat skrg udh lbh affordable ^^

  9. vee,klo di total biaya akomodasi,penginapan,kebutuhan sehari2 kamu di korea berapa??ancer2 gtu nyiapin dari skarang,pengen backpacker ke korea juga:)thanks

    1. total biaya selama 6 hari sekitar 10jt udah termasuk tiket pesawat PP+bagasi pulang, akomodasi ke bus`n & tiket pesawat PP ke jeju berangkat dari busan =)
      10jt itu kalau ngga belanja macem2 lho ya.. kalo belanja banyak bs lebih dari 10jt ^^
      Kalo misal ngga pergi2 ke busan / jeju, cuma berkeliling seoul aja bisa lbh hemat ^^

  10. aaakkkhhh ngiler sengiler ngilernya... huhuhu
    semoga bisa cepet kesana amiiiin... :)

    Next day nya manaa..?? hihi gak sabar >.<

    1. amin2 ^^ hehe
      hahaha iya lg mau dibikin nih XD

  11. wah asik banget nih jj ke korea :)
    tapi kok yaa 10 juta y?? agak bimbang nih 10 jutanya :p
    btw following u. :) foolow back yahh.
    mampir2 kalo suka japan handmade craft (amigurumi)
    keep postingg ^^

    1. hahaha itu udh termasuk murah loh, soalnya udh termasuk uang jln2, biasanya ikut tur minimal 15jt blm termsk uang saku :)

  12. Wow. This seems fun!!! I have only been to the airport when I transit for my trip back home to Jakarta and back to US last February. I have never set foot outside the airport hahaha crap! maybe I should have. Oh well I need to put this on my lists of country to visit. I heard from a lot of ppl that it is fun to shop in Korea. It is not as expensive as I thought it is going to be. Hmmmm

    1. hehehe yes, you should go to Korea someday ^___^
      many interesting places to visit ;) hehe

  13. hi Xiao ve, ak plan pgn ke Korea juga, tapi katanya disana apa-apa serba mahal ya? overall recomended gak ksana? dari tempat shopping nya, pemandangan alam nya, budaya nya?

    1. yg pasti ngga semahal jepang :) kalo bisa ngirit, ga makan biaya banyak kok. cuma emang utk makanan (di depot atau resto) hrgnya berkisar 4500-10,000 won keatas (1 won sekitar 9 rupiah) jadi agak mahal.
      Recommended ^^ bagus banget di sana, pemandangannya jg bagus2, tmpat shoppingnya jg oke2 tapi emang ga bs semurah di china / thailand, tp kualitas mrk bagus :) secara kan bikinan korea. Budayanya jg menarik2 :) hehe. Teknologinya canggih, org2 sana jg helpful ^^

    2. thx u xiao vee for usefull information ny ^ ^

  14. senengnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    kapan ya aku bisa kesana :')


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