Monday, July 9, 2012

Innisfree Wine Peeling Jelly Softener [review]

안녕, everybody~~ ^^ hello!
Let me share to you~ about my current peeling product :)
It's Wine Peeling Jelly Softener from Innisfree..
Hmmm.. Softener?? What is it?
This hypoallergenic hydrating peeling softener creates a clear and smooth jelly-like skin. It exfoliates dead skin cells and provides moisture with wine. 

How to Use: After cleansing, pour appropriate amount onto cotton pad (for me, i pour appropriate amount onto my fingers, and massage it on my face with circular motion) and gently sweep over entire face avoiding the eye and lip area. Rinse off with lukewarm water or refine with toner when dead skin cells start to peel off with natural cellulose. 
Size - 180ml

the description is fully written in Korean.. ._. i should learn more about beauty-related words so I could translate these descriptions lol..

the sealed cap.. looks like a wine bottle, isn't it? xD

Innisfree logo on the cap ^^

Okay.. the texture of this peeling jelly is liquid and when I applied it on my face, i really like the wine scent ^^ I swear that the fragrance won't make you drunk ;p 
I think this peeling jelly is really ideal for sensitive-skin..
Wine Peeling Jelly Softener could exfoliate my skin well, without any irritation after that.
So smooth, soft, makes my dead-skin cells exfoliated and my skin become smooth and supple :)
I got this peeling from Riebutik, for review purpose. Absolutely, all honest opinions are based from my personal experience :)

Exfoliation Power: 4/5 (if you have 'thick' dead-skin cells and don't have sensitive skin, i suggest you to choose other peeling/scrub. Otherwise, if you have sensitive skin, you should try this product ^^)
Packaging: 3.5/5
Performance: 4/5

What I love <3
+ Could exfoliated my dead-skin cells well
+ Suitable for sensitive-skin
+ Has smooth texture liquid
+ Nice wine scent <3 (won't make you drunk :P)
+ Makes my skin smoother
+ The packaging is made from plastic, so don't worry it won't break into pieces, in case you drop it accidentally.

What I hate </3
- The packaging is not transparent.. I can't see the liquid amount left inside it >.<

Rating: 4/5

Re-purchase? Maybe ^^ Still consider it.. Because I just bought other peeling gel from Beauty event yesterday >.< how greedy i am, lol. But, this product is a nice product, worth it to try ;D

Have you tried this product? Does it works for you?
Thanks for reading ^^ <3


  1. I really have been into Innisfree products lately! How would you compare this to other peeling gels out there?

    1. i just bough peeling gel from lioele yesterday and surely i'll make a review and comparison soon :)
      thank you for commenting :)

  2. vee,, ini mirip liole peeling gel ya??
    aku juga punya si wine ini,, enak banget yaa ngerontokin kulit mati gampang. jadi lebih fresh muka.. ♥♥♥ muraah lagi isinya banyak nian.

    1. aroma lioele peeling gel? hahaha.. beda sih secara packaging dan texturenya, nanti kpn2 aku post reviewnya ya ^^
      iyaaa >.< peeling nya jg ga kasar.. jd muka jg ga jd iritasi ^^

  3. bagus ya packagingnya, serasa pnya wine asli :p tp banyak bgt isinya, lama deh habisnya ._.

    1. iya kayak wine asli :P wkwk..
      iya nih bakalan lumayan lama ^^

  4. great review!!! I want to get it here /_\

  5. interesting post

  6. lucu tempatnya xD
    aku punya yg green tea :D
    tapi maskernya
    eh iya, aku cupu ni, gak tau aubeau awalnya, aku jg jd penasaran sama eyeshadow base nya xD

    1. innisfree green tea? hehe :p ditunggu reviewnya..
      oooo.. iya cb aja bli yg eyeshadow base nya ^^

  7. ini sama liole aroma peeling gel enak mn ce dipakenya? lbih bersih yg mana yah?

    1. hmm.. sama2 bersih sih.. tp yg innisfree ni lbh lembut karena memang cocok buat kulit yg sensitif.. yg lioele sedikit lbh ampuh krn teksturnya lbh kasar sdikit :) IMHO.

  8. kulit aku kering xiao vee, menurut kamu okean yang mana yak? jadi tertarik juga sama yang ini...hehehe ^^ yang lebih banyak ngerontokin daki yang mana? hehehe ^^v thank u~

    1. hmmm aku jg kering kok, cocok pake dua2nya ^^yg penting abis peeling jgn lupa skincare nya :D
      klo performance sedikit lbh ampuh yg lioele :D

  9. Xiao vee, klo kulit lagi jrawatan boleh pke peeling gel gaa siih?
    Aku pngen coba niih, tapi tkut meradang.. :(

    1. sebaiknya jgn dulu yaa ^^ nanti malah meradang.. dismbuhin dl deh jerawatnya.. :D

  10. bener2 mirip botol anggur :D unik

  11. Do you need to wash this off or can you just use a cotton pad and a toner to wipe it off?


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