Monday, July 16, 2012

Skinfood Green Coffee Lip Scrub [review]

Hello~ have you heard about this lip scrub before?
i was looking for lip product to brighten my dark lips :S
I asked a recommendation from my friend and she suggested this Green coffee lip scrub from Skinfood..
Hmm.. could this lip scrub brighten my dark lips?

I'm learning Korean right now.. What a little joy when I could read these hangeul XD
It's written: Seu-kin-peu-deu.
Geu-rin-Keo-Pi Lip Seu-keu-reob (Romanization)
or, Skinfood Green Coffee Lip Scrub ^^ ㅋㅋㅋ

This lip scrub stick thoroughly exfoliates dry, flaky skin with orange peel and black sugar grains while deeply moisturizing lips with antioxidant-enriched green coffee oil. 

* To Use 
Using this lip scrub, massage lips from one corner of the mouth to the other corner in slow circular motions. Gently wipe off with tissue or rinse with lukewarm water.

contains 4.2 gr
*zoom in*

My Verdict: Yes, this lip product could exfoliate my dry lips quite well, and could moisturize my lips after that. I noticed that my bottom lip getting brightens after several months, but not gives significant result for my upper lip.. :( I think i HAVE TO wait patiently till few months later.. till my lips be completely brighter than before..
FYI, I'm using this lip scrub since November 2011..

What I love <3
+ could exfoliate my dry lips
+ moisturizing effect
+ quite hygienic

What I hate </3
- can't completely brighten my dark lips after several months ._. (need more patience! T_T)

Rating: 3/5

Re-purchase? I think will look for other lip scrub..

Have you tried this lip scrub?
Please give me any suggestion of great lip scrub >_<
I really want to get rid of this dark lips :(

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Pas baca judulnya aku kira scrubnya dalam pot gataunya bntuk lipstick xD
    Bibir atasku juga item padahal yg bwah normal T.T
    Katanya dodora bisa cerahin dan bkin bbir pink, pernah coba ci?

    1. hahaha iya unik y dlm bentuk lipstick :)
      aku jg >_<
      blm prnh coba, hehe.. agak takut cobain dodora.. ktnya lip glossnya krg oke x_x

  2. hmmm aku ga pernah sih kepikiran lip scrub buat brighten lips hahaha ._. jd slama ini fungsinya buat aku cm mengangkat sel kulit mati..

    1. iya utk exfoliate tp mestinya lama2 bs ngangkat wrn keiteman di bibir loh.. soalnya bibir yg gelap itu dgr2 krn kulit mati yg numpuk rin >.< hehe

  3. woa.. one of my friends is looking for a way to brighten her lips too, I guess I would suggest her to look for lip scrub. hehe, I just know this from reading your post :p

    1. hope it works for her as well ^^
      thanks for visiting my blog ;)

  4. hi.. where did you buy this one? i read a review about this on otther beauty blog and i've been looking for it since then. i couldn't find it on online store pre order.. so i thought maybe it only available on the offline store.. so i was curious where did you get this? thanks

    1. i ordered it by myself last year :D i also open a pre order, pls let me know if you interested to order this one ^^, through my email

    2. akupunmau beli. bibbirku hitam :(

    3. please email me at :)

  5. wah bibir atas emang rada susah buat diangkat warna itemnya ya >.< oya itu baunya kayak apa ce? kayak kopi? :O
    nice review ce shel ;)

    1. iy nih :'(
      hampir ga ada baunya kok.. bau kopi nya cuma samar2 aja hahaha..
      thx la :)

  6. dear, aku tag kamu balik ya <3


  7. vi, itu bentuk nya kok ngeri yah aku liatnya, wkkwwkkw mnurut ak sih drpd d scrub ginian mending bibir mu tiap malem masker pake madu :D

    1. kok bs ngeri cie? o.O wkwk..
      masker madu DIY kah? dicampur ma gula jg? :)

  8. sounds like a new product

  9. thanks for the review! i've been looking for a good lip scrub! but i'm sorry that the product was a bit disappointing - - i must admit, it sounded pretty promising at first! it shouldn't take over 3 months to see results with a lip scrub!

    suggestion for dark lips? hmm..well the lips are a muscle, so the reason why they have a certain natural 'pinkish' color is because of the blood flowing through it. maybe improve your overall blood circulation? lol or for now, you can use some chap stick to keep your lips hydrated and moist :D i find that moisturized lips are key to healthy looking lips! hope this helped ^_^

    help us celebrate! Join our 1 yr anniversary giveaway!

    alex @

    1. hmm.. yes, you might right >_<;
      thank you for your tips :)
      and thanks for your comment ^^

  10. looks interesting!

    followed your blog. I hope u too could follow my blog.

  11. half a year late x(
    try mixing lemon juice (real one, freshly squeezed from the fruit ;) with honey and sugar and use it to scrub lips.. i read that somewhere.. i hope it helps :))
    New follower here :)

  12. apa yang bikin bibir gelap ce?? apa bisa dihindari ?
    karna lebih mudah mencegah daripada ngobatin T_T


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