Thursday, July 12, 2012

Event: Lioele Makeup Class at Surabaya

Last Sunday (July 08, 2012) I and other Surabaya Beauty Bloggers attended Lioele Event in Shangri-lla Hotel, Surabaya. That was a Makeup Class that held by Lioele Indonesia :)
The Makeup Class is divided into 2 session. Me and my fellow Surabaya Beauty Blogger joined 2nd session :D

PS: this post may contains heavy pictures.. Get ready! :P lol

Before the makeup class started, I captured photos of many products that sold at that event =D i must say that I'm really tempted to buy ALL OF THEM! lol.. >.< very tempting~ <3

Our class: Ruang Pelangi 1 / Rainbow Room 1

Before we started, we still have enough time to try the testers out XD
waaa~ i almost died by Lioele cosmetics' cute packagings *slapped*
Especially the trio eyeshadows and powder pact.. So pretty *w*

 Okay.. Let's begin the class! :p
First, the Lioele's spokesperson explained about Lioele.. its history and other information about Lioele and its company, which is based in Busan, South Korea.

Lioele concepts are divided by three main ideas.. Pinkilicious, Dollish Look and Beauty Remedy.

About Lioele~

Lioele's vision

Lioele skincare are made from many various plants and flowers.

 Then, Lioele's Makeup Artist asked one participant to be their Model..

She's Daisy. One of Lioele Makeup Class' participants.

Beauty Assistant of Lioele showed to us how to cleanse our face well, peeling dead-skin cells, and other beauty remedies. We also got opportunities to try 5 various of Lioele's skincare. Sorry I didn't take many pictures >_<

We tried "Aroma Soft Peeling Gel". This peeling gel really caught our attention because of its great exfoliation power :O

 Brochure of Lioele's complete products..

After beauty remedies, Lioele's Makeup Artist did a makeover to the model, Daisy.
And this is Daisy's final look ^,^

The class was over, but we were still allowed to try testers of Lioele's cosmetics ^^
That time, Hana asked Shelley to teach her how to groom and shape her eyebrows nicely :)

Their makeup class.. xD

Last but not least, the picture of us ^,^
From left to the right:
ci Shelley, ci Shasha, Me, ci Yennyca, Hana, and Lala.

After that.. 
Me with ci Shelley and ci Yennyca went to Ciputra World :P

In this class, all participants got IDR 50,000 voucher and I bought Aroma Soft Peeling Gel from Lioele.. Please wait for my review patiently xD 

Sadly, other Surabaya Beauty Blogger couldn't join the class with us >.<
Hopefully next time we can attend an event together, or arrange a gathering ^^

Thanks Lioele Indonesia for the nice event :)

Thanks for reading all^^


  1. waww liole ada d surabaya ,cute smua lg stuffnya >.<

    1. ini baru eventnya aja sih ^^ kalo counternya denger2 thn ni mau dibuka :D smoga tidak ada halangan..hehe

  2. Vee, kamu datang ke make classnya Liole,pengen juga.
    Di bandung juga bakal ngadain tp tgl 28 masih bingung nih mau ikut apa engga.
    gmn acaranya, secara keseluruhan seru ga? harga kosmetiknya brp an?

    1. ikut aja ngga rugi kok :) slain bs nyobain makeup2nya lioele, hrg kosmetiknya jg ga mahal ^^ kurang lbh mirip2 hrgnya sama hrg online shop.. kalau udh masuk counter psti hrgnya naik :P lumayan kok dpt voucher 50rb pula ^^

  3. Looks like you all had so much fun!!

  4. sumpah ada ini? D:
    aku udah pergi ke desa buat KKN T-T

    1. ada.. kpn hr aku udh woro2 di grup lho.. >.< ngga tau yah git?

  5. you are so lucky to attend one of those events!

    i wish we had a lioele store in australia! :(

    1. hopefully Lioele will open a store in australia soon :)

  6. brosurku malah hilang entah kemana shel :(
    pas mau nulis post langsung bingung ubek-ubek tas nyari brosurnya~ ga ketemu >_<

  7. mau ikutan, tp jauh, bandung utara sama bandung selatan. mana lagi hamil pula, kmrn minta ijin suami, gak diijinin :( nasiibbb....

    waiting ur review for Aroma Soft Peeling Gel :)

    1. wah sayang sekali.. >.< take care of your health yah :)
      siip ^^

  8. di jakarta ada ga yaa ? aku ga tau :(
    kmren aku ikut yg etude beuty class heheh .

  9. Ci Vee umurnya brp sih? Unyu banget >3<
    Itu pink makeup boxnya lucu banget *o*

    1. keliatannya kyk umur brp? :3 hahaha..
      liat d FBku ada kok tgl lahirnya say :)
      iya lucuuuu >.< *pgn bawa pulang*

    2. ikutan nimbrung~~ dirimu memang imut2 shel~ kayak masih sma *hehehe*

    3. hahaha.. >_< tlg pegangi aku sblm diriku terbang ce.. wkwk..
      thank youu ^^

  10. great report ce ^^
    selalu nyesek tiap ngeliat wajahku di foto itu huaa T__T
    btw aku ijin mau ngambil foto hasil akhir makeovernya daisy ya ce, lupa moto *slapped :P hehe thank you

    1. hahaha.. sayang ya >__< lain kali hrs foto2 lbh banyak brarti.. ;3 hehe..
      oke2 ^^

  11. Testernyaaa *o* kaya surga.. Aku pengen coba semuaaaa.. Enaknya ci shelvi ikt make up class liole *ngiri*.. Itu free atau ga ci? Ditunggu review peeling gelnya yaa ^^

    1. hahaha.. iya kan? xD
      ada biayanya :D hehe..okeeii ^^

  12. Beautiful pictures. Great blog <3 I'm following you now :)


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