Sunday, March 25, 2012

Oriflame Very Me Smoothie Foundation [review]

Hellooooo girls ^^ today i want to share my thoughts about this foundation.. :)
It's Very Me Smoothie Foundation from Oriflame..
Mine is in shade 02 ivory
I got this foundation for free ^^ it's giveaway from Oriflame and Sister Magazine in their twitter. I got 1 foundation, 1 duo eyeshadow, and 1 lipstick.. I already reviewed the Lipstick :) you can read it HERE

 These are the foundation and the duo eyeshadow.. I will post the review of duo eyeshadow pretty soon ^^

I have no idea how to call this kind of lid.. *__* (help). It's quite hygienic :)

I had this foundation since few months ago, but I just tried it few days ago :P
This foundation only contains 30ml, and has berry nutrition.

02 ivory

after blend it..
Try it on my face :3
oh my puffy eyes T_T
As you can see.. the coverage is very light.. when i applied it on my face, I didn't feel heavy at all! >_< Really different with other foundations.
I think this is what I really need! Usually I only use compact powder for college.. Never use BB cream because i think that's too much (for me).. but when I use this, i feel like doesn't apply any foundation on my face.. O_o
I think I can use this for college ^-^because i don't like medium-heavy coverage.. light coverage is the best for me! :D :D
The texture is very smooth & watery.. doesn't thick at all.. And the best part is the scent.. berry scent.. love it! XD

What I love <3
+ very light (doesn't like other foundations)
+ smoothhh texture (oh yeah, the name of this foundation is smoothie foundation XD)
+ only contains 30ml (i can finish it without spend it for several months ^^)
+ berry scent <3
+ cheap! only IDR 49,900 or around $5
+ available in 4 shades.. details

What I hate </3
- nothing atm

Rating: 4,2/5

Re-purchase? I'll consider it ;))

Note: If you has many acne scars and blemishes, i don't recommend this foundation for you :) because of the light coverage..  And I think this foundation is suit for normal and dry skin :)


  1. just out of curiosity, how long have you been using this foundie? and how are your skin condition? I was really tempted to try oriflame product, but the last product a bought from them caused my skin to break out :(

    1. honestly, baru coba 2x sih ^^ akan aku coba lg selama bbrp hr ke dpn, and i'll make an update in this review ;) please stay tune ^^

    2. really looking forward to that!

    3. so far, i have used this product for 5 times and it no break out on my face ^^ *yay*

    4. Sis Fenn, if I may know which Oriflame product did you try before :) Maybe I can help a lil bit :)

  2. great review! never heard of any foundation with a berry scent, sounds intriguing. though I think this will be hard to find in Brunei.

    1. thank you ^^ is there any oriflame products in brunei? :O

  3. cool! seem's like a great product. I hope I can buy it, someday. :)


  4. pengen coba foundie ini, keliatannya cocok buat sehari2 yak, cuma bingung mau ambil yang warna apa >.<
    apalagi ini masuk daftar diskon buat bulan April xD

    1. hehe cb aja ga ada salahnya say ^^ apalagi hrgnya jg ga mahal. siip ;)

  5. aku nyoba yg peach me perfect na,bagus loh,ringan jg :)
    compact veryme jg aku coba,so far ok c,gak jerawatan,hehehe.. pengen nyoba yg ini..

    1. peach me perfect itu yg mana yah sis ^^
      iyaa coba aja ;) hehe

  6. very me peach me by oriflame ada yg body lotion loh.. Harganya hanya 69.000. Selain membuat kulit kamu lembab bisa membuat badan kamu terlihat glowing loh..

    More information about Oriflame's product please contact me Jessica 087834442422. Thanks :D

  7. my skin tone is natural tan..wanna knw which shade suits me ,,and i have many acne scars so it is suitable for me or not??


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