Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Favorite Youtube Beauty Gurus

Hi all ^,^ today I want to share to all of you about my favorite youtube gurus :)
Honestly, youtube beauty community is the one which dragged me into makeup wnrld XD lol
My favorite youtube gurus are mostly Asian =D

Bubzbeauty (Lindy Tsang)

She's my 1st youtube guru ever ^-^ found her channel coincidentally and love her channel till now! I love her dorkyness, her craziness with her boyfriend and her vlogs :D 
I'm her loyal subscriber!
I love her makeups, her hair tutorials, nail tutorials, her DIYs, her diaries, her vlogs, her ramblings etc!
Hope I can meet her someday ^_^ i wanna thank her personally because she taught me everything I need to be "real" woman :P LOL
And she's a humble woman and always be herself :)

specialty: Makeup tutorials, Hair tutorials, DIYs, Nail tutorials, Discussion Videos

Michelle Phan
I believe most of you already know about Michelle Phan. She's a very talented beauty guru, she taught many techniques to me :) She has many creative makeup tutorials, like anime tutorials, game characters tutorial, and many more! ^^
She's a spokesperson for Lancome :)
specialty: makeup (everything!) tutorials,!/RiceBunny

her tutorial for Chobits (chii)

her tutorial for Hatsune Miku

She's the one of my early youtube gurus :D love her channel also! she's pretty, generous, and smart. 
specialty: Hair tutorials, Makeup tutorials, Review

Xteeener (Christine)

I love her channel so much :) she taught many technique and tricks about makeup to me.. she's also a MUA ^^ she's pretty, kind, and generous too!
specialty: makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, reviews 
FB fanpage

x3HaHa (Thuha Cao)
She's my most favorite hair guru! :) She's so asian and she teach many cute and adorable hairstyle in her channel! She always put detail descriptions in every her tutorials ^^ specialty: HAIR TUTORIALS <3

frmheadtotoe (Jen)
She's pretty and has many nice makeup tutorials ^_^ specialty: asian look makeup, western look, hair tutorial

danceandmelodee (melody)

She's a professional ballet dancer in NY and also a beauty guru :D She's japanese and she can speaks english and japanese very fluently (envy her *Q*), she likes to make videos with two language and always give subtitle in english and japanese. Love herrr ^-^ she's pretty, has beautiful smile, flexible body, a great dancer! She's creative and mixed her tutorial with dancing :)) If you have gyaru style, you might love her ^-^!! specialty: dancing, asian look makeup tutorial, reviews

manwomanfilm / sasakiasahi

Another talented beauty guru from Japan! =D She likes to try something new! She's so creative ^,^ Specialty: Asian look makeup, western look makeup (new channel)


SecretLifeOfABioNerd (K.L Cao)
She's very talented in sewing! =D She teach many sewing tutorials, DIY and all about fashion style! specialty: Fashion, any hair tutorial, any makeup look tutorial, SEWING tutorials <3

Elisa Sung

specialty: asian look makeup, western look makeup, hair tutorials, DIY

specialty: any makeup look, any brands review

Oiseau88 (Na Young)

She's korean and can speak english fluently ;) Love her channel! specialty: k-pop inspired look tutorials, any brand reviews

cl2425 (catalina)
specialty: Asian makeup, korean look 
specialty: any makeup look, skincare, inspired look

pewpewpichu (Lynn)

specialty: asian makeup look, any brands review, contact lenses review 

A Korean who lives in Indonesia.. I know her personally ^^ she's sweet and kind :) specialty: K-pop inspired look makeup 

Swu1381 (Sherly Wu)

specialty: any makeup look, any brands reviews

Kim Dao 
She loves cosplay! she made many tutorials about anime inspired look :) like sailormoon, suzumiya haruhi, nagato yuki, etc.
specialty: cosplay look, k-pop inspired look

Fiuh.. finally it's finish!! XD
who is your favorite youtube guru? ^^
Thanks for reading!


  1. Lindy and Michelle are my favourite too :)

  2. my fav is cl2425 and frmheadtotoe :D
    but now i will subscribe to danceandmelodee, she is so cute :3

    1. yeeeyy sama ^^
      hahaha iya bener dia cute banget >,< cara dia bikin video jg kreatif!

  3. wah sama vee .. itu hampir smua makeup guru yang subscribe, hahahaaa selera kita sama nih :D

  4. I used to read Michelle's blog on way back.

  5. love bubz so much tooo...
    soalnya selain make up ada hair do juga...
    bubz juga sering balas or retweet kalo saya mention hasil make up n hair do saya ke dia... bubz baik banget... >.<
    salam kenal xiaovee... *hug*

    1. hehe iyaaa dia emg baik banget orangnya ^^ pengen ketemu langsung deh :D
      salam kenal jg :)


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