Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Oriflame Very Me Lip Mania [review]

Do you know about Oriflame brand?
(if you're an indonesian, i'm pretty sure that you know this brand XD)
Last october 2011  I got package from Oriflame Dare to be twitter and Sister Magazine twitter ^__^ yayy~
I got 1 foundation, 1 lipstick and 1 duo eyeshadow =)
i'll review it later.. now i want to share about this lipstick :)
It's Very Me Lip Mania in Pink Kiss
when I got this, i am pretty shock with the color.. hot pink! >_<
i never dare to use bold color.. and I prefer nude color or peachy color..

Pretty packaging :)
This product is manucaftured by Oriflame Russia Factory.

I have no idea why the color looks so different with my lips when I applied this lipstick on ._.
Sorry if you can't see the color clearly >_<
(my camera is still borrowed by my sister -_- that's why i can't blogging recently)
The comparison with my Lioele Dollish Lipstick :)

UPDATE (13/03/12) : swatch on my lips :)

What I love <3
+ has sheer color, not bold
+ pretty packaging

What I hate </3
- the staying power is so-so

Rating: 3.8/5

Re-purchase? No. Because I rarely use lipstick :)
I don't know about the price.. but i think this lipstick is around $3-$5


  1. Wah dalam rangka apa sis dapet paket gratis? XD
    Warnanya beda banget ya kalau uda dipakai.. Nice review :)

    1. hehe.. iseng2 ikut quiz mrk di twitter ^^
      iya warnanya beda klo udh di swatch *___* pdhl wrn lipsticknya hot pink gt..
      nanti kalo cam ku udh dikembalikan sama sodaraku, akan kufoto ya ^^
      btw sha, aku ga bs comment di blog mu >_< kasusnya sama kayak pas dl aku pke template yg lama

  2. It's very lucky of you to receive their packages :)
    I love the color though ^^

    nice blog and follow you :)

    1. yepp ^^ hehe..
      thank you :D followed you back <3

  3. wahhh pengen lihat warnanya di bibir kamuu :3 biasanya d tangan sm di bibir agak beda soalnya warnanya.. :)

  4. Cute lipstick! ^^
    Ayo semangat ngeblognya, senangnya liat banyak beauty blogger baru yang lucu-lucu n cantik-cantik.. :D

  5. makasihhh ^^
    *semangat ngeblog XD hehe

  6. The lip stick looks so cute! :D I love the color as well!

  7. The colors of both are really pretty! :)

  8. wah cece ada lipstick ini juga ya,aku juga dapat ini gratis waktu beli parfum dapat gratis ini,tapi punya aku yg wrnanya flirty pink, duh kecewa bnget deh sm lipsticknya,warnanya ga keluar,terus kayak menggumpal lagi di bibir. -_-"


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