Thursday, March 1, 2012

Acnes Pore Strip [review]

my 3rd review for today XD sorry i'm so bored today, so i choose to blogging than do nothing :D hehehe~
I want to share about pore strip from Acnes, one of my February Haul
Do you know about the Acnes brand?
This Acnes product is produced in Indonesia with license from The Mentholatum Company, New York, USA.

First, I bought this pore strip just because my curiosity XD
this pore strip is costs around $1, cheap, so i just want to give it a try :)
there are three strips in a package :)
Lately I got stressed because my blackhead and whitehead O_o i have combination skin type, little bit oily in T-zone area and dry on cheeks. Unlike other pore strip, this pore strip doesn't has tear part on the pore strip 
Acnes Pore Strip

for example. credit:

when I used it on my nose.

After 10-15 minutes.. I noticed around 12 of my blackheads was withdrawn from my nose *shy* but my nose STILL has other blackhead and whitehead collection -____-" my blackhead and whitehead are stubborn enough..
oh BTW, i didn't smell any fragrance from this pore strip.. the scent is like plastic.. *LOL*

What I love <3
+ cheap
+ can reduce my blackhead and whitehead

What I hate </3
- nothing special from this pore strips.. didn't works well for my stubborn blackhead & whitehead :P

Rating: 2.5/5

Re-purchase? hmmm.. I think no..
Pore strip doesn't works for me hehehe ^^

thanks for reading :)


  1. Punya biore lebih bagus say.. ^^ Udah pernah nyobain?

    1. pernah ^^ tp ttp aja krg ngefek di aku T,T


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