Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Calmia Oatmeal Therapy Cleansing Tissue [review]

Hello everyone! Sorry for being a MIA for almost 2 weeks, actually I just got married few days ago and kinda neglected this blog during the preparation >_<" Gladly everything's over now and I hope I can back to my usual blogging track really soon ^_^
Anyway, I'd like to introduce you my all the time favorite cleansing tissue :D I have repurchased this product few times and I will tell you later why I love this cleansing tissue so much!

This product is called Calmia Oatmeal Therapy Cleansing Tissue ;) I have tried other cleansing tissues before this one and I must say this cleansing tissue is THE BEST for me so far!

Calmia Oatmeal Theraphy Cleansing Tissue contains vegetable components such as oatmeal, mung bean and aloe vera that helps to remove makeup.
This product is recommended when you want to remove thick makeup, erase waterproof sun cream, and when you need to fix part of the makeup.

Price (Harga): Rp. 15.000 - 30.000
Volume: 20 sheets / 87g
Skin Type: All Skin type
Made in Korea

The packaging is very simple, like typical cleansing tissue. This cleansing tissue is dominated with brown and light beige colors; sealed with wide sticker to open the product. Always remember to close the lid tightly so it won't get dry :D

Get a sheet of tissue, erase makeup. Gently rub center of the face, then use cleansing foam for cleansing. I recommend you to do double cleansing if you have heavy makeup.

To test its effectiveness, I tried to remove these lip creams from my hands.. This lip cream has good longevity and waterproof, so I thought it would left a bit stain on my hands.. But apparently this cleansing tissue works better than I expected...

TA-DAHH! All cleannnn (♥o♥)

No stain left and I'm really happy with the result! ♥♥
To sum up the review, I'm really satisfied with this cheap cleansing tissue! :3 It has soft fragrance that doesn't bothers me at all. Also, this tissue is so soft and strong to use :D

What I love (+):
+ Able to remove makeup really well
+ Soft scent
+ Strong and soft tissue texture
+ Travel friendly
+ Moisturizing

What I hate (-):
- Not many online shops carry this brand

If you are living in Indonesia and interested to buy this product, you can buy through TOKOPEDIA :) My all time favorite e-commerce in Indonesia! Ada banyak produk kecantikan di Tokopedia yang bisa kalian pilih dan cari penjual yang berlokasi terdekat dengan tempat tinggal kalian, jadi ongkir bisa dapet lebih murah :D
I have bought stuffs from Tokopedia countless time and I'm happy to see there are several online shop that sell this Calmia Oatmeal Theraphy Cleansing Tissue. Go check it out ^_^

I think that's all, thanks for reading everyone 
See ya on my next post :D

PS: I wrote this post in English because I think my international readers would love to read this product's review ;) Kalau kalian masih ada yang mau ditanyakan silakan tinggalkan komen di bawah yaa.. 


  1. Wah, tissue basah punya Calmia ini ok juga, dulu padahal pengen cobain tp pas checkout selalu ditinggal mulu :( sekarang udah susah dapatinnya. Huhu


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