Monday, February 22, 2016

Fran Wilson MoodMatcher Lipstick - Red & Pink [review]

Hello everyone! I'd like to share you a new review about my recent favorite lipsticks! ^_^
I believe some of you probably ever knew this brand before... I've seen this lipstick on Facebook / Instagram few times before eventually @thebeautylooksshop sent these babies to me for review purpose. Thank you~

Shall I introduce you? These are Fran Wilson Moodmatcher® Lipstick, or more often called as Mood Matcher Lipstick!

Fran Wilson Moodmatcher Lipstick has simple yet elegant packaging. The transparent cap ease you when you are about to pick the lipstick in vanity, because you don't need to open the cap just to check the bullet color. But as precaution, you should put the cap back gently; as the cap may nudges the lipstick bullet accidentally.


Each shade changes according to your body chemistry for a truly “personalized” lip color! Super-long-lasting 12-hour formula won't wear off, even when eating, drinking or kissing! Experience the rich, natural moisturizing powers of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

Price: $4 / IDR 50,000

Available Colors
- Green
- Light Blue
- Dark Blue
- Yellow
- Orange
- Pink
- Red
- Brown
- Black
- Purple

I picked Pink and Red color because I guessed they would probably generate natural color results on my lips (based on Moodmatcher Lipstick color chart). Well, actually I was pretty curious with Light Blue color, but it was sold out at that moment.

Content: 3.5 g
Made in USA

It doesn't smell weird, just like regular lipstick.

Swatch on your hands maybe different compared to swatch on your lips

(1x swipe for each color)

PINK - Baby pink color
RED - Cool red color

I wore the Red lipstick with 2-3 swipes on this photo
I must say, Moodmatcher Lipstick has GREAT staying power! Though every shade might have different staying power, they're still awesome enough :D Ok, the Pink lipstick could stays up to 6 hours and the Red lipstick stays up to 10 hours even with eating and drinking (well, if you eat greasy food, it will shorten the staying power). 
I'm so impressed with the Red lipstick, because I can wear this lipstick all day without worrying to touch-up ^_^

Pros (+)
+ Great staying power
+ Doesn't dry out lips
+ Doesn't smell weird
+ Simple and nice packaging
+ Cheap
+ Buildable color

Cons (-)
- The packaging doesn't sturdy enough
- Doesn't smearproof

Where to buy?
INSTAGRAM: @thebeautylooksshop
INSTAGRAM 2: @thebeautylookss

Thanks for reading everyone!
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  1. lucu vee! lagi banyak yang ngomongin, jadi penasaran deh :)

  2. Cakeeeppp... Eat & drink proof-nya bikin pengen, karena aku kalo makan nggragas 😂
    Tia-sociolla grup
    Baru sadar juga dulu kyknya sering berkunjung ke blogmu hehehehe

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