Friday, April 13, 2012

Saturday Photo Shoot :D

Hi girlssssss~ How do you do? :D
I have been so busssyyyyy these days >_< Sorry i haven't post anything (any review) this month.. Thesis' deadline is chasing me!
Last Saturday I become a model for a my friends' photo shoot ^^ I was free on last saturday morning, so i did it :)
these are some photos from last photo shoot ^^:

FYI: I'm a newbie and can't pose naturally in front of camera >_< my friends was helping me to pose naturally Xp (thank you!!!)
If you're live in Surabaya (Indonesia) and would like to try a photo shoot, you can contact my friend :) You can look at his portfolio ^^ He is a professional photographer and pro in outdoor photo shoot ^_^

Thanks for reading, girls :)
Have a nice day! ;)

for contact: IGN Photography


  1. That top looks gorgeous on you~! ^_^

  2. Replies
    1. wah ketauan XD
      org surabaya jg sis?
      thank youuu ^^ haha

  3. cantik bgt sis..:D
    aku suka foto no.2..<3 <3

  4. Suka foto km yg lg jongkok. Cantik bgt \(^0^)/

    1. btw aku ngasi km award nih :D

  5. Replies
    1. hi..I give you an award here:

  6. lovely photos!

    anyway, Please join my blog giveaway if you haven't yet!

    LBD and Onesies x Summer Giveaway! (Open Internationally)


  7. woah awesome place. kamu cantik deh chibi chibi chibi *loh

  8. hi dear, I'm passing you an award. mind to check it on my blog?

    thx and have a great day! )

  9. Xiao Vee, ini ada award buatmu:

    By the way, you look sweet on those photos! ;D

  10. you both so cute...
    btw I give you an award


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