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My Dream Wedding

How is your dream wedding? I believe most of you've ever dreamed or still dreaming of an unforgettable and memorable Wedding Day, don’t you? :D Because as normal woman, of course I also do! LOL

Whether you intend to plan a simple or luxurious Wedding Day celebration, everyone always have their own kind of dream wedding :) In preparing our Wedding Day in the future, many of us become so anxious about set up the date, do search for good vendors and deal with vendors of their choices. Common questions that we often asked to our married-friends maybe are like "what was the vendor that you hired on your wedding day?", "Do you have any recommendation of good vendor?", "Is this vendor is nice enough?", "Is that vendor has a reasonable price list?" etc. 
Not only that, as we getting near to The Big Day, we certainly become more worried about the implementation of our most-anticipated day!

Anyway I'm getting older (again) next month and it's quite tickling my ears whenever my friends or colleagues ask me, "when will you get married?" and I usually will reply them with slight smile and say, "You will know later".

Well, getting married is not an easy matter AT ALL. It needs love, commitment, blessing of both parents, mentality, mature-characters and of course funds to make it happen. When you decided to commit to one person, you are tying up your life to one person for entire of your life and you are totally responsible for your life-partner and family :)

How to Arrange My Dream Wedding with
Hehe, this was Bridal Photo shoot that I did (just for fun) around 1,5 years ago :p Photo by VCP Photography

That's why.. In order to make our dream wedding comes true, we need A LOT OF references for preparing and arranging our wedding day in the future, especially references about wedding vendors. There are thousands of vendors out there, and we need some help here! :s

*Imagining how my dream wedding day will turn out*
Photo by Erika Gerdemark Photography - Ryu & Mariko

Which is venue that will meet my preference and budget?
Venue: Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center

Which is bridal that I should pick? Which is Make Up Artist that I should hire?
Photo by PYARA Photography, Dress & Attire by Hian Tjen - Hendra & Benita

There are lots of Wedding Planner out there.. Which one I should choose? 
Photo by Axioo Photography - Dimar & Adel

Then.. How about the Wedding Photography? Which one is Photography service that will be suitable to my liking?
How to Arrange My Dream Wedding with
Photo by PYARA Photography - Hendra & Benita

Anyway guys, I know what's in your mind. No, I have no plan to get married this year, too early to congratulate me now :p Of course I have considering some wedding vendors, but my wedding is clearly won't be implemented this year! And... because my sister is going to get married earlier than me, I think I can help her little bit with this post :D


1. Ask your married-friends about their experience arranged their Wedding Ceremony & Reception.
2. Discuss, speak out and list your ideas with your spouse about arranging your Wedding Ceremony & Reception. How many invitees and how many funds that you both gonna spend for Wedding Day.
3. Choose Wedding Vendors who have nice reputations, fully-experienced and suitable to your budget.
4. Ask your parents' opinion to ensure that your choices are the best among other choices.

How to Arrange My Wedding with
Photo by Erika Gerdemark Photography - Ryu & Mariko

Because asking your relatives and friends manually about their previous vendors one-by-one can be so tiring, you always can start your research about wedding vendors on internet :) Worry no more, let me introduce you an one stop wedding portal for all your Wedding needs! Yes, you're welcome :p
Connecting you with the best wedding vendors, wedding portal, source of wedding vendors information is an online portal that offers an extensive list of wedding vendors, each representing different concepts and unique expertise. Bridestory facilitates, provides options, connects brides and grooms-to-be with the right wedding vendors and aims to contribute to the realization of a dream wedding through quick and easy access. 

Bridestory serves as a meeting point for brides and grooms-to-be and wedding vendors. It aims to save time and effort to allow couples to put more focus on the joys of getting married. Engaged couples can surf the site to find wedding inspirations from various wedding vendors within its extensive list of twenty unique service categories and use the technological platform to help them with the process in choosing the right one, according to their budget and location.

I recommend you to sign up first before exploring this website, don't worry I will explain to you the benefits of being their member later ;), wedding portal, source of wedding vendors information

1. Use the search box to find specific vendors based on category, location and budget. 
2. Browse more to find thousand of inspirations. You can filter the inspirations by ticking your favorite color.
3. You can also filter the inspirations based on the vendor category by ticking the category box

1. Use the drop down menu to find specific vendors based on category. 
2. Find vendors based on location: Jakarta, Depok, Lombok, Madura, Makassar, Malang, Manado, Medan, Padang, Palembang, Pekanbaru, Pontianak, Samarinda, Serang, Solo, Surabaya, Tangerang, Tasikmalaya, Yogyakarta. More vendors from other cities to come! :D
3. Look for vendors based on budget: $ (budget budget), $$ (premium), $$$ (first-class)

Look at this extensive list of wedding vendors :D :D

1. Bridal
2. Catering
3. Wedding Decoration
4. Wedding Dress
5. Entertainment (DJ, MC, Music)
6. Event Rentals
7. Favors & Gifts
8. Flowers
9. Wedding Makeup
10. Health & Beauty
11. Honeymoon
12. Invitation
13. Jewelry
14. Men's Formal Wear
15. Wedding Photography
16. Wedding Venue
17. Videography
18. Wedding Cake
19. Wedding Planning

To be exact there are 21 categories of wedding vendors on ^_^ Sooo many choices in one website and now I think we apparently don't have to visi. wedding exhibitions (especially when we have limited time and energy) just to collect their brochures :p.
IMHO, I think BrideStory's interface is totally attractive, simple, interactive and user-friendly!

Example of search result, I looked for venue in Jakarta with Budget first class ($$$)

Example of search result, I looked for photography in Surabaya with Budget budget ($)

"Bookmark" your potential vendors
so you can look back here anytime you want :D

Open the vendor's profile page, click SAVE THIS VENDOR

If you want to re-check your vendors collection, just click your profile and choose MY SAVED VENDORS

On this page, you'll see potential vendors that you've chosen before. You don't need to bookmark them manually (on your browser) one by one, take advantage of this feature and you won't waste much time to re-open their vendor's page of your choice.. because BrideStory also provides category list on the left sidebar ;)

Oh another useful feature from BrideStory is this:, wedding portal, source of wedding vendors information

After opened the vendor's page of your choice, you can:
1. SAVE this vendor (to re-open their page again anytime)
2. See their PRICE LIST (if they don't provide price list on this website, you can ask them to send you the price list personally)
3. Browse on their WEBSITE (just in case you want to see more of their past works)
4. See their E-MAIL (only member who can see this by clicking "show e-mail")
5. ASK Vendor (got questions regarding appointment, availability and price list? Ask them now)
6. See TOTAL Page views that vendor achieved after created their account on BrideStory (high "total views" and "project loves" can possibly indicate how popular that vendor is)
7. REVIEW this vendor (as a client, do you have a good or bad review about specified vendors? Just write it down)

In the end, hopefully you can have fun in your vendors research with BrideStory :D
Plato once ever said "A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers". The more knowledge that you gain, the more hesitation that you can eliminate! :D

So how's your dream wedding?, wedding portal, source of wedding vendors information
Photo by Stanley Allan PPF Photo - Jeffrey & Fika
Photo by Axioo Photography - Dimar & Adel
Photo by AntijittersPhoto - Jaka & Arimbi
Photo by Axioo (left) and Mario The Nine (right)
Venue: Alila Hotels and Resorts (Bali), Photo by Marcus Bell

Thanks for reading all! ^__^
If you don't mind, please let me know about your dream wedding (Only little bit idea is totally ok!) on the comment section.. See you on my next post! :D
Keep calm and have an unforgettable Wedding Day! 

Disclaimer: I'm not associated nor affiliated with vendors that I've mentioned on this article. I just randomly picked their names for sampling purpose


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