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GULACO. Rub Rub & Paude Mask [review]

If you have been loyal reader this blog at least since last year, you must know that I'm a quite fan of homemade products ^.^ I have reviewed homemade products that I tried in this blog.
In my opinion, homemade products are nice enough to be given some opportunities to grow up in the market, because mostly they're safe for anyone even pregnant women :)

However, there are A LOT of homemade products in Indonesia nowadays (they're mostly sold in Instagram) and I become quite picky in accepting sponsorship or endorsement requests. Among those offers, I accepted @gulaco's offer to try their latest product :)

Gulaco. Rub Rub & Paude Mask Review. A Homemade products that made in Indonesia. Safe for everyone even for pregnant woman.

If you remember, I also tried GULACO.'s first product last year, read my review about their Yummy Lip Scrub HERE :) Their packaging got some improvement though.
Natasha (@gulaco's owner) sent me this Paude Mask for review purpose, and at the same time I purchased Rub Rub because it looks so interesting as well ^.^

 So shall we start? I will talk about Rub Rub first!

RUB RUB Body Oil

Product Descriptions

This body oil is blend of Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Rosemary. Ideal for you who want to get sweet calming sensation. This body oil made from organic mixtures which is perfect for daily moisturizing or massage to create soft, smooth and silky skin. **FREE from Parabens, Formaldehyde, Mineral oil.

Brand Name: GULACO.
Product Name: Rub Rub
Product type: Body Oil
Variant: Calming Blends
Price: IDR 75.000
Content: 100 ml

image credit: @gulaco
Complete Variants of Rub Rub Body Oil:
(Same benefits, with different scents)

1. Uplifting Blends (Blend of Geranium, Tangerine & Rosemary)
2. Calming Blends (Blend of Ylang Ylang, Lavender & Rosemary)
3. Cooling Blends (Blend of Peppermint, Lemon & Rosemary)
4. Un.scent.ed

When I received these products, I was impressed by their secure plastic seal :)

Push and rotate the pump first to unlock the pump. Sadly you can't bring this Rub Rub for travelling, unless you replace its pump dispenser with flip flop cap (GULACO. also sells it). Because its oil will be dripping out from this kind of dispenser in tilt position.

How to Use?
Take a drop of RUB RUB on the palm of your hand, rub your palms together until they warm, then apply RUB RUB to your clean, WET skin after shower or bath. Dry it with clean towel or wait for a few minutes for your body to lock in moisture.

Their Mixtures
Prunus Dulcis, Helianthus Annuus, Armeniaca Vulgaris, Vitis Vinifera, Persea Americana, Camelia Sinensis Extract, Tocopherols (Vitamin E), Essential Oil

Texture & Scent
This body oil smells great! So calming and relaxing :D :D If you are an aromatherapy enthusiast, surely you will love its scent! For its texture, clearly it feels greasy once applied on the skin. Its greasiness will fades in several minutes after application. I prefer to use this body oil before go to bed ;)

Overall Thoughts
I love the result! It's so moisturizing, especially for driest parts of my body (elbows, knees and heels) ^.^ I recommend you to use this body oil only on specified areas, because total greasiness can makes you feel uncomfortable. I think the only downside of this product is its pump dispenser which will be keep dripping out in tilt position.

Pros (+)
+ Nice and calming scent
+ Only contains fine and natural ingredients
+ Paraben, Formaldehyde, Mineral oil FREE
+ Really moisturizing skin
+ A little goes a long way

Cons (-)
- Its dispenser.. I really have to put this product on flat surface otherwise the oil will drip out :s
- Not so travel-friendly



Do you ever get bored with "mainstream" variant of facial mask such as chocolate mask, strawberry mask, milk mask etc? How if we try something new and anti-mainstream like... Kelor Leaf? *Heeehhh... Daun kelor buat maskeran? Seriusan?* Yes, seriously!

Kelor Leaf / Daun Kelor
It's my first time trying skincare product that made from Kelor Leaf and actually I didn't know if Kelor Leaf is also good for skin! :p LOL.

Product Descriptions
For Smooth and Soft skin. Deeply cleans the pores and reducing acne marks, dark spots with Calming lavender scent. Suitable for all skin types also sensitive skin.
**FREE from parabens, fragrances, additives and alcohol.

Brand Name: GULACO.
Product Name: Paude Mask
Product type: Washing-off Facial Mask
Variant: Kelor
Price: IDR 95.000
Content: 80gr
Expired date: +- 6 months after production date (recommended to be used up in 3 months)

image credit: @gulaco
Complete Variants of Paude Mask:
1. Kelor (Daun Kelor) - For smooth & soft skin
2. Mangosteen (Kulit Manggis) - Blackhead remover & pore minimizer
3. Sambiloto (Daun Sambiloto) - Reduces acne & blemishes

How to Use?
Use it regularly for 1 - 2 times per week
1. Mix 1 tsp of Paude Mask and 2,5 tsp of mineral water. Mix it well till it forms into paste
2. Apply the mask onto clean and dry face (I recommend you to use mask brush for easier application)
3. Relax and leave your face till HALF-DRY (+- 10 minutes).
4. Rinse it off and massage your face gently in circular motion for better result

Cara Pemakaian :
1. Campurkan 1 sdt Paude Mask dan 2,5 sdt air bersih (karena ukuran sendok berbeda-beda, bisa kamu kira-kira sendiri untuk campurannya yang pas hingga membentuk pasta yang tidak terlalu kental maupun terlalu cair)
2. Oleskan pada wajah yang kering (sebaiknya dengan kuas agar lebih muda)
3. Relax dan diamkan masker hingga setengah kering (+- 10 menit), karena ada kandungan natural clay di Paude Mask, maka JANGAN sampai kering seutuhnya karena dapat membuat kulitmu malah kering, gatal dan iritasi, sehingga akhirnya Paude Mask tidak bekerja secara maksimal
4. Saat ingin dibilas, gosok-gosok dengan gerakan memutar perlahan. Fungsinya di sini adalah untuk membantu membersihkan wajah agar lebih maksimal
5. Cukup dibilas menggunakan air hangat, lalu air dingin agar menutup kembali pori-pori yang terbuka. Tidak perlu menggunakan facial wash lagi, karena kulit wajahmu pasti akan terasa lebih bersih dan segar!

Perlu diperhatikan :
Simpan Paude Mask di tempat yang sejuk, hindari paparan sinar matahari langsung. Untuk kulit super sensitif, lakukan spot test terlebih dahulu sebelum memakai keseluruh bagian wajah, karena walaupun terbuat dari bahan alami, tidak semua kulit cocok untuk yang bahan natural sekalipun

Texture & Scent
Its texture is quite soft and not rough at all. It smells a bit like Indonesian traditional herb drink, which is not really my favorite >__< But finally I'm get used to its scent after 2 times of application. LOL. Later @gulaco owner told me that its scent is actually caused by lavender essential oil XD

Sorry yang ini aku pake sendok makan jadi takarannya ngga pas #plak. Beneran deh harus pake sendok teh biar ngga keenceran/terlalu kental. Yang ini aku kebanyakan ngasi airnya, jadi aku tambahin lagi 1 sdm Paude Mask ._. selain di muka, sisanya aku pake di leher dan badan hehe.

Overall Thoughts
After using this mask for several times, my skin feels so smooth, firm and soft ^.^ Gladly it doesn't irritates my skin. hehe. I recommend you to leave your face for around +- 8 minutes only, so this mask won't dry out your face :)

Pros (+):
+ Generates smooth, firm and soft skin
+ Travel friendly and not bulky
+ Unique and anti-mainstream concept

Cons (-):
- It slighly smells like traditional herb scent

Where to buy?
/ Bisa beli di /

Handmade with Natural Mixtures!

 LINE ID: gulaco.
WA: 0878 8328 431

Thank you GULACO. ^_^
Thank you for reading guys!
See you on my next post very soon :)


  1. akhir-akhir ini emang banyak banget ya yang jual produk home made di instagram, dari sabun, lip scrub, lip balm, organic face mask, dry shampoo, etc. sampai bingung sendiri mau coba yang mana :s

    btw nice review! :)

    kapan2 boleh visit2 blog saya :) salam kenal

    1. Iyaa bnyk bgt x_x Lg menjamur kayaknya.
      Wahh Thank you ^^

  2. interesting banget.. kalo body oil aku sukaaa.. tapi ya itu kl di ruang AC aja. kl ga, agak greasy ya..
    Maskernya unik bahan2nya baru tau kalau itu bisa dijadiin masker >.<

    1. Iya kalo ga di ruang AC agak malesin krn greasy XD tp klo diapply pas dlm keadaan baru mandi dan agak basah, mayan cpt keringnya kok jes. Iya unik bgt bahan2nya :D kreatif pol!

  3. Really interesting product~! I've never seen anything like this, but I'll definitely check it out <33


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