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Mask House Diamond V‧Fit Mask [review] - Does this thing really work?

Anyone here own chubby cheeks? Please raise your hand! ...Great, I'm not alone :p :p HAHA.
I think I have been struggling with chubby cheeks like forever! I have square-shape face and lovely chubby cheeks T_T These chubby cheeks sometime makes me self-conscious, and I wish I had smaller chin like K-pop idols *human can never be satisfied*

Mask House Diamon V-fit mask review, Korean face slimming mask

In order to reduce my bloating cheeks and achieve v-shape chin, I have been eyeing a Thailand face slimming mask since few months ago but because its price is quite steep, I reconsider my decision purchase many times till someday owner of @sakurablossomshop (on Instagram) offered me this Korean face slimming mask. Yay! Thank you so much ^.^

This face slimming mask is invented and produced in Korea that offers v-shape chin (WITHOUT any surgery) with regular and continuous use. Excited or not? :D :D :D

Mask House Diamond V Fit Mask Review, Korean face slimming mask

What is this?

Mask House Diamond V Fit Mask has the following features: Diamond V Fit Mask is the latest Korean V-Shaped face combination with V-Fit mask and slimming band. With pressure leading-in technology, BodyFitTM (Glaucine) essence can be absorbed efficiently on cheeks. Lifting up and firming the shape of your face, promote facial blood circulation and burn up extra fat on the face to remodel a V-shaped face.

Product Benefits

1. Slimming
- Accelerates metabolism and boosts lympatic system
- Helps to lose chin fat
2. Lifting
- Performs skin tightening & restores loose & sagging skin
- Reshapes the facial contours & delivers long-term firming result
3. Moisturizing
- Gives immediate relief to dry & dehydrated skin
- Defenses against the visible sign of aging, such as fine lines & wrinkles

How it works?

1. Absorbs firming essence effectively; reduces chin fat
2. Stimulates skin connective tissues; defenses against any rebound
3. Lifts up facial contours; improves skin activeness and firmness
4. Gets rid of chubby chin; achieves an ideal V-shaped face

I got 1 slimming band & 5 pieces of V Fit Mask in one package, and its price is around IDR 500,000. Refills are also available, and the refills is sold for around IDR 300,000 :)

ingredients list
the instruction
How to Use 
Instructions / User Guide

1. Cleanse & dry the face thoroughly
2. Measure length of your chin area with measuring tape
3. Take out & unfold the V-Fit Mask sheet. Apply it on the face, larger parts on cheeks & smaller parts around the upper neck
4. Wear the slimming band & fix it under the chin. Colored part for the outside.
5. Tighten the slimming band & adjust each hole for ears
6. Pull and fasten the head strap up and over the top of the head and fasten firmly.
7. Wait for 30-40 minutes, peel off the mask slowly from the edges. Massage the jaw & neck area gently until the essence is fully absorbed.
8. Measure result with measuring tape

* The process should be repeated every other day for a week to achieve better result.
Suitable for: All skin type

click to enlarge

1. Do not apply to broken / irritated / sunburned skin
2. Avoid direct contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse with water
3. Stop using and consult a doctor if signs of allergy appear
4. Keep away from reach of children
5. Feeling warm is a normal phenomenon when applying the mask
6. Please adjust the suitable tightness of slimming band. 
Stop using it immediately if any discomforts or difficulty in breathing

Open the box

Talking about its packaging.. Its box is so attractive with hot pink as its main color :) Along with hot pink - black band which is my favorite! Meanwhile, the V Fit Mask comes in dark pink color :D
Its slimming band has nice durability and flexibility to be adjusted.

- For the first time, use this V Fit Mask daily for a week
- Use it once every week afterwards, regularly.

Berdasarkan info dari owner @sakurablossomshop, sebaiknya memakai slimming mask ini selama seminggu berturut-turut setiap hari dan kemudian memakainya lagi 1x setiap minggu secara berkelanjutan :)


Have I mentioned that there is also a measuring tape inside the box? Yes, you may measure your chin with this tape to see the result ;) And don't forget cleanse your face first before apply Mask House Diamond V Fit Mask.

Apply the mask sheet, pull and fasten the slimming band.

Mask House Diamon V Fit Mask Review - How to get face looks slimmer without surgery
Adjust each hole for ears, wait for 30-40 minutes

Mask House Diamond V Fit Mask Review - How to get V-chin without surgery

How it feels? My Impression?
It feels so warm, and the heat is increasing a bit bit after several minutes. This slimming mask is actually work as fat burner :p It feels little bit uncomfortable at first and I only can endure the heat for up to 35 minutes. My upper head and chin area felt didn't feel any pain, it's just felt like being pressured by the slimming band.

Before-After Photos
(After finished 5 masks for 5 days)

straight face
smile face
Hmmm.. after used up 5 masks, sadly I hardly see noticeable result T_T My fat tissue around my cheeks didn't reduce significantly and it's still like bloating when I smile widely. According to the instruction, I need to use more than 5 masks continuously to see better result.

Anyway, IMHO slimming mask won't work well if we do not control our food intake at the same time. We're definitely unable to  rely on this product ONLY and neglect our diet habits. In my case, I realize that whenever I eat a lot, the result will show up FIRST on my cheeks, compared to other parts of my body -_- I love to eat a lot and rarely pay attention to my eating habits. That's why my cheeks still look so bloating and chubby T_T Arrgh.

Length of my chin:
Before: 26 cm
After: 25-25,5 cm

+ No surgery is needed
+ No painful procedure
+ Can be done in home
+ Available in refills
+ Durable slimming band
+ Hydrates chin area ^_^
+ Cheeks area look firmer 

- Need stock up the refills and use it continuously for best result >_<
- Pricey
- The result isn't permanent (if you want permanent result, you have to use this slimming mask regularly and control your eating habits)

So, if you ask me "Does this thing really work?", here are my answers:

1. PROBABLY, if you use it continuously (not only 5 times). There is probability that your chubby cheeks can be slimmer after continuous treatments. Of course, the result won't be look as significant as plastic surgery's. But, as long as you can control your eating habits, I think the result will be great ^.^
2. YES, in my case it does reduced my length of chin little bit (around 0,5 cm).

This Mask House Diamond V Fit Mask is recommended for:
1. Anyone who wants a slimmer face without surgery.
2. Anyone who don't mind to get "sauna" done on their face.
2. Anyone who has enough budget to stock up the slimming masks for continuous treatments.
3. Anyone who can control their eating habits. Remember, you are what you eat :)

V-Chin without surgery, small chin without surgery, Mask House Diamond V Fit Mask, Korean slimming mask review

Where to buy?
Instagram: @sakurablossomshop
BBM : 29E84FEF 
WA : 08563438846 
LINE : nadiah_izzah
Ready Stock and PO from Japan - Korea - USA 


Thanks for reading everyone ^__^
Hopefully this review is informative enough.
See ya on my next post~


  1. Pernah lihat V mask ini dipake sama beauty blogger Thailand.. dia rajin banget pake ini, sampe kalo lagi kerja dibalik laptop aja dia pake V mask ini sheel.. ntah ini, perasaan doang apa bukan ya.. emang sich dagu nya bisa bentuk V gitu.. tapi masa iyaah sich karena cuma bantuan mask bisa langsung slim?? wkwkwkwkwk.. *tapi mungkin karena dia cantik plus udah bawaan dari orok, slim tuh dagu nya..

    1. Oiyaaa? Brarti dia sgt menjaga bgt ya bentuk v-shape chinnya o_O blogger siapa namanya kak?

  2. You're not alone Vee, I also have problem with my chubby cheeks hahaha. Keren ya 5 hari aja udah keliatan hasilnya ckckck, pengen iciiiiip <3

    1. Klo di aku hslnya krg maksimal nih krn aku pkenya cuma 5 hr aja rie >.< hrsnya diterusin biar hslnya oke

  3. kalo bisa ngefek beneran enak ya ce, ga prlu lagi operasi" n tanam benang >_<

    1. Iyaa wid.. XD
      Cb kalo hasilnya awet dan permanen hanya dlm sekali pake *ngayal

  4. Thanks for the review! It's really useful!

    Cheers! xx

  5. Kayanya pakainya harus rutin supaya beneran berbentuk V ya, hehehe. Eh, tapi IMO, chubby itu lebih cute daripada wajah yang slim ;)

    1. Iya begitulah hehe.
      Lbh cute tp krg fotogenik kalo difoto dari dpn XD *menurutku sih*

  6. Haha sama ce, pipiku juga makin chubby skrg T_T
    Itu rasanya anget kayak pake koyo gitu kah? xD
    Btw setuju, kalo makanannya ga dijaga ya percuma wkwk :p

    1. iyaa la T_T akan jd percuma klo mknannya ga dijaga. Soalnya kan mask ini ga ngerubah struktur tulang jg..
      Yup kayak pake koyo ^^

  7. Mungkin bakalan lebih kelihatan kalo diterusin pemakaiannya shel , btw nice review .

  8. Nice review. Baru tau ada yg bs bikin v shape gini

  9. Ahh, I'm sorry this isn't relevant but what circle lenses are you wearing? The ones in the "before" pic that are dark blueish...they're just so pretty!! Also great review (o 3 o)


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