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TIPS: How To Save Your Lost / Deleted / Formatted Data [Memory Recovery]

Hello everyone! I bet most of you've ever encountered a moment when you lost important files in HD / flash disk / memory card, but you didn't know how to recover your lost files.. T___T don't you?
Different from my usual makeup-related posts, today I'd share my tips in recovering your lost / deleted / formatted data or files! I recommend you to try / download these software first, just in case you'll need these software in the future! You'll thank me later ^.~

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I have googled, downloaded and tried several software and I found that these FREE software are the best so far! Hopefully this post would be helpful enough for you! :D

Useful Software
to save your lost / deleted / formatted files

1. Pandora Recovery

Pandora Recovery allows you to find and recover recoverable deleted files from NTFS and FAT-formatted volumes. Pandora Recovery will scan your hard drive and build an index of existing and deleted files and directories (folders) on any logical drive of your computer with supported file format. Once the scanning is complete you have full control over which files to recover and what destination to recover them to. You can BROWSE the hierarchy of existing and deleted files, or you can use SEARCH functionality to find a deleted file if you remember at least one of the following:
- full or partial file name,
- file size,
- file creation date, or
- file last accessed date

On top of that, Pandora Recovery allows you to preview deleted files of certain type (images and text files) without performing recovery. This feature becomes really important if you are forced to recover deleted files to the same drive. Currently you can preview files having several image file types (BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, ICO,TIF, TGA, PCX, WBMP, WMF, JP2, J2K, JBG, JPC, PGX, PNM, RAS, CUR) and several text file types (TXT, LOG, INI, BAT, RTF, XML, CSS). Quick Viewer allows you preview file contents as text if it cannot find appropriate viewer for it. To use quick viewer you can select deleted file and or click the Quick Viewer icon or right click on deleted file and select 'Quick View'. Quick View will then display a preview of deleted file. 

Finally, Pandora Recovery allows you to recover deleted files, without any limitations on application's end. Note that successful recovery might not be possible - if the original location has been reused by operating system to store different content the integrity of the original content has not been preserved and the recovered data will most likely be corrupted. (source:

I usually use this program to find the lost / deleted images in my laptop / flash disk
Main menu

Regular Search Feature
Choose which is disk you want to recover

Search based on name / file size / date created

Surface Scan
(For deeper search)
choose type of files and which disc drive

SCANNNNN andddd... 
magically this software will look for your lost files.. and present them in front of you *___*

After found files that you've looked for, time to recover everything!

As a non-expert in IT industry, IMO this software's interface is user-friendly and easy to use!
I totally recommend this software :) :)


Next, last week I faced a moment when I lost some important files in memory card, due to human-errors. Those files are video files of my very first makeup video tutorial, and I didn't want to re-do it, since it's quite tiring >_< B-b-but, I couldn't let them go.. T____T
So I tried to do a research about "How to recover memory card" etc, and there were several software but they're only trial version, I need to pay for full version in order to recover my important files :|
Gladly I eventually found this software! *throw confetti*

2. 4Card Recovery

Free Card Recovery Software Download to Restore Lost Data from SD, XD, CF Card
Powerful Card Recovery Software for Camera Cellphone - 4Card Recovery
- Mistakenly delete important files from memory card?
- Accidentally formatted memory card on digital camera or mobile phone?
- Unable to access memory card due to memory card error?
- Pressed restore factory setting and lost everything by mistake?
Download 4Card Recovery to restore data off card right away!

Recover Files under Following Situations
It supports all types of memory card including SD card, mini SD card, micro SD card, SDHC, MMC, XD card, CF card, memory stick etc from 
256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB to 64 GB.

- It enables you to restore data from other storage devices including digital camera, mobile phone, hard drive, flash drive, etc.
- It allows you to recover lost files from various brands of memory cards such as SanDisk, Toshiba, Lexar, Phillips, LG, etc.
- You are able to recover photos, videos, music, RAW img, and more lost due to deleting, formatting, not formatted error,factory setting, RAW file system and more other unknown reasons.
- It provides the best solution for lost file recovery on your memory card. It allows you to restore lost photos, videos, music and other files easily within a few steps. 
- 4Card Recovery Software is risk-free, so you don't need to worry that it will cause further damage to your 
memory card.
- It supports all Windows OS such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

main menu

This software is so useful to look for lost files in formatted memory card, few days ago my camera memory card was accidentally formatted and I used it to find my video files ♥

Choose all / photo / music / video, I recommend you to choose "all" for deeper search

Select card / drive and then click next

Scaning time & time to recover
Once you've got your files back, you'll see that your files are available again and it's such a glorious moment T____T especially when the lost files were your thesis / scripts documents!

Thank you God & the programmer of 4Card Recovery!! T___T 

Anyway.. Don't get me wrong, I'm not getting paid to write this post XDD
I'm sincerely writing this post because this is really a GOOD news and I want everyone know what to do or what should they do when they lost their important data / files accidentally :)

Hope you find this post is helpful!
Thanks for reading :)


  1. Syukurlah datamu balik, Vee. Bagus programnya~ Download deh buat jaga2.. ^_^

    1. yesss ci T__T syukurlah bs balik.. rempong kalo hrs ngulang lg hahaha
      iya ci buat jaga2 aja hehe

    2. yesss ci T__T syukurlah bs balik.. rempong kalo hrs ngulang lg hahaha
      iya ci buat jaga2 aja hehe

  2. nice post ce, berguna banget nih ..
    dulu memory cardku di hp banyak lagunya trs ilang gitu aja, ga bisa balik, sampe nangis aku dulu, wakakaka ..

  3. Lovely for saving a back up ^^

    恵美より ♥

  4. My computer had hundreds of important files, but recently due to sudden powerless I lost all the files, a week later some files got deleted. But from the recommendation of friend I used Remo Recover software to restore all files.

  5. makasih tipsnya ....akhirnya data saya terselamatkan tadinya udah galau maximal

  6. Bookmarked..
    Tapi jangan sampai kejadian kehilangan data.. Huhuhu.. Pasti nyesek..

  7. d'bookmark jga..hehe :D
    brguna bgt tipsnya, dlu prnah hilang data2 bnyak bgt, aplgi it lagu, video bb favoritku, nyess bgt pas ilang di memori hp T.T

  8. thanks tips nya.. :)
    kalo dataku tiba-tiba ilang bisa liat ini nih.hehe


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