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Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick + Swatch [review]

Hi everyone, I just realized that I NEVER post review about Laneige on this blog '____'
Simply because I never own any full-size product of Laneige and this review is gonna be my very first review of Laneige. LOL XD

Last year I got this lovely lipstick as present from KTO's staff and finally I managed some time to write a review of this Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick
It comes in simple and luxury-look silver packaging. It is made from not-so strudy plastic material. The lipstick's color is visible if you see it through its plastic transparent cap. Not my favorite packaging type :p

Because there's no English translation on the lipstick box, I quote the descriptions from Laneige's Indonesian Website. - "Lipstick that demonstrates excellent adherence to the lips with luxurious touch and delivers clear and vivid colors"

Content: 3.5g
Price: 25,000 원

Range of Colors

Mine is in LR205 Flash Light color. Recognized as one of best colors from this chart :D
I want to try other colors >___< ♥

LR205 Flash Light
Products Benefit

1) Absolute Weight Down Tech
Creates its chiffon films to deliver the excellent adherence

2) Air Crush Downsizing Technology
Downsize the size of its pigements by Air Crush Z-mill to enhance its adherence to the skin and create attractive lip makeup with just a touch.

3) Peptide
It's the ingredient that has water-familiar function. It provides immediate hydrating effect and moisturing to the lips.

LR205's Commercial Film:

bright shocking pink
Actually I'm quite confused with its color.. :s it generates different result when I swatched it on my back hand and on my lips. If you notice, it even generates different result between the commercial's color chart and in real life @_@ the result in real life is more brighter and more vibrant.

How it looks on my lips
Texture & Formula
It glides on my lips smoothly, nice texture and doesn't feel heavy ^_^
It doesn't sink into my lips' fine lines, but does little bit emphasize them.
Oh I love how vibrant the color is! It provides a nice vivid color. If you are a bold-lipstick lover, surely you should try this Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick!

It could last for around 2-4 hours without eating heavy meal.

Overall Thought
I quite love this lipstick ^__^ It generates smooth and silky-look result.
Though it claims that this lipstick providing hydrating and moisturizing effect, I still need to apply lip balm underneath so lips won't be dry out and chapped.
The only downside about this product might be its quite fragile packaging. 
Regarding to its price, I wish it was cheaper XD LOL

Pros (+)
+ Available in many colors
+ Smooth and nice result :)
+ Quite long-lasting
+ Vibrant and vivid color

Cons (-)
- Its packaging is quite fragile
- Pricey (its retail is might be around IDR 300,000 - 380,000 in Indonesia)


Have you tried any Laneige's lipstick product?
Which one is your favorite? ^_^

Thanks for reading everyone! ♥


  1. Pinknya cakepppp♥ bikin fresh wajah..
    Btw cc jg slm ni produk laneige jg aada sample atau travel sizenya aja. Wkwkkw

    Thanks reviewnyaa.. ♥

  2. warnanya cantikkk...
    sayang harganya mahal ya :(

  3. warnanya bagus ce, selama ini belum pernah punya full size produk laneige, harganya bikin mikir 3-4x kalo mo beli :D

  4. Nice swatches! I love all the shades :D
    ~Pauline @ Benefit cosmetic Philippines

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